Monday, April 13, 2009

Day 13: Fry Bread.

Things to do today:
1. Laundry (hate it)
2. Write 2-3 page paper on Rousseau and Bacon I've been putting off since Friday
3. Record vocals for 3 songs

My day wouldn't be so bad if two of those three things weren't so terrible.

I have become so dependent on my email, I've realized, that if I dont get a new email in over an hour, I literally start to worry that there is something wrong with gmail and that it's not working. I haven't even gotten SPAM. IS THE INTERNET BROKEN?

Okay I'll admit it; I'm in my geography/food class right now and my teacher just said something funny that I am going to share: "Fry bread is a lot like sex. When it's good, it's really good. When it's bad... well it's still pretty good."
(We're talking about the food culture of Pima indians over time or something.)
Haha, now she's talking about how the English rejected the potato in the 16th century, saying it was a food fit only for "an irish man or a clown".
Why were you guys so mean to the poor little potato?

Today I asked for questions on twitter and I am going to answer some of them now.
I'm not sure why this happened, but at least 50% of the questions were about Harry Potter. Alright then, if that's what you want to know...

Q. Favorite Harry Potter character?
A. Draco, hands down. This is a life commitment favorite character type thing. Not many people know this about me, but before there was wizard rock, there was fanfiction (at least in my life). I was as into fanfiction as much I am in YouTube these days, but the point is, I had these two close online friends I met on (Crystal and Daniela, aw, geeze I miss them) and we bonded over attempting to rewrite THE ENTIRE SERIES in Draco's POV. Wow. Yeah, that never happened. But we did spend 2-3 years planning it. xD

Q. Are you going to 789? Any of the other 5ags?
A. I am not going to 789, no. Sorry. But, I AM going to the NW Portland gathering in June and I am going to Summer in the City. I have no idea what the other 5AG's plans are. :)

Q. What are you studying when you come to summer school in the UK?
A. I am studying Race and Health, but it's also an "Exploration Seminar" so it's a lot about just going and having a cultural experience and taking field trips and things. Although, eh hem, I kind of plan on sneaking away from my group now and then and having my own "cultural experiences" with the friends I already have over there. ;)

Q. What was the most similar fandom experience you had to Harry Potter before Harry Potter?
A. I've never really had a similar FANDOM experience, but the theatre program at my highschool was the closest comparable experience I have had to the tight-knit community that is Harry Potter. As for fandoms - Anime fanfiction is actually what got me into Harry Potter fanfiction, which is what got me into this fandom.

Q. My other harry potter friends make fun of me cause I'm a slytherin, what should I do to stop them?
A. Well, you're a clever witch/wizard... and since you're a Slytherin, you have little regard for the "no magic when not at school" rule. CURSE THEM.

Q. If you had to describe yourself in 3 words what would they be?

Q. How you coping with Alex being dead and what not?
A. Yeah I really wish present!Alex was smart enough not to tell past!Alex to kill himself.. but I did decide to date Nerimon. This is what I signed up for, I guess. xD

Q. Who is your favorite Pokemon and why?
A. It's always been a tie between Flareon and Dragonair. Why? I've always been about the cute ones. Hehe. HEY. At least I didn't say Clefairy (I like Clefairy too).


Today's Word: Quebef
Slang. The common response to accusations of stolen beef-based foods.
"Did you take my hamburger?" "Quebef?" "Okay, well now I know you did it." -John

Status on the Office: Season 4, Episode 5

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the_who_ru said...

Woah, you're rocketing through The Office DVDs. I don't know how you do that and balance your time with studying and making 5AG vids and your own vids, and everything else that life leaves you to deal with on your own. Please tell me your methods of coping, as I will hopefully be going to uni in September, and will need as much advice as I can get!

Nicholas said...

I have been thinking of going to Summer in the City... but it might be a bit weird because I only know some of the UK tubers a bit and only Charlie(skies) well.

I'd probably only stand somewhere and be my awkward self. Might do it anyway ;)

lovethetube said...

woo you answered my summer school question :)

Have a good day!!!!!!! :D

Olivia said...

