Friday, April 3, 2009

Day 3: New words, yo.

I spent a lot of yesterday reading other people's blogs (ie. Hayley, Rosi, and Maureen Johnson herself) and it has made me realize I should start to be a better blogger.

Not that there was anything WRONG with how I blog, it's just that there is everything RIGHT about how THEY blog.

So hi. First I am here to pimp a blog I love/kind of help with but havent actually posted on in months. Basically if you love giraffes, you should go follow it. It's not a BEDA blog, but it's good anyway.


I love how many more comments I've been receiving on my blog since BEDA started. Blogging, until now, has always sort of been that thing everyone does and feels slightly guilty about because how many outlets of expression do we REALLY need (facebook, youtube, twitter, dailybooth, oh my). But this month is fun, it's like celebrating that EVERYONE is narcissistic and feels like their faces and opinions should be strewn as far and wide as they can be, right?

So basically, thank you for making this lovely little blogging community. I think this means I should comment more.

I am very excited because my download of the Office seasons 1-4 has JUST finished; I heard the little "ding!" as I was typing this blog. Now I can finally watch them and feel like I am not a human being walking around missing my left arm or something, like many people make me feel for not having watched the Office prior to now.

Tonight I believe I am going to go home to my parents' house for my first manual car driving lesson. Wish me luck. :/

Hayley does this cute little thing at the end of her blog where she says what's sexy and unsexy; I'm not going to BLATANTLY copy her, but I have an idea for something like this too. In the comments of my last blog, people were leaving me their silly word verification words. One person even went so far as to make up a definition for this new invented word.

So I think over the course of this month, we should invent a new sort of blogger's dictionary together. It'll give this blog a purpose for existing, and I'll even have something to show for the month of April when it's over.

Create a New Word Every Day in April. CNWEDA. Sinweeda? Sinweeda = the act of making up new words? Okay, clearly I suck at this, so that's where I need your help. If you follow me on blogger, you can try to translate your word verification word, unless it's something like Xjarnok in which case you could just go name the main character of your novel that like Alex Day. If your word verification sucks, or you follow me on Maureen's ning, just think of something at random! I'll pick the best one to be the following day's word of the day.

Today's Word: Blegonin.
A verb used to describe the process of noises and movements a person makes when getting the frog out of their throat in the morning.
Like, my science teacher asked me a question today, and I started to answer but I had the raspy voice of a grandpop. So do my process of coughing and what not, and after he smiles and says "What was that?" and I simply reply, slightly embarrassed, "Sorry; I was blegonin. I'm better now." - by Dana Vlahos.

Since I am a douche and want to copy Hayley more, I'm also going to track my subscriber count all month. Wooo YouTube.

Subscribers: 16,336


adamthealien said...

I didn't really get into The Office at first. I watched on occasion, more as the series went on, but it was often on at an inconvenient time. Thank God for hulu.

I guess my point is that I'm surprised you actually went and acquired those full seasons, if your main reason was to get into the show. It's not really necessary - it's one of those shows that you can easily get into without watching from the start. A rarity, in this day and age.

If you're already watching it and just wanted to see the old eps, ignore everything I just said.

In other news, CNWEDA reminds me of a lovely improv game called SDS 2000. You line up three or four people, who act as the amazing new machine known as the SDS 2000. The host performs an infomercial for this machine, which is named as it is because it can Spell (S), Define (D) and Say in a sentence (S) any word given to it...even words that don't exist.

The host asks the audience for a made-up word. The people making up the machine then take turns spelling the word one letter at a time (the words often end up something like QUTLRDKXXX5DLP#Q). Next, they'll define the word, again taking turns, but now going one word at a time to create an absurd dictionary-sounding definition. The same method is then repeated for using the word in a sentence.

It's always a fun one to do, and always gets a lot of laughs.

Christie (142 Staircases) said...

Ha, love the idea of the blogger's dictionary.

My word verification:

OUARALLY - adverb - derived from Ouara, the former capital of Chad - refers to something of beauty being completely deserted/abandoned, like the ruined palace still there today. E.g., "That I just found that painting ouarally lying there in the dumpster."


Christie (142 Staircases) said...

Eep, edit: "I just found..." Typing fail XD

the_who_ru said...

I'd love to know how you managed to get your Dailybooth in the blog sidebar. I really want to do it for mine, but I can't work out how.

Ok, here goes. My random-word-verification-word-that-may-not-exist is chingsan.
Chingsan: the act of trying and failing to use chopsticks successfully.

I don't think I'm very good at this. :/

Ariel said...

Rateris- A disease that causes a person to (unwillingly) morph into a rat. See also:giant rodents.

This is great fun.

hayleyghoover said...

