Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day 21: Ice Cream Truck.

I'm not really going to comment on Alex's video or diary entry today, because I know there are people out there who are sore at him (which is stupid) for "turning his back on the UK youtube community because he's moving to America" (also stupid, we have plans to go to Summer in the City and are super excited about it; one of my favorite days in London was when we met up with everyone at King's Cross and hung out all day) but the point is, when it comes right down to it, this email I read that was sent anonymously to him made me feel a little like I was to blame, like he was turning his back on his UK friends because of me, and that makes me feel a little uncomfortable.

Personally I have gotten to know a lot of them much better BECAUSE of my relationship with Alex. Liam and I are super close, Lex and I are friends, Rosi and I have been speaking more, Dave and I exchange words now and then, I've spoken with Anna and Johnny and this is all just silly. He wants to better himself and spend more time doing things that will help him be financially able to move to America. That's all. Let him.

How about this. *I* still watch all your videos, so when you post something great, I'll just send him an email telling him to watch it. Problem solved.

Speaking of purging, I got ride of 3 bags of clothes and 2 boxes of boxes/dvds yesterday. Well, by "get rid of" I mean they're now sitting in a pile on my floor, because I'm not quite sure where to take it all. When I lived at home I would just put bags of stuff in the garage and my parents would take care of it. Now I have to like... find a GoodWill myself.
Eia was so impressed... I walked into her room later on last night and she was going through HER clothes. I was happy to inspire.
Spring cleaning is great. :)

In other more happy and exciting news, yesterday afternoon it was 72 degrees here in Seattle. I walked home from school in capris and a tank top, passing tons of sorority girls laying out on their front lawns on towels in their new bikinis. People were playing frisbee, suntanning, studying in the sun.. it was nice. It's supposed to be in the 70's again today. It really doesn't take much here in Washington. We don't get a lot of really warm sunny days, so give us something in the 70's and we're ready to hit the beach.

The best part of my day was when I was sitting in my bedroom, windows open and warm spring air wafting in, and then suddenly, out of nowhere, I hear that unmistakable tinkly musical sound of an ICE CREAM TRUCK.

I was having a conversation with Sam on skype but I completely forgot about it as I ran into Eia's bedroom, said "Is that..?" and she said "YES IT IS," so we each grabbed a fistful of change and RAN down the stairs and out the front door.
I honestly couldn't tell you if he really didn't see us or if he was just a jerkface who liked watching two grown girls run for ice cream, but the ice cream man didn't stop for FIVE BLOCKS. Neither of us were wearing shoes so we literally FLEW down the rocky street barefoot for all that time and my feet STILL hurt, even though it's been a good 12 hours since it happened. But let me just tell you, it was the best Bomb Pop I've ever had (you know, the red white and blue ones?)

Prices have gone up a bit since I was a child though. I used to be able to get a good popsicle, like those ones with the gumball eyes, for a mere dollar. The bomb pop cost me $2 and the gumball eyes ones were $2.50! Do they think the children of America are made of money?

I got 55 comments on my last blog as of right now and I just wanted to thank all of you, again. I really really enjoy reading what you have to say, and check for your comments a bit more than I should for someone who is trying to purge Internet habits. xD
I'm really flattered by the amount of you who say you look forward to reading my blog every day or that you like my writing style. It makes me smile every time because I never expected a public blog I made would get this kind of response. I kept paper journals my entire life; I hastily scribbled things about boys I liked or friends I fought with or things my parents did that upset me in marbled composition notebooks from age 9 to pretty much like a year ago. It was always such a solitary activity, and I am really enjoying making it bit more interactive here.

So basically I'll never stop showing you gratitude because you guys amaze me every day.

Today's Word: Coscop
A person who keeps costumed conference participants in order, rather like the fashion police. -Ariel
(I just have this wonderful mental image of police with beat-sticks at a HP conference... haha)

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aimée-louise said...

i thought you should have another comment saying how peachy your blogs are; thank you for writing them, really.

and keep smiling :]


A said...

1. Not EVERYBODY is mad at Alex. I hope he knows that. He's inspired a lot of us to cut back too. He's allowed to be human and live a human life; he's not a robot who sits on the interwebs.

2. Summer. Popsicles, beaches, ect. I want it.

3. Seriously though, thank you for doing this everyday. I love reading it and looking forward to it and all of that crap. I've even begun commenting instead of just reading it in Google Reader, and it takes a really good blog to do that to me. :D

Fluti: The excitment Parselmouth fans have awaiting your flute on the album.

Heather Rodriguez said...

It was 95 here yesterday. I am jealous of your 70's.

Carcarxd said...

Hey Kristina, I have read you blogs a few times but never commented, this is my 1st :O. When I have some time, I read your most recent blog. I watch your youtube videos too, and think your great! Keep it up woot woot!


