Saturday, April 11, 2009

Day 11: Brain hurts. :/

Summer planning is stressful.

I had to sit down today and have a talk with my parents about our yearly summer trip back to North Dakota to see family and whatnot. We usually go for the 4th of July and I've gone just about every year since I was born. I came into the conversation today ready to tell them that I can't go this year.
Yeah, that didn't work so well.
I am now trying to squeeze a family trip in between a YouTube gathering in Portland and a week Lauren is supposed to come spend with me before Azkatraz, all the while when I dont even know if Alex is planning on still being here.
Not to mention with the 2 months I am already taking off for my study abroad in London, I also will have no time to WORK this summer. I am crossing my fingers that youtube numbers stay up because I will need to afford rent somehow.
Vacation is supposed to be relaxing!

Not to make myself sound like a complete whiner; I AM very grateful for the amazing summer I am going to have.
1. LeakyCon (playing)
2. Portland YouTube Gathering
3. (Apparently) Quality time with the family in the midwest
4. Azkatraz (playing)
5. A month studying at the University of Greenwich
6. 3 weeks to a month with Alex/various other UK friends

I just hope I can, you know... afford all of this. I've been saving up since I graduated high school for a summer like this, but going that long without working at a conventional job panics me a little bit.

Also, in unrelated news, I am not going to reveal anything yet, but Alex and I had a brilliant idea for the Parselmouths and I am very excited about it. This band is getting an entire makeover.


Okay I wrote all the above stuff literally like.... 8 hours ago, and just now found the open blogger window on my computer. Oops. I have spent all day recording vocals for things and spending "quality time with the family".


I'll let you decide which one hurt my brain.

Nothing else epic today, sorry. Oh just this sweet news article: READ ME

Today's Word: Wooscriv
The act of interrupting someone whilst they are exclaiming euphorically.
"WO-" "Shut up." -Georgina

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GEORGINA said...

Yay, you chose my word :D
Conversations with the family rarely seem to go well. Hope everything works out.

Jordiekins said...

I take back the <33333333 from the last blog. Hank is the new Rick AStley. >.>

joyapole:being happy about a pole (or a tall person).

Eddy said...

Congrats to Kristina!! You're the first person to Hankroll me!

Elizabeth... said...

*clicks on adverts surripticiously"

muse88 said...

Oh wow I didn't realise you could earn money from YouTube! Interesting :)

Peprot -

Term used to describe those overly happy or peppy individuals that are moving into old age

VicMorrowsGhost said...

If your life has to have dramas be thankful they are because you have too many awesome things to do. :)

Cathy said...

floordrobe - wardrobe that is primarily floor based!

Good luck with summer, it sounds awesome

Mark said...

i loved it!

and Baroc: vb. To unintentionally, and stupidly misspell the name of a national icon or internationally influential person.

HeyLukey said...

kool ur going to greenwich uni thats just down the road from mine actually my uni is moving to greenwich next year but i leave it this year bad times. the new one looks cool its right next door to the 02 arena which would have been cool for nights out.

you could take Lauren to meet ur family in ur fiesta and make a road trip video for a few days to hit two birds with one stone then everyone happy :)

hayleyghoover said...


Elizabeth said...

Peepperp-one who has been arrested after attempting to steal many packages of peeps in a fit of Easter cheer

(I just thought that it was oddly appropriate for today)

acroatic said...

Haha... you got me. The HankRoll is definitely the new "thing to do".

Also, I may or may not have gone through your videos, clicking on each ad nine times. We're sending you to London, Kristina!

lalalaamichelle said...

Christ. I've been Hankroll'd about eight times in the last two days, mostly through Maureen.

Tofid: A fiddle made entirely out of Tofu.

ElizaWriter said...

Budget, budget, budget Parselmouth. Can't wait till you come to L'Anglais.