Saturday, April 4, 2009

Day 4: Oh my car woes.

Yesterday I went back home to my parents' house armed with an overnight bag and a steel will determination to learn how to master a clutch.

It was horrible.

Friday night I set out with my dad, and it was so terribly reminiscent of learning how to drive a car in general when I was 15. It brought back all these memories in vivid flashing colors of the fights, the tears, the brake slamming..
I am 21 years old and I'd like to think I am a much more mature, level headed person than I was then, and yet it was EXACTLY the same. We fought. My eyes burned as I held back tears. I gave up and he gave up and we went in to eat dinner with my mom and brother and didnt talk about it for the rest of the night. I was ready to admit defeat, call up Ford, and tell them to give the stupid five speed to someone else.

Then this morning I woke up at 7 AM, went with my mom to her yoga class, cleared my mind, went grocery shopping with her... and then around 11 my brother asked me if I wanted to give the stick another try with him helping me this time. I am not a quitter, so I said yes.

Honestly, with him calmly explaining things to me, he had me driving loops around the nearby grocery store in 20 minutes. I don't understand how a 16 year old boy can teach me so much better than a 50 year old man can. I think possibly that my father and I just weren't meant to be in a car together. Although, my mom said that my dad once made her cry while trying to teach her to ski, so I am inclined to believe this trend proves that the fault doesn't entirely lie with me this time. My dad is a great person, but I don't think teaching is his forte.

Anyway, the point is, I am going to work with Nick a few more times and hopefully by May 1st I will at least be good enough to drive the car home.

Also, I know in yoga you're supposed to completely free your mind of other things, but I couldn't help it: the 'soothing' music we were listening to in the background had all these really great vocal harmonies and I spent half the session obsessing over them in my mind while doing things like the downward dog. And then when the harmonies finally stopped and like, euphoric dream music started playing, I honestly almost fell asleep right there on my floor mat.

I am at work for 4.5 more hours (dont need a lunch break today because my co-worker Judy whom I call my work-mom gave me half her subway sandwich xD) and then I am going to spend the night at Liz's for some general fun-time and possibly working on a new tshirt design for the Parselmouths? We need something cool for people to buy and wear at Leaky!

Lastly, I got a comment from PadfootLover19 on my YouTube channel today that said:
"Hi! I totally get the long distance thing. My boyfriend lives in Oregon. I live here in England. But he's worth the distance :)."
I have gotten a few messages now from people who have England/Pacific NW relationships. It warms my heart. :D

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Katy said...

see, it's proof no one ever said love can't spread from London to Seattle!!

sorry. Didn't mean to quote Mrs. Nerimon. It just came out, like some sort of word vomit.

Mean Girls, too? Really, self?

I'm 16 now and I completely fail at driving. I just can't get the hang of paying attention to twenty different things at once. It doesn't help that I'm a bit of a day-dreamer and I often dwell on my English homework and my nanowrimo novel... but still. I can't help it!

Redcabbageispurple said...

My brother (though a year and a half older than me) was also way better at teach me how to drive a manual than my dad was. And my dad teaches history part time at the community college... you'd think he'd know how to teach. but I think it's also because my brother and I get along a lot better and he had to face driving with my dad as well, so he knew what he was doing wrong.
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HaleySmiles14 said...

I am so mad that I can't go to Leaky! I wanted to meet you for ever, and I can't even go! Living in Canada sucks!!!!

I can't really relate with you on the driving struggle since the closest I have gotten to a car, was go karts at Six Flags and because I am only 14. But I am sure with help from your brother you will be driving in no time.

You were talking about maybe making Parselmouths merch, I was wondering if you were only selling it at Leaky, or if there was going to be another alternative to buy it.

I apologize for this long comment.
But I couldn't resist.


Kelly said...

At least you're learning to drive a stick! My bf just bought a new car (its a 5 speed) and he said I'm not touching it because the last time he tried to teach me, it ended in tears. So I understand your pain.

Also, good luck on the new merch ideas for Leaky!

Brynne Annaë said...

The first time I tried to drive a stick - which also happened to be the first time I drove a car - I totaled my dad's Civic.


Two years later (that would be about 6 months ago), I tried with my mom instead. In a different car (the one that I now drive). And it was SO worth it - sticks are a BLAST to drive. Even crappy high-school-student ones like mine. :P

Also: comicies: inept comedians.

...yeah, I'm not great at this. :)

Meaghan said...

My dad made me cry when I was learning how to drive, too. We fought a lot. My friend Brian taught me the basics of driving a stick, and he was really patient with me and never raised his voice or got annoyed. It made the learning experience a lot nicer!

And long distance relationships are definitely hard. My boyfriend is back in Colorado, while I'm in Quebec, Canada. But it's totally worth it. The thing to remember is, is the distance won't last forever. <3

Chin up!

TheOtherJessica said...

My dad is the SAME way...and in the end, I just kind of taught myself to drive a stick by driving my car to work everyday. I stalled a million times, had cars honk at me at green lights- that turned red while I was trying to fix my blunder, and just embarrassed the hell out of myself on the road, but alas, now I am a pro! I have full confidence in you and your abilities! :)

Dana Vlahos. said...

