Sunday, April 26, 2009

Day 26: Just a Sunday.

Completely not in the mood to blog today.

I worked on driving a manual more, I recorded more vocals, I took my old clothes to GoodWill, I watched some of the Office, and I had a cream soda float.
I don't know what to talk about in a Monday video for tomorrow because I talk about everything interesting already here and I feel like people will judge me if I repeat things.

I'll probably just repeat things.

I am going to watch more of the Office and go to bed early probably.

Alex gets here in 8 days and I am really really getting to the anxious part of this whole waiting thing. It's been a month now since I've seen him. :/ Too long.

Oh yeah, today I did an interview with Amy Snow for WZRD, a podcast I have wanted to be on since I found out about it in 2007. :D Mostly about wizard rock, but we talked a fair amount about NaNoWriMo actually. And I spoke a bit on Brittany leaving the band.

I should probably have more interesting things to say on Day 27. I have my childbirth class tomorrow, so hopefully I'll have all sorts of fun facts to share.

Today's Word: Gramaul
To be savagely told off for using bad grammar. -VicMorrowsGhost

The Office: Season 5, Episode 17
Doctor Who: Season 3, Episode 3

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Cody Hotel said...

I am also quite excited for Alex coming to visit you (though probably not nearly to the same degree) because you two are always just so cute together, it warms my heart.

Frooloop: An expletive uttered by a very hungry child who has not had their bowl of cereal.


Melody said...

A month is too long? Haha, I have to wait about a year more to see my fiance and it's been 6 months already.:S I consider you lucky!

Melody said...

Fanghbl: An excited fangirl that can't seem to hit the right keys on the keyboard.


Oh I can't even read that, ahh!

quidditchs said...

We wouldn't judge for repeating things, at least I wouldn't ;D

I hope these days go by fast so you can be with Alex again!

Ariel: the name of The Little Mermaid

... ok, that already exists, but I seriously got that! XD

Sean said...

I wish I had someone to miss like that. Someday...

FTM (for the meh)*: used for situations that are neither FTW nor FTL, just kinda "blah"

*credit for this goes to my friend Beth (easavoy on youtube, miner-beth on livejournal)

rustandthestardust said...

my school once offered "intro to childbirth" as a PE class, as though the ability to birth an infant is the academic equivalent to pummeling one's peer in the chest with a rubber ball.

(dodgeball was also offered.)

undrast: the process of rectifying a regretably drastic decision.

Jordiekins said...

@Melody, that's the best one I've seen so far. =X

untro: deletig an introduction for an essay 4 times before settling down. Oh wait, that's just what I did today.

shecaptain said...

I was really excited that you and Alex are going to be at the Portland gathering this summer AND SitC. With a fair amount of luck, I will make it to both too. I'll be studying abroad in London in the fall, so I'll be there anyways.

Anywho, captach code!

witurni: a lawyer who specializes in cases pertaining to wii's

Melissa Kendra said...

We're on the same episode of Doctor Who. Yay :]
I really miss Rose though. I want her back.

Stefan said...

when does the interview go up? I certainly can't find it anywhere.

VicMorrowsGhost said...

WIN! Word of the day!
It's silly but it makes me smile :)

Saw Wheezy Waiter's Fiesta on his Daily Booth. Looks cool!

Neramopey: To be sad because you miss Alex Day.

ps. Look at all these people who drew pictures of me!

Rachie said...

emitypto: to produce/emit a typo (note the irony in the spelling of "typo" XD)

SpinachPuffs said...

Series 3, Episode 13...
That's the final part of the Master episodes, right? Good season finale that!

Fushab - a rehabilitation centre for those who make too much of a fuss over their lives

Corinne said...

I totally know how u feel!! I am in a long distance relationship as well and I'm seeing him again in 4 weeks, weeehoo! I always get SO friggin nervous when the time comes, it's so totally worth it tho. I love how u guys talk openly about it so we can all share hehe. Have a great week. x

Chelsea said...

rosynose - how you feel after your first glass of red wine

delightfully mediocre said...

I'm having a really rough time thinking of things to blog about this late in the month too. I feel like I had a bunch ideas a couple weeks ago and should've written them in a notebook, because I didn't use any of them and now I can't remember what they were. Argh.

subprepe: Almost (not quite) preppy, but in France.

Le shoes... they are, how do you say? Subprepe.

euphonious said...

My boyfriend who lives in London is coming on Friday. I haven't seen him since March 22nd. I feel your pain so incredibly much.

Especially at this weird state where you're saying to yourself, "I really really really want them to be here, but I think this suspense is going to literally kill me the DAY before they get here." Ahhhhh, anxiety. <3 :)

Word suggestion: extach

1. A mustache that no longer exists;
2. A detachable mustache;
3. A mustache on the face of an ex.

:) <3