Sunday, April 12, 2009

Day 12: Ahhhhh.


Basically if I were to write a full blog today, it would be a lot of complaining and whining about school and money and parents and jobs and stress.
And since I am no longer 17, I don't want to do that.

I will just be thankful that I don't have to throw "boys" into that mix anymore. Fortunately, that's the only avenue of my life in which things are JUST GRAND, thanks. (No seriously. I'm too grumpy to figure out how to not make everything I say sound sarcastic, but truthfully, Alex is good and keeps me sane.)

I will share funny anecdotes and then I will leave and come back tomorrow when I don't want to STAB PEOPLE.

Anecdote #1:
On a previous blog post, Allison asks in regard to my food log for class:
"Do you log the humans whose brains you eat? :) "
This made me LOL. I don't think that would make for a very educational analysis, although it's much more entertaining than the special K cereal and chicken burgers I have logged now.

Anecdote #2:
We have a youth discount for people under 21 at the theatre, and this girl who looked like she was toe-ing the line bought tickets this afternoon. So I asked her, "Are you under 21?"
She gets this extremely disappointed look on her face and says seriously, "Aww shoot. I used to be."
Yes honey. Everyone used to be.

And yesssssss yesterday I hankroll'd a whole bunch of you. lolol.

One of my coworkers, John, just brought me a Jamba in one of the secret flavors, and now he's talking about "Tigers in Space: the Rock Opera" which I THINK is a show he's writing himself but I'm not sure because I am only half listening as I type this up.

Also, to clarify, I wouldn't actually stab anyone. D:

Today's Word: Peprot
Term used to describe those overly happy or peppy individuals that are moving into old age. -muse88
(This word is just insensitive and horrible. And thus, I love it.)

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Jess said...

Peepatosise: an illness one gets after eating too many Peeps

christina said...

ingitti: the repulsion and utter disgust one feels after hearing the term "giggity giggity" used in conversation.

lalalaamichelle said...

Calmons: California Salmon. Usually slightly burnt from excess sun, but still moderately tasty.

VicMorrowsGhost said...

"I wouldn't actually stab anyone"
Just cut them with your razor sharp wit.

Comiale: Russian beer.

muse88 said...

AH! You chose my word! I don't know why i feel so happy about this LOL!! But I have been sick all weekend and this has literally added some interest to my otherwise boring existence right now!
I am actually a nice mood is just rotten right now and that was the first thing that came into my head

Puncid -

the kind of joke that leaves a bad taste in your mouth

Name: Moo said...

Burbur: a chilly Barbar

the_who_ru said...

Patedati: the third person indicative form of the verb 'patedatus', meaning to date paté.
> Is he watching Eastenders tonight?
> No, he patedati tonight.

Yeah, I came up with the context on the spot, which is why it doesn't quite work. :/

hayleyghoover said...

<3333 Me too.

TommyKay said...

May technically be april 13th now, but I'm having a grumpy day too. It oddly makes me feel better to know people across the Atlantic also want to stab people. Hope your Monday is going better.

To Flump: trying desperately to think up an original and witty word for Kristina's blog, but failing miserably, resulting in your brain turning into flump, the very best kind of marshmallow.

Ex: I spent 20 minutes sat here trying to think of a word, but just ended up flumping.

Nicholas said...

Sorry that you had a grumpy day :(

Maybe it will make you feel a wee bit better when i tell you that I click on the ads in your blog to help you finance your trips this summer (which btw sound amazing).
Chin up :)

Comment check word: syllites, which is obviously the situation when people mumble so much, they wrinkle their syllables into words that noone can possible understand.

Katy said...

I think I may actually have to use "peprot."