Monday, June 21, 2010

Tour, clothes, and more about my favorite security guard.

Stress for being about to leave for tour aside, I've been having an awesome week.

I'm a freak who loves organizing my life by to-do lists and being able to cross things off, one after another, and there has been plenty of that this week. I started packing for tour early so my floor is covered with all these different piles. There's the "electronics and cables" pile, the "travel sized funthings I bought at Target this week" pile, the "decide which books to bring because you can't bring seven, Kristina" pile, the "don't forget to bring me because you need me for your shows" pile, and then the pile of clothes I'm sorting through and deciding which to bring.

The problem with packing for a month is that you have to bring clothes you like enough not to get sick of them after a few weeks, but also not clothes you like SO much that you'll be disappointed if you ARE sick of them once you're home. I had this trouble in London last summer; I still feel a mild aversion to most of the clothes I had with me there because they were all I had to pick from for two whole months.

Then there's the trouble of having to decide what I want to wear to VidCon, or the Infinitus Ball, or to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, this far in advance.

I am such a girl. This is such a girly post. I am going to talk about something that's not clothes now.

So recently I made friends with Kaleb Nation (seriously the best name on the planet) from YouTube and he found out that I don't watch the Shaytards. And he said to me, "I can't believe you don't watch the Shaytards!"

So I subscribed. And it's only been about a week of following this wonderful family's lives but I am completely hooked. I honestly feel like I've been missing out on some huge YouTube family gathering of sorts. Like I'm a black sheep of the YouTube community because I don't already know everything about Shay and his wife and kids.

It feels weird in my house right now. PJ is moving out in a few days, which sucks because she's been my favorite female roommate thus far (aside from Eia obviously). After she's gone, Justin is actually going to be taking her old room and some new guy is going to move in downstairs. So everyone is packing this week.

Yesterday I went tubing down the Cedar River with a bunch of my friends, and the water level was higher than ususal, so I did a lot more arm-paddling than I anticipated. I'm sore in places I didn't even know could get sore, like my upper-side-ribcage area. There was one spot on the river where my tube got caught momentarily on a branch and the current knocked me into the absolutely freezing water -- my friends Colin and Justin had the pleasure of seeing it happen (because they were slightly ahead of me) and they said the look of pure shock on my face was one of the funniest things they'd ever seen. Jerks.

Anyway, it was a nice way to spend one of my last afternoons in Seattle. It's kind of funny. For the last four years, Seattle has felt more like a landing station, or like home base, than it ever really felt like home. The entire time I was in college I felt like the time I spent in Seattle was sort of just my down time between adventures - I never had that real connection I felt in high school, when I was working on musicals and sang in choir and all those things I used to do.

But things have been really great here lately. Seattle really does feel like home to me right now, and even though tour is going to be Amazing with a capital A, I am feeling a slight hesitance to leave all of the new friends I've made and opportunities I have in front of me.

Those things will still be here for me when I get home though, and this summer is going to be so great. VidCon, Infinitus, going to the Harry Potter theme park, spending all summer with my best friend, some of my favorite wizard rock people, checking a few more states off my list of places I've never been... I'm feeling super lucky right about now.

Today I felt really guilty - remember the adorable old man who works as the security guard at my bank? He now smiles super, super wide every time I go to deposit a check and says, "It's really great to see you again." That means he remembers me, and likes it when I stop in. I felt so bad, knowing it would be over a month until I'd be back, I actually told him today that I was leaving. He was opening the door for me on my way out and he goes, "See you soon! Always a pleasure!" ...and I couldn't just leave.

So I said, "I'm going away for a little while on a trip. I'll be back in a month though, I promise." I instantly felt dumb, like, "Hey security guard man, you wont get to open the door for me for a whole month, how will you survive?"

But he frowned a little and said, "Aww, that's a shame. Well, have a really great trip. I'll see you when you get back!"

I love him. It's strange, because all we've ever really said to each other are very generic standard pleasantries, but I think seeing each other every few weeks brightens his day as much as it brightens mine. The world is a weird place. I wonder if he has other favorite bank-goers. I hope so, he's a nice old man who deserves to be smiled at.

I'm going to try really hard to keep up with blogging while I am on tour. I am saying this here, right now, so that I feel guilty later when I'm on the road and the temptation is there to not blog about my experiences. Oh future Kristina, I will not allow you to be lazy!

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Washer Toss (and important life changing things).

This is the first post from the OtHeR SiDe!

Things have been busy since I graduated. Friday was my actual graduation ceremony, which was held in the atrium of my school's architecture building. It was so casual - I mean, that's what I get for only going to my departmental convocation and not the big student body graduation - I never even wore a cap and gown. But I'm okay with that.

