Wednesday, April 1, 2009

BEDA: Day 1

Today is April 1st and while that means things like youtube being upside down, Alex pretending he and I took over vloglovers, and my mom and brother playing horribly mean tricks on my dad, it also means that it is Day 1 of Blog Every Day in April.

While many like Alex, whataboutadam, and others I am forgetting are polishing their webcams and .. other video-like things, I am instead cracking my knuckles and traveling deep within the realms of my mind to think of what sorts of things to blog about. I'm going to be keeping up with the things Maureen Johnson and similarly Alex are discussing so sometimes I think I will join in the discussions they bring to the table, but other times I'm sure I'll just carry on with this blog as normal.

Today's story:
My little brother just called me to inform me of the prank he and my mom are playing on my dad. Apparently they have driven his truck down the street to a nearby grocery store, and when he gets home from work, they're just going to let him think it was stolen and play along.
Knowing my dad, I dont think he's going to think this is very funny, hahaha, but they seem very excited about the idea.
I'm at work so I can't partake in the fun, but Nick promised to call me and give me a recap afterwards.

I spent my morning scrambling around to get my Ford Fiesta contracts and paperwork in on time and I am so excited for all of this. I get to go to a training session at the start of May (hotel included!) and when reading the fine print, I think they are also giving me a Sony Webbie Digital camera? All I have ever wanted in life is a camera with a flip-around screen, and today the heavens opened up and said "Sure, here. Have one. On us."

Here is the aformentioned vloglovers video:

Is it wrong of me to really, REALLY like seeing us in that itro? xD

BEDA, day one, down. Off to a good start?


LittleRadge said...

Next time you're online, I'll send you the intro <3

lalalaamichelle said...

It's not wrong to really love the intro. I loved it, too, which is slightly more wrong, as I don't personally know either of you.

Raven Zoe said...

yep :)

Elle said...

You are most definitely allowed to love the intro. Honestly, it was adorable. More adorable than Hayley and conditioner, and that's saying something. :]

sarahlynch said...

Kristina + Alex = Kristinalex/Power Couple/What is a power couple?
Uh, yeah...

Dana Vlahos. said...

It's not wrong at all. It's cute, really. :] Coming from a freshman, that sounds rather odd, haha. But you two are quite lovely ^-^. Congrats on the Ford contest, look forward to hearing from you again tommorow!

Emzi said...

I have to say that I did almost believe the vloglovers-thing. And then I laughed.

And the intro is cool so it's okay to like it. :)

superrsharon said...

i'm doing BEDA as well! well im gooing to try atleast =/
i'm new to blogging on here so lets see how it goes =]