I love how we're both so creative and original (and humble!) and yet we can't help but do everything the other does. <3333 I adore you, and your... sinweeda? Is that what it was? It works for me.

Dana Vlahos. said...

:D hah, thanks so much! You should see the smile on my face. And you're right, with the BEDA project people are getting alot more feedback on blogspot then usual, which is quite nicee. Especially when you meet new people in the mix.
Cuddedoc: The medical word for when a doctor tries to make up for upsetting a child. Upset children are usually the after affect of booster shots, gooey medication and popsicle sticks enlodged in their throats. Another common word used for this tactic is 'lollies.'

lanna-lovely said...

Haripp -
The act of pretending to be a wizard, specifically Harry Potter, while in the supermarket.


Person one: "Hey, wanna make this more interesting?"
Person two: "How?"
Person one: "Lets haripp!"
Person two: "ZOMG! YES! Accio bananas!"

...I fail. :]

Me and my friends have been doing the word verification thing for like a year, it's really fun, it's sort of morphed into redefining actual words and making up phrases too - we call our dictionary the dorktionary:

Al said...

Awesome blog.
I've always enjoyed the way your blogs are written, so no worries.

Jordiekins said...

"gynagams": I haven't thought of adefinition yet, but I had to share this word.

Steve said...

Aphrou - Noun - The part of the body that, no matter how long you dry yourself after a shower, upon putting all your clothes on you realise is still damp, causing discomfort.

Susanna said...

Oh my gosh, you are gonna LOVE the office dude. serious amazing-ness. My sides always ache after watching it:) I want to meet the writer of that show, if they are as brilliant as the script they've gotta be one awesome person!

Pliesse: a cloak of invisibility which grants you the power of never having to say please again.


Pliesse: the branch of the police which is in charge of controlling the amount of times people say please. this is to reduce the amount of "over-pleasers" in the world.


disasterpastor45 said...


disasterpastor45 said...


disasterpastor45 said...


disasterpastor45 said...


disasterpastor45 said...

reews - rerun news

disasterpastor45 said...

synte - e-syntax

disasterpastor45 said...

lasedry - not quite laze-dry

disasterpastor45 said...

boarc - better off at reading comprehension

disasterpastor45 said...

premi - refa

disasterpastor45 said...

knolt - knowledgeable dolt

disasterpastor45 said...

constr - uction

disasterpastor45 said...

fatiot - not an idiot, but rather, er, um, fat

disasterpastor45 said...

tonia - look what the cat dragged in!

disasterpastor45 said...

oodin - We Are Where You Eat

disasterpastor45 said...

quenoun - I do need to stump myself on non-proper nouns.

In Spanish, by far the most common relative pronoun is que

CRUNKRacoon said...

I never got to see the Office in order. All I ever got were snippets of what I see on the telly. I must have seen the "gay-dar" episode nearly 10 times. X)

Word Verification Word: ingsterc

INGSTERC: the act of being a devilish brat, or acting childish to contradict an otherwise mature age. Derived from the word "imp" and the suffix "sterc" meaning large.

MauraCaroline said...

I love the Blogger's Dictionary idea!
here's my verification definition:

Imper (-ing)- v. to blink rapidly when trying to hold back tears.
IE: "Lisa was Impering so as not to allow Jarrod to see how distraught she was when he broke up with her."

disasterpastor45 said...

blessemi - is that your final answer?

Elizabeth... said...

I've never seen the office either... might do that one day.

Oooh this work thing might be fun, today I got
It is the mushy rubbish bits of cornflakes at the bottom of the packet, the broken bits that usually taste a bit odd and that are really difficult to get on your spoon.

outofthenightsky said...

You shouldn't've worried about your lack of having seen The Office, I think I've seen half an episode, max, & I get along pretty well. =D

For your dictionary:

(plural) (noun)
1. miscellaneous items collected over time for sentimental reasons. e.g "The various pumixes of his childhood reminded him of more innocent times."

Also, i think it's worth noting that the word 'pumixes' backwards is 'seximup' =P

VicMorrowsGhost said...

Crousnat[kross-nat] –historical figure
Herbet P. Crousnat gained notoriety for his invention of the small eraser that goes on the end of a pencil. Squandered the fortune he made from creation trying to invent edible shoes.

samstarr said...

the office = amazing. "that's what she said" will have a whole new meaning for you once you're finished.

my word verification is "chkkib"

chkkib: like the hiccoughs, but for chickens.

lovethetube said...

ooh this word definition challenge is like playing balderdash!

So my word is untsh- sorry i got nothing; did i mention i rarely win at balderdash?


N said...

In Spanish: Blegonar.

Shall it be stem-changing or no? Blegono.

I vote stem-changing.