Hi Kristina,

I don't know if you in fact read these comments but if you do, and you have time, could you please maybe take a look at my blog. I'll add the link, I just wanted you to know, you continue to inspire me everyday.

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Anonymous said...

Love today's word of the day.

hayleyghoover said...

Let's talk on the phone about our world domination plans for ten hours every day. Agreed?

Elly said...

Oh manss I totally get the fanfiction thing. I don't really have a grasp on what the YouTube community is like (having never made a video), but fanfiction communities are so tightknit :) it's such a rite of passage nowadays!

Jessie said...

I LOVE fry bread. Freshman year my roommate was Cherokee and we used to make it all the time with chili (and then put any sort of topping you want on top: sour cream, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes etc). Makes me miss her

Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering my question (it was the fandom one). ^_^


the way of sewing a cosplay costume in the sailor moon style

i.e. "I don't know why I asked her to make me Princess Leia outfit, she only knows how to sowitsm and I ended up looking like a combination of Sailor Venus and Sailor Starfighter!"

I'm really, really tired. Can you tell?

Jordiekins said...

chessho: A girl who plays chess with several different guys for money. or the other way around, if you prefer.

Joey said...

If you and hayley are taking over the world, how do we ensure we're not harmed? Will there be harming?

The Kraylornver Era- When Hayley and you succeed in your plans for world domination.

Jordon said...

It's nearly Tuesday already. Oh well. I'm not terribly familiar with Bacon, but which Rousseau were you reading (hopefully not all of his Discourses)? I had an entire class on the 2nd Discourse and read bits of Reveries.

Sillibub said...

Oh yay! You answered my Pokemon question and your answer even made me laugh. :) (I'm a Jigglypuff fan myself so I don't blame you for liking cute.)

VicMorrowsGhost said...

Bacon, is delicious.*
That's all you really need to say. :D

*Yes I know it's actually about the person not the food. Kevin is a great actor.**

**Yes I know, again.

Crika: A chair designed to give you a pain in the neck.

whatzedeuce said...

"Write 2-3 page paper on Rousseau and Bacon I've been putting off since Friday"

I see your 2-3 page paper and raise you ~129 pages of AP US History readings, review questions, and AVMSings I was supposed to do over Spring Break.

Procrastination makes the world go 'round!

Elly said...

In the spirit of upping work level, I see your 2-3 page paper, and raise you set, lighting, sound and costume design for A Doll's House, a how-to DVD on prosthetics, a presentation for a new live sound system, a marketing pitch, a production report and a funding application to the Arts Council England, by the end of May :(

Anonymous said...

I have the same reaction to e-mail! Except for me, it's been a day. A DAY. What is wrong with the internet??
I also get paranoid if I go an hour without a facebook notification. Seriously, I start to believe all my friends secretly hate me and are conspiring together to cut me off from the world. Which is stupid, because my friends are awesome people. I just have paranoia.

Anonymous said...

Also coming back and adding on several hours later, I see your 2-3 page paper and raise you learning two years worth of work in 11 subjects for 22 of the most important exams I've ever taken, doing an a4 page for my yearbook, organising superlatives for the yearbook, successfully setting up my new collab channel and watching about a bajillion episodes of Lost and Heroes before my mum deletes them. In the next 3 days.

John said...

Kristina thats so cool what you do in college I do Nutraceuticals for Health and Nutrition (similarish...

PS Your blogs help me cope with work

Anonymous said...

If taking over the world you do need safe zones.
Scott Sigler, for example, has marked Denny's as the places the tanks will roll pass.

I did laugh at dating the now/always-been dead Nerimon.

The English comment on potatoes only being good for the Irish.
This is a long standing discord between the peoples of the UK.
One example is Sean Connery's stand on Scotland's freedom from the UK.
Another is the movie "Doomsday," which you would not like, but takes everything that is good about "Mad Max" and "The Warriors" puts it into the UK social standings.
"Hey, England just built a wall sealing off the Scottish plague victims from themselves. How typical!"

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