Thursday, April 23, 2009

Day 23: Corn is EVERYWHERE.

There is something very rewarding in knowing that because you happened to mention Doctor Who at work, your manager proceeded to watch nearly the entire first season on her sick day and now you can discuss the episodes at work.
This is the same manager I have weekly Lost discussions with. My job is fun. :)

I have been putting off recording the flute part for one of the last Parselmouths songs we have to record stuff for. I should just buckle down and do it but I feel out of practice and scared that it's not going to sound great and therefore I just haven't done it. Tomorrow I will need to tell you whether or not it's done yet, and please be disappointed in me if I didn't do it.

Liz is coming over tonight so we can wake up early tomorrow and take the new tshirt design to the screen printer.

Oh great, I was going to write this entry in class but now we're watching a movie and it has study questions. That's annoying. I haven't needed to answer questions while watching a movie in class since high school. Looking over the questions, it appears to be about Iowa corn farmers.
I am now preparing myself for an enthralling 50 minutes.

Okay. I spoke too soon. The video was about these two guys who moved to Iowa after college to plant a one acre plot of corn (lol) and see what happened and to learn about corn in general because if you weren't aware, corn is in pretty much everything. There are about 45,000 products in an average grocery store in America and corn is in at least a quarter of those. Tortillas and salsa, yes, but also carbonated drinks, mayonnaise, hot dogs, frosting; even in nonfoods like garbage bags, diapers, batteries, and so on. There is corn in our HAIR. Just from how much we intake.
Most corn that is harvested isn't even edible to humans; it's turned into feed and fed to cows, which is horrible for them as they are not meant to be on all corn diet. And then they keep them solitary so they gain weight faster, and literally slaughter them before they get too sick from the crappy corn diet.
The corn that isn't used to feed cows is used to process all the aforementioned foods that don't sound like they should have corn in them. Like frosting. Don't try to tell your mom you're getting your veggie intake through birthday cake; that's not what that means. xD

I love these weird life discovery stories, so I was enjoying the movie. Although I get a little bit more depressed about the state of the American economy and business/money aspect of EVERYTHING each time I find myself uncovering new hidden truths about this world we live in.

My dad grew up on a farm, anyway, milking cows and collecting chicken eggs and bailing hay in North Dakota, so stories like this are important to me. My heart goes out to the modern farmer.

Okay, in not weird food economic news, um...... no, corn is all I have today. Bye!

Today's Word: Bacqua
Backwashed water... