Thursday, April 30, 2009


One thing I DIDN'T like about BEDA was that I felt I was restricted to writing one blog post per day, and I had to make each one a big ordeal.
Before BEDA I used to post short little random ones whenever I felt like it, and it's nice to be back to that.

So picture this:

I'm sitting in my room, fingers poised over the keyboard about to do passage identification write-ups on Rousseau, Gadamer, and Freud (bleh). All of a sudden I hear the ice cream truck.
Me: "JUSTIN!?"
Justin: (from downstairs) "I HEAR IT TOO."
Justin: "RUN!"

I scramble to grab two dollar bills, slip my feet into some shoes (I learned my lesson last time), and race downstairs. Justin is already out on the front lawn. The ice cream truck is two blocks down already.

Me: "I think we can catch him."
Justin: "No. Get in the car."
Me: "But I left the door open."
Justin: "Open, or just unlocked?"
Me: "Actually open."
Justin: "..........get in the car."

He's parked the wrong way, and we have to turn around. The road is narrow so we Austin Powers it back and forth a few times before we successfully change directions. Meanwhile the ice cream truck hasn't moved and is still only two blocks away. We drive two blocks. To put this in perspective, the drive is literally 20 seconds long. We get out of the car. We give the ice cream man our money. HE'S OUT OF WATERMELON BOMB POPS. We settle for the regular ones. He tells us to have a nice night. We get back in the car, drive two blocks home; meanwhile nobody snuck in our house and stole anything even though I left the door wide open.

Lips are blue. Mission successful.

I hope the ice cream truck coming is a regular event. Maybe we should get ski masks. This is going to be a good summer.


IFTBA said...

You know, when you're a grownup, you can buy ice cream whenever you want at more reasonable prices. You can also go out and buy a whole cake for no reason. Just sos you know.

Oceansurferg said...

I love the ice cream truck. In my neighborhood it's soft serve, which is sometimes good, and sometimes bad. But my friend doesn't like green popsicles so she's giving them all to me. She counted 50 of them. I'm very excited :)

Melody said...

I love the idea of ice cream trucks but I have only gotten something from one about... ONCE IN MY LIFE.
I was at a friends house and her mom let her get whatever she wanted sometimes. I got a Mickey Mouse thing or something.
We just never had the money to buy one popsicle for the price of a whole package of them. These days if I crave a popsicle I go to the store and buy this bag of 9 delicious pineapple cherry ones that are huge and awesome for $1.25ish.

Adolfo said...

I so would have done the same thing.

Pardon my French, but "fudge" the door, I'm getting that ice cream, no matter what!

whatzedeuce said...

What?! A second post on a single day of April?! This must be some violation of BEDA! Alert the authorities! Shut the blog down!

Okay I'm done being exclamation mark happy. Happy May~

Raven Zoe said...

hahaha amazing story.

the_who_ru said...

Feel free to post random little stories like that. :) It's the little happenings that make lives interesting.

Tara said...

I miss the ice cream truck, its still cold out here!
I want sunshine NOW! :P

And I dont know if you are still doing that word thing, but a great word PhillyD tweeted was:
-fear and panic spread through twitter.
(ex. swine flu)

haha have a great day!

ash-chan said...

I don't see the ice cream truck anymore. I moved to a street that doesnt have road access.
I just hear is twinkling away in the distance :'(

muse88 said...

I love the excitement of the ice cream truck. One used to drive by my house in the winter, but it sold other things like sweets and drinks too as the local shop is closed at night. The sound of an ice cream truck is so hypnotic - like you HAVE to go get some - it's your civic duty to do so :)

God's Rock Angel said...

@IFTBA it's not the point it's the whole moment of childhood!

I got an ice cream from the van the other day on the way home from work and it was so much better than one from the freezer!

MegTao said...

I want to run after ice cream trucks with my friends...I haven't done that since last summer with two of my guy friends. Actually, they still owe me money for that...haha

hfm said...

I love the tinkling sound of the ice cream van. I teach little children in the evening and they always pull faces when we hear the van driving past the place I work.

Callidora said...

I'll have to get ice cream next time the ice cream truck comes around. My mom never let my brother or me get an ice cream because she said it was too expensive :(
Unfortunatly the ice cream truck rarely comes down our street and if it does it speeds down it. I'll remember to put on some shoes :o)

becca87 said...

We've only had the ice cream truck appear around here once so far this year. It's kind of sad. That, and if I ran out of my house, change in hand, to chase it my parents would probably lock the doors behind me and not let me back in. After all, I am a 21 year old college student who shouldn't be partaking in such frivolous childish activities such as chasing an ice cream truck down the street...psh. Parents just don't get it sometimes.


Mathgirl said...

Great great story, can't wait to read your book cause if the awesomness of you blogs says anything, it is gonna be an awesomely awesome book :-)

artmeanslove said...

That's one of the funniest things I've heard all week. The ice cream truck never bothers to come down my street. I consider you lucky. Though $2 is a bit ridiculous for a popsicle. :)

Genevieve said...

I love the ice cream truck! We have one that comes on my street every so often. Maybe next time I'll run down to try to catch him in your honor. : P

Katie said...

The fact that you used the term 'Austin Powers it' makes my day. I use this everytime I am forced to reverse/forward out of a space/parking lot.

word. kristina.

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