Rebecca Mcgrane said...

Kristina, your blog is amazing, I lve reading it :)and you are to!
Without you I prbably wouldnt have started reading books again, Your 50 book challenge on the 5AG channel inspired me to start my own last june, i have thirteen books left to read by the end of june.
Cant wait for the new parselmouths cd btw XD

Deanna said...

my best friend is afaird of the ice cream truck.

I do not know why, or how horrible an expirence you have to have in your childhood to ruin the ice cream truck, but this fact does kinda ruin some summer days.

You have no idea what it's like to have to leave the beach on a perfectly good day because someone hears "the Entertianer" from 3 miles away.

I miss the ice cream man...

Keiko.LeMon said...

Hey... that thing about Alex is silly really. Being in a long distance relationship is hard and it's only natural to want to be close. Ummm... I'm not going to say more since pretty much the whole of my last blog was devoted to the subject... so you can read that if you want my views. But basically to the both of you, chin up and don't worry. It will all work out in the end.

Al said...

I've been hearing the ice cream truck here as well and I get excited every time. Although I have failed to go out and get it.

What I like most about your blog is that you see the humor and entertainment behind simple things you do each day. If that had happened to me I wouldn't have thought about blogging about it (or maybe I would but things like that never happen to me). You turn these simple stories about your days into really funny things for people to read.

Burlas: A lass who is burly. Needs to ALWAYS be said in an irish accent.

Exhausted College Student said...

So I haven't seen this video yet, but whatever, I'll still comment. People just take offense to the oddest things. He's moving so what. He's still going to be Alex whether he's in London or America. The fact that "he's turning his back on the Uk YouTube Community...um he's not in debt to them. But not only that, it's YouTube, it's the same internet.

Anyways, I'm sure you're excited that it will be easier to see him. I'm happy for you.


lanna-lovely said...

"this email I read that was sent anonymously to him made me feel a little like I was to blame"

I know this may not mean much, coming from a random stranger who happens to read your blog - but whoever sent that email is an idiot, it seems like the only thing you're to "blame" for is making Alex happy and real friends will be happy for him.

Like Alex said in his video, friendship doesn't come with required reading - that's like, turning friendship into a chore, which it shouldn't be, when it becomes something you have to do instead of something you want to do.

I kind of wish I could be more like you or Alex - it seems like when either of want something, you go for it, even when it's something that most people would be too scared to do (e.g. being with each other, even with the distance, being willing to go to the other side of the world to be with each other. Even getting rid of things in your life that you don't need).

Seriously, you're both awesome and neither of you should ever let people make you feel bad about any of that stuff - real friends would support you, not be moody about it.

...Okay, I'll shut up now. :]


I wanted to comment on the whole Alex situation, but everyone here has already said pretty much what I wanted to say. So, I'd just like to wish you two the best of luck and I hope you're both very happy together.
Don't worry yourself too much over it, you - and Alex - aren't doing anything wrong :)


partyweetow said...

The summer after I graduated high school, I really wanted a job as an ice cream truck driver. I never found out where to apply, though. :(

And like others have said, I really look forward to reading your blog, too. You have a good writing voice. ^_^

JohnnyDurham19 said...

I can quite safely say that nobody blames you for Alex "turning his back on the UK community". Whoever wrote that email doesn't represent the thoughts of the people they mentioned in it. If anything we're just happy that you and Alex are so great together :) Well, that's my thoughts anyway ^_^

so please don't feel uncomfortable at all <3

Catherine said...

I wish it was sunny here, well actually it sunny, just not warm. At least the ice cream man comes to where you live. I'm in this tiny little neighborhood with no kids so he never comes. It's sad. Especially because in the summer his son works with him and he is so freaking gorgeous. =)

Ignore everything going on with the Alex situation. People will calm down eventually.

phole: noun A faster way to say telephone pole.

Bianca23 said...

Another good written blog! When I read it, it's almost like I'm there with you. That's when you know you're a good writer <3

About the Alex situation: I'm so happy for you that he's going to live in America and that you guys can see each other more often. People who say he's turning his back to the UK YouTube community are stupid. Alex his life isn't only YouTube, he has the right to live in the US if he wants to. He has the right to do whatever he wants. So, let those people talk. It's not your fault at all!

You're as cool as an ice cream truck on a hot day ;) xx

Nicholas said...

Whoever in the world could blame you for anything after you and Alex made the little arrows video. That in itself gives you pretty much a free pass to do anything ;)

word: sniseshi. abbreviation for sneezing session. when you sneeze over 3 times in a row.

emperessemma said...

Last week me and my friends were all sat down on this hill and we heard an ice-cream van near by. We all immediately got excited. Then realised none of us had any money. Very disapointing.

barrelgirl55 said...

i love reading your blogs!, keep up the great work!!

dude-do you remember when the ice cream truck ice cream used to be affordable.. seriously its like 3.00 for a ice cream cone- and the guy who comes down our street drives so fast i swear he will run the kids over!

John said...

1. I don't think Alex could ever turn his back on the UK YouTube community they are his friends. And I think its amazing and inspiring that he is moving to USA.

2. Ice-pops on sunny days = awesome.

3. Your vocals in the Fair Fortune: A Wrock Opera make me tingle with joy

imerlin - Electronic Wand like an iPod with MP3 function

Jerry Cooke said...

haha, seems like you talk to more UK youtubers than me! I rarely talk to Liam any more, which sucks, in fact I've talked to Min way more than him lately!

I don't know how you have time for it all, whenever I think to IM you, you're not there, maybe I should start emailing you instead ;)

Mush said...

We're like that in Ireland too when it comes to any bit of sunshine. We're all out trying to get as much of it as we can :)

As for the blog, I think there is something more traditional and personal about reading a blog than watching a vlog. Don't get me wrong, I love some of the vloggers out there, but I like the readingness that goes with blogs. I think MJ has done an awesome job by starting BEDA. And I think all those who are participating are doing a fantastic job too! I for one will keep reading beyond the end of the month :)

the_who_ru said...

Lol, we're exactly the same with sunny weather here in the UK. As soon as you see a bit of sun, it's out with the pumps and vest-tops.
And I get exactly the same with the ice-cream van. In my town, it makes a route around where I live and the college without you actually being able to see it. And then it comes down my road WITHOUT STOPPING, so you have to run like a loon to even try to get it to stop. :( I here the music tinkling from the language lab, and I start jiggling out of sheer desperation that I'm stuck in French.

Natin: An Englishified word for night, made by taking the French 'matin' for morning and replacing the first letter.

Sile said...

you're gonna get a lot of comments saying how great your blog is now :D
it was summer here today too! I'm not too sure what temperature, especially since here in Ireland we use celsius... but it was nice.
i was getting all excited when i heard about azkatraz, i thought i'd be in san fransisco for it! but i won't. doing any parselmouth concerts between the 3rd and 21st of august by any chance?
love the blog, and the youtube. their one of my favourite things to watch and read on the internet.
long comment... :D

janitorbud said...

ok, so the picture of you running 5 blocks down after an ice cream truck barefoot made me laugh out loud for a couple of seconds. just to let you know.
i understand alex. i read his blog too and he explained it pretty well.
he makes me want to "get rid" of stuff that i don't want/need anymore. my room is overly cluttered.
i really love reading your blogs. they're funny and such.
i really like how you two are. i love that you are becoming friends with his friends and you two are planning on moving in together and he wants to go to you. (i say this because my one friend will not hang out with her boyfriend's friends if it's just her and him and them.. she NEEDS us to be there, which is pretty annoying)
i like that you read our comments. i always wonder if the "popular" youtubers read my comments and hope they do.
it's been foggy/rainy today and yesterday. BUT on saturday it's supposed to be (according to the weather man) in the 80s! i'm not going to get my hopes up too high because i live on the coast and it's always colder than expected but still.

seurat2 said...

I was blissfully unaware that anyone was mad at Alex, so now I'll have to go and look at his channel and see what happened. From what you say I'm sure his real friends understand, and who else really matters? Loved the ice cream story. I can't say I have the reaction of being willing to run four blocks barefoot to get the first one of the season, but I sure do always buy one. As for your questions about the guy mysteriously not seeing you and the high price- I would say yes and yes. He enjoyed seeing you two running, and they do think kids are made of money.

slyzatte- a sneaky stealer of lattes. Right down there on the scale with vindictive ice cream truck drivers.

Katy said...

Dude, I love Bomb Pops. I had one on St. Patrick's Day this year because it was super hot out and there was a parade, therefore ice cream trucks were abound.

Mine was only $1, though... it was a mini-Bomb Pop, I should say. But srsly. I blame inflation for that ridiculous amount. And the economy. And George Bush. Just because.


splubbl: an insult to someone who's being annoying and leaves a conversation because they lost an argument or something.
Stands for: "super pony loser! [yo]u'll be back later!"

spl: "Yeah, I would be a Slytherin, but I don't want to associate myself with Peter Pettigrew."
"Uh, Wormtail was a Gryffie."
"Who's Wormtail? And Pettigrew was totally a Slytherin!"
"No. False. Wrong. Here, just look at his wikipedia article."
"Jerk! Wikipedia is not a credible source! Ugh, I'm leaving."

This comment just got really long... lulz.

Tesni said...

I think its terrible people are mad at alex. Its obvious that he's trying to do something positive in his life, and if they are truly friends they will remain friends whether he watches their videos or writes on their fb wall. I'm a great supporter of your relationship and really jealous of how much you'll see of Alex over the next few months when I won't see my LDR bf for 2 months, and even then he works fulltime so time will be limited.

Also hooray for icecream vans!! It was lovely here in Manchester yesterday and we had a BBQ and lazed around in the park after lectures and there was an icecream van. For £2.50 I got a massive 3 scoop icecream with 3 different sauces and a flake. Ohhh so good. also good because it was staying put by the lake so no running required. Not been quite as nice in manc today but has been gorgeous in Bath apparently, so perhaps i should have gone home today :P

Well I've probably rambled enough, I have a heap of horrible work that I cannot do, so I'm going to read instead. :) I love books. Escapism.

Keep up the great blogs xxx

Kiera Jo said...

I'm experiencing the same joyful feeling that you are with this blogging to the world thing--on a smaller scale since not as many people read mine.

It's a lot of fun to get feed back on your personal thoughts!

I always enjoy reading yours and hope you're having a fantastic day!

Sarah Arant said...

No lie, as I was reading this, an ice cream truck came through my neighborhood.
I almost went to chase it, but decided not to, partially because I have no money and partially because my family would die if their eldest daughter went dashing after an ice cream truck while they have friends over.
Next time, I will chase it. In honor of you and Eia.

I wish people would realize that Alex has a life and doesn't just make videos and nothing else, and just appreciate the fact he even choses to make videos for them to watch. afhgaiogio It's actually better to be cutting back on internet time, I'm doing the same thing.

I love reading your blog, so much. It's the first one I go to check when I sit down to check blogs every day. :)

oxiigen said...

1) The sun/warm weather has had the same effect on my school where I live, too! All of the sudden, it seems like everyone is wearing shorts and sunglasses and everyone is in a great mood. I love spring :)

2)And aww I haven't bought anything from an ice cream truck in ages! I miss those days...sigh...sounds fun!

3) And I just wanted to say that I love reading your blog! I am one of those people who looks forward to it each day :)


Catherine said...

Bomb Pops are THE best. They're synonymous with summer to me. My favourite part of them is the white part.

Gina said...

I'm going to add to the chorus of really enjoying your blog... I haven't been able to watch YouTube videos in a few months (lame internet) and so I'm really glad I've found this and can now read about your adventures with ice cream trucks etc!
And that word is amazing... HP conferences totally need coscocops (like to tell people wearing the same costume for a fourth day in a row that it's getting pretty gross).

Hakeber said...

The ice cream man has long since forsaken my neighborhood. But that's probably okay since I'm, you know, broke and stuff.

Pikachew: adj. The act of eating a Pokemon-shaped cookie or other dessert.

Eia said...

ice cream truck...grumble grumble.... but it was so good...so yumble?

EzzaPie said...

u r great kristina i luv ur blogs and im not mad at alex i think u guys r sooo cute and great together and i hope ur relationship last forever. i was having a horrible day today and wen i got home i turned on my computer read ur blogs and watched my favorite videos of urs on YT it made me feel much better.
I really really really would luv 2 c ur band play live 1 day but unfortunatlly i live in Australia and i am 14 sooooo thats kinda not possible, is there a way i can get a pm badge and do u sell shirts?????? Keep up the awesome blogs

Maddy said...

Kristina, you have a wonderful writing style and I always look forward to reading your blog every day :)

blahdy-blah said...

Every morning for the month of April I've woken up and come straight to your blog to start of my day.

Thanks for writing blogs that manage to take me out of my life for a few minutes every morning.

P.S, My friend emailed you to try to get me a HatP tshirt and I just wanted to say thanks for trying!

Alyssa said...

I've been reading your blogs for a while but never comment - so here's a comment! you're awesome! i used to write in notebooks a lot too...maybe i'll start blogging...

quidditchs said...

I think I have been reading your blog since your first post, it seriously makes me smile, just the way you write and the way you see the world is lovely, so thanks for making my days always a little better and for also making me want to write more :D

Ariel said...

I was the one with the coscop word. =]

We should probably watch out at LeakyCon. Having black eyes wouldn't be very flattering at the ball, would it?

RebeccaInTheTARDIS said...

I love reading your blogs Kristina, and they inspired me to try writing one.
I'm not mad at Alex because he can choose what he does with his time, and he's still making videos. That's the main reason people know him, and he was popular before twitter, so what's the fuss about?

oh, and I love ice cream vans.

God's Rock Angel said...

I've been clearing out my wardrobe on and off for liek the last month lol I need to be more focused I think!