Thursday, April 9, 2009

Day 9: Office pranks.

I am going to give you a taste of what it's like to be me, at work.

Most days I rush off after school, racing the traffic and attempting to at least get there on time. (I commute 30-40 minutes to work). But SOME days, I find the traffic (for some unpredictable reason) opens as if the Gods are saying "Yes, Kristina, you may get to work on time today."
And my policy is, if I have at least 15 minutes when I get into town, I will stop and get a Jamba juice.

Now, yesterday was a particularly slow and boring day in the life of a box office associate, and after the day shift people went home around 5, my manager Coral and I were there alone for 2 more hours. I don't know how to explain Coral, really. She is the assistant manager, and one of my very good friends, and the only reason this job hasn't made me lose my mind (I've worked here for THREE YEARS). Now that I have watched enough of the Office (Update: Season 3, Episode 7) I can relate to you that together, Coral and I probably make up the Jim of our office. Like the time we reset everyone's monitors to be sideways when we knew we weren't coming in the next morning and no one that WAS coming in would be computer savvy enough to fix it. xD I'll get to that, though.

Yesterday, I was bored of facebook. I was bored of bloons. I was bored of freecell and god forbid, I was bored of proofing subscriptions (what I was actually supposed to be doing). So instead, I was staring at my Jamba Juice cup. After much pondering, I turned to Coral and asked, "Big strawberry or small blender?"

We decided after much debate that it could really be either, but we HOPED it was a big strawberry, because there is nothing cool or exciting about a small blender. In fact, I would go so far as to say a small blender would be kind of stupid, and a waste of everyone's time.

Later, Coral was trying to print something, and couldn't because of a backlog of things that had been waiting in the queue since Jenn, the manager, had gone home. Coral just let them print, assuming they were important. They weren't. What printed was FIFTY copies of a document we didnt even need, and instead of writing "I HATE YOU SO MUCH" and tacking it to the corkboard like Coral usually does when Jenn messes up the printer, we instead decided to staple all fifty pieces of paper to her desk.

We left the place at 8:30 looking like this, quite proud of ourselves:

Just another boring day in the life of "Kristina when she's not on YouTube or being a Parselmouth." Now you know the sad truth. I'm just an easily amused office lady.

Today's word: Tardisniffles
Resulting condition after watching an Russell T Davies-inspired season finale. -randomcherries

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Jordiekins said...

narmion: Idk, but it reminded me of Nerimon

waffleshouse said...

cariesi- doing or wearing something very Carie Bradshaw ( Sex and the City) ex. The bright pink Malona Blahniks she was wearing was very cariesi.

I enjoy watching your subscriptions grow everyday it also makes me feel special b/c I was subscribed to you before 5AG and Mrs. Nerimon fame. I just looked it up and I have been stalking you on youtube since june 2007.

VicMorrowsGhost said...

What happened with the monitors? I have a mental image of a whole office of people sitting with their heads tilted over 90 degrees. LOL :D

Miascepa - An old Italian phrase describing a fortuitous evasion of a pursuer.

>Hey Mario how did you get away?

Joey said...

Ok. Miss Horner. I read your blog and I pay the MOST attention to how fast your subscribers jump every SINGLE day, which I may point out is absolutely amusing for a never to dare to vlog (maybe) nobody like me...

I am gonna guess your subscribers for tomorrow... Its gonna be 16,498!!!

the_who_ru said...

Lol, I wish my job was that entertaining (I work in a homewares shop on Saturdays, snore...). You can't exactly play pranks on people when the manager is prowling around and telling you off for looking at your watch.

Myesh: the ancient art of weaving mesh veils whereby the creator of the best one gets to keep everyone else's.
>Ah, your veil is certainly full of profound meaning. Have the lot.
> *snatches veils* Myesh!

Hum, I think VicMorrowsGhost's one is infinitely better than this.

Joy said...

I miss working in an office... *sighs*

I spent 3 years working before I went to university... I LOVE the life of a student that I live now, but I do sometimes miss it... like when I read blogs about people working in offices!

Indigo said...

huffleep-the act of leaping on or over a hufflepuff

EmilyPotter said...

secti: the plural form of sectumsempra.

Hm..that doesn't really make sense o_o But oh well >_>

EmilyPotter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
EmilyPotter said...

Okay, so I'm dying of laughter at the moment. I refreshed to see more weird word verifications...and I see "bress"
LMFAO. I can't think of a definition for it though. It's basically just another way to say breast.

seurat2 said...

I love what you and your co-worker did with the paper.

Word- spinamp- a new type of amplifier for musicians that generates extra power by spinning rapidly. Very popular with stoner bands, since it has a hypnotic effect.

hayleyghoover said...

You are a goddess. Hahahaha. I lolled at your thing about small blenders.

Mignerd (I KID YOU NOT!): A contraction for "I'm a big nerd."

Friend: Hey, what up?
You: I'm writing a rap for a youtube video.
Friend: Why would you do that?
You: I dunno. M'ignerd.

SnakesAndWorms said...

Radatatoosh: The act of putting shampoo in conditioner in one's toilet bowl.

(I might get over that comment someday, but today isn't that day.)

Amethyst Princess said...

We do stuff like this to our managers at work as well. one time we took plastic cliing wrap and wrapped the Home/Kids managers desk for his birthday. Then we stuffed the store managers office with blown up balloons on her birthday.

That type of stuff is really fun to do and gives you something fun to do every so often late at night when you have to work.

chiling-(i could just say they dont know how to spell and not give a new defintion) A very small chi

Name: Moo said...

Soccess: So-so success, it really could go either way...

lalalaamichelle said...

"stsold": Objects that are purchased through sexual transmission.

Jess said...

geterdunismist- One who impersonate Larry the cable guy.

Pepe Cadena said...

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