We all dressed up, ate cake and drank wine, and listened to some of the CHID professors give speeches. Then they called up the 55 of us graduating from my department in some nondescript order, we got these little certificates and a CHID pint glass, shook hands with all of the professors from the department (though everyone was hugging the ones who'd made an impact in their time at UW - for me that was only 3 people) and then they read these little blurbs we'd written about ourselves a few weeks back. I don't know why, but I was so, so nervous as I waited in line to have them call my name, because I couldn't remember what I'd written about myself. I mean, I should have known I could trust myself to not embarrass myself in front of the few hundred people sitting in the audience, and that if I'd been given the task to sit down and pen something that would be read aloud while I stood helplessly on a stage, I wouldn't let myself down. But I was sweating. But I went up there, fingers crossed secretly behind my back, and one of my favorite professors Terry (a guy who looks like a black haired Sawyer from Lost) read from a sheet that I was a transfer student, enjoyed CHID because it let me be who I wanted to be, loved to travel and wanted to some day write young adult fiction, and was starting out my post-collegiate life touring with my band. Not bad, Kristina. Not bad.

And that was it.

I had my parents and my brother there, which was all I needed. It was a nice time. That night I went out to the bar with my friends, which was necessary. I had a really, really great night, and actually made a few new friends while I was out. My roommate Justin has this friend Millie he always talks about, and even though we've lived together for nearly 2 years, I'd never actually met the elusive Millie. But she came out with us and she was a lovely (real) person.
The only downside to meeting her is that it quashed my theory that Justin actually just has a lot of imaginary female friends he pretends to hang out with. Kind of disappointing actually; it was hilarious to imagine he was just sitting in his car for a few hours when he was "meeting Millie for lunch" or something. Haha. I'm a terrible person.

The next morning I went to the eye doctor, got some sweet new glasses, and then headed back to my parents' house for the graduation party they were throwing for me. I had such a good time at the party. It was a really nice mix of family, friends from high school, friends from the present, and people from my dad's work. My mom outdid herself (like usual) with a bunch of amazing food, people gave me presents (awesoooome) and my parents brought out this super funny game called "Washer Toss". The funny part is not the game itself - it's pretty much like horseshoes, only safer. The funny part is that it's called washer toss, and the point of the game is essentially that you're tossing washers at a goal on the opposite side. Cheap entertainment.

So anyway, we played that for most of the day. I was terrible when I was playing with my friends, but later on in the day after they'd all gone home and it was me and my dad against my uncle Dale and our family friend Carrie, I was doing pretty awesome. I doubt my friends will ever believe me.

I was really grateful that day for how many wonderful people I have in my life. I had relatives there from another state, people from my dad's work who really only know me through the things he's told them about me, and friends from high school I haven't seen in ages. Brittany was there too, which meant a lot to me. I'm proud to have finished college (and I got above a 3.0 too, so impressed with myself!) but I think I'm more proud to have such amazing friends and family.

Since then I've been trying to strike a balance between enjoying my now permanent state of "summer break" and also scrambling to get ready for tour. This means all day games days with friends on Sunday, three different trips to Target for various trip/packing items, spending hours rolling tshirts, and multiple movie parties in my brand new footie pajamas.

Also, I am trying to finish Avatar: The Last Airbender before I leave for tour because the movie comes out on July 2nd, which is during my time on the road. I only have the 92 minute series finale left and I am a little emotional about it.
I'm not really the type of person just to love something because it's popular or because my friends love it - I actually, legitimately have a really strong emotional attachment to this show and these characters. It's like, a complete fluke of nature that this show was aired on Nickelodeon and targeted toward kids -I've seen actual animé written for adults that have less substance than Avatar. I love it.

So as I am typing this I just got a phone call from Mike Lombardo, and upon answering I hear, (in a distinctly female voice) "KRISTIN HORNER!"
It was of course Hayley Hoover (who just can't let the malt liquor video go) asking me to do a hugely inconvenient, annoying, ridiculous favor for her. Typical. (I'm totally kidding).
Before she hung up she said (and I quote): "Tell your blog readers how I am great."

I have agreed to partake in way too many projects between now and when I leave for tour, which is a little concerning, but I guess I'm never the type to just take a week off. I can sleep when I'm dead. And hopefully these projects should be leading to some really awesome videos to post before tour, when it's possible I may be kind of MIA for a few weeks.

So things are good. Kristinaland is rich and thriving.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Last blog post as a college student.

This is my last blog entry as a college student.

Unless something goes terribly wrong between now and when grades are posted, everything written on here from now until the end of time will be written by a college grad. That feels kind of nice to think about.

That said, though, my roommate PJ and I are going absolutely insane about this final exam we have today. We have very, very different modes of studying. I keep rewriting my notes over and over, condensing them down as much as I can each time. I turned 11 pages into 7, and then turned those 7 into 5 last night. Now I have 5 pages of actual notes I can't compress anymore, and about 6 1/2 hours left to study them.

PJ's method is to constantly complain to me about how stupid this class is, and cheer every time she sees me not studying. I think her plan is to draw cats on the final. Luckily for her, she's a neurobio major with a fantastic GPA who doesn't really need this class to pass. I do.

Though, she's so frazzled that this morning when she was making her coffee and eggs, she poured her sweet and low on the eggs rather than in her mug. That was pretty hilarious.

Also, it doesn't help that yesterday was totally sunny t-shirt weather, and I'm looking out the window right now and it's just absolutely pouring outside. If that rain doesn't let up by the time we have to walk to school for our test, I'm going to be very, very upset.

A few hours have passed since I started typing this, and it has stopped raining. That is a good sign. I've perused my notes a bit more, but in my half-studying, I remembered a conversation I had with my friend Justin last night and wanted to share it with you:

Him: So I was looking at these vaporizers, which humidify the -
Me: Wait, so this isn't about a gun that turns people into vapor?
Him: …no.
Me: This story just got way less exciting.

I was trying to find ways to procrastinate studying this morning so I started playing little games with google search. I wanted to see how quickly different people came up when searching for their names.

For instance... You have to type in "Kristina H" for my full name to come up at all, but once you have "Kristina H", I am the 4th most searched Kristina H on Google.

I tried Luke Conard next.. You have to get to "Luke Co", and then he's the fourth one listed.

Next I went for Lauren Fairweather. I got to "Lauren F" and she was the 10th person listed.

For Alan Lastufka I had to type "Alan Las" but then he was 1, 5 and 10.

I tried Alex Carpenter and had to type "Alex Car" before he showed up as 9th.

I thought maybe this was because he has such a common name, but then I tried Alex Day, and he was the first person listed after typing "Alex D".

Jason Munday was 2nd after typing in "Jason Mun"

Hayley Hoover was 6th after just typing "Hayley H".

The most surprising one, I thought, was that Kayley Hyde was the 2nd person listed after just typing in "Kayley". I guess she wins. :)

So, I don't really know what this tells me. Maybe it's just an indication that my friends and I dominate Google searches, but I'm inclined to believe I should probably just get back to studying because this doesn't mean anything. It was just fun to play around with.

Now I have 4 1/2 more hours until my exam, and I am a nervous wreck, but I can't believe how soon it will all be over. This time tomorrow homework will only be a distant memory.

Wish me luck!

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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Jerry Springer vs. Clifford

A few days ago I went to the dentist, and as I have told you before, they have TVs in each of the rooms for patients to watch while getting their teeth cleaned. First I sat down and no one handed me the remote for a little while, and I started to get concerned they weren't going to let me utilize this great privilege this time.

But then finally, about 10 minutes into my checkup, the nurse says, "Oh do you want to watch TV?"

Oh, no, I'm great just staring here at your chin from a weird side angle, pretending you're not actually using a scrape-y thing to torture my gums. Of course I want to watch TV.

But then I faced my second challenge. Finding something good to watch on daytime television. Last time I went to the dentist, I lucked out, because the Price is Right was on, and it took up pretty much the majority of the time I was sitting in the dentist's chair. But at 11 o'clock in the morning on a Wednesday? Nothing is on. Nothing.

Finally, I stumbled on two channels that weren't showing the news or religious speakers. Clifford the Big Red Dog and Jerry Springer.

Now, I don't know about you guys, but given those options, I would watch Clifford any day. But for some reason, sitting in that chair, my nurse and dentist hovering over me, being 22 years old… I just couldn't do it. I felt like they would judge me so much. THEY didn't know there was nothing else on. They would just think this 22 year old girl, out of a whole range of channels, chose to watch Clifford. After talking to them at the reception desk about almost being through with college.

So I watched Jerry Springer. I'm ashamed to admit it. And I am only telling you this (because its embarrassing) because I want you to walk away with the take-home message here. If I could go back and do it again (which I cant, because as of Wednesday when I graduate I no longer have health insurance; thanks America) I would watch Clifford. Because whatever! I'll watch what I want! Even if it makes my dentist think I am some underdeveloped child-girl who still enjoys shouting "no, Clifford, Emily Elizabeth went over there!" at the TV, then so be it. It's better than watching Jerry Springer. Because now my dentist probably thinks I have a dysfunctional relationship and an anger problem. Or something.

Speaking of health insurance, I have been cramming as many doctor appointments in before graduation as I possibly can. Today I am going to see the eye doctor, and hopefully get new glasses, because I've had the same pair for 7-8 years. I have no idea about anything intelligent concerning insurance after I graduate, so that's another scary thing on my plate as soon as they hand me my diploma. Also paying off student loans, thinking about money… why was I excited to graduate again?

This weekend feels like the calm before the storm. Friday was my very last day of classes (maybe ever) and next Wednesday I have my only final exam. I still need to write an artist's statement to my thesis and turn that in, and then I am essentially finished. I'm not sure how it feels yet, really. This quarter has been so odd ( doing one off-campus internship, and a thesis class that met infrequently, as well as my cinema class I hated and didn't go to a lot) so I don't feel like "being done with school" is really going to sink in for awhile. Maybe not even until next fall when I don't have to go back.

I'm excited. And nervous. Tour always felt so far away because I had to "graduate first", and that's a huge unwieldy obstacle to stand in the way of other plans. But now it's only about three weeks away, and I feel like I still have so much to do.

Oh by the way, camping last weekend was a blast, and I'm working on a video about the experience (though slowly, since my to-do list this week is just absurd).

It felt good to update this blog today. I really need to keep writing during these crazy times. I know I'll just regret it later if I don't.

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