Glad you got someone to teach you. :] I know how it is, my sister is nineteen, and I go to her with any problems I have because my mom can really freak out at the smallest things. She doesn't even realize half the time.
Arawhe - The traditional Hawaiian custom where natives sit in a circle and share any problems, therefore clearing their mind. This 'group therapy' of sorts goes down every Saturday.<3

Melissa Kendra said...

Don't worry, I'll be 18 in June, and I still haven't gotten my learner's permit. I'm such a procrastinator.

Melody said...

Ahh the comment from the person about the Oregon/England thing confused me at first. I thought I left the comment or something! But then I realized that it was the girl in England and guy in Oregon, we are the opposite.

Oh and I completely get feeling like a kid again when dads are trying to teach things. My dad seems to always find ways to get me to about cry. He taught me to drive (not 5 speed or anything) and that was a bad experience.

whitefluffyhat said...

I'm learning how to drive, and I don't enjoy driving with either of my parents because they are both super-paranoid. My mom won't let me drive anywhere without her, or drive in an unfamiliar car...But the other day, since my mom was at work, my voice teacher was giving me a ride home...and she let me drive. We haven't told my mom. :D
I love my voice teacher.

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Mmm. That actually sounds really good.

hayleyghoover said...

Oh, baby. My dad made me cry a million times teaching me to drive. I up and left halfway through his bicycle tutorial at age four and taught myself. I think it's just a dad thing.

Beliture: An overture performed by a bell choir.

nico said...
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nico said...

Hi, I love your blog!
Congrats on winning the car (and think how superior you can feel when you master the stick shift! All the rest of us mere mortals have to rely on the car to make gear shifts, but not you-- you are in control!)!

Also, to add to your long distance relationship success stories - My husband and I met in college in Boston(he was a senior to my freshman) right before he graduated and returned to his homeland of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Six years later we actually live happily and in the same place. So, take heart :)

Jordiekins said...

Unmed: the act of throwing up medication.

Joey said...

How the frick did you jump so many subscribers in one day? Dang... You're popular.

About the driving. I haven't gotten behind the wheel of a car yet but since I live in India, its like a given that you know how to drive a bike/scooter. Something I so don't wanna do. But my folks (read dad) has been breathing down my neck that I do it. Its honestly so tiring. But you know what, to quote The Fray- "Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same"

Dee said...

My mother is a terrible teacher. At anything. But my dad and older brother are amazing (mostly my dad. he's so patient and concise).

VicMorrowsGhost said...

Driving stick will be fun and new for about six months, after that you'll probably want your auto back again. Shifting gets old; green light, shift shift shift shit, red light, repeat.

Extubsas - To have a bad attitude after taking a bath.

Rivvy said...

I learned to drive on a stick before I learned automatic. My dad sounds a lot like your dad was. Well....sort of. My dad has major control issues, and every time the car would move he'd grip the dashboard and scream out in fear. By the time we were done with a lesson, he'd be soaked in sweat and shivering like a cold chihuahua.

It's good that you're getting it down from you brother, though. I had to have my aunt teach me eventually. :)

Have fun with your free car!

the_who_ru said...

Your dad sounds exactly how my step-dad would be trying to teach me, if I ever get round to applying for my provisional license. I'm going to end up not knowing how to drive in another three years' time at this rate.

Word thing: bireprie: diseased Brie cheese.
I think I need some practice at this.

billowycapeofdoom said...

I'm just learning to drive, but my dad is actually pretty good teacher. He pushes me a little further than I'm willing to go sometimes, but yeah. :P
It's a good thing your brother's helping you though :)
All my brother does is criticize my driving and he's only 13!
But have fun with your new car! :D

Indigo said...

vercluri-a special type of vampire that only sucks the blood of velcro shoes

Emil Sällberg said...

Thanks for really good and entertaining videos and blogs. Also a good site about driving with a stick;

Good luck!

Dana said...

The first time I ever tried to drive was a stick shift... BIG mistake. At the time, I had no idea there were two different types of cars, and so I really thought I was just never going to drive again.
Two weeks later, once I learned of the difference between stick and automatic cars, I just snuck out in our other car and taught myself how to drive. It worked much better, although wasn't really legal.

Nearly two years later, I have still not touched the stick shift, and am not planning to. So major props to you for sticking with it this far!

Marvis Carswell said...

I totally understand where you’re coming from. I first started learning with my dad, too, and he made me so nervous! But when we both decided that my nervousness and his protectiveness were not doing me any good, I enrolled in driving school, and I was, surprisingly, at ease with an instructor, who was about the same age as my dad. I think it has something to do with the fact that we don’t want to disappoint or anger our parents that makes us quite nervous when learning to drive with them. Nervousness is natural, but it needs to be turned into confidence, and if you find it easier to relax on the road with an impartial driving instructor, then that might be the better recourse.

Marvis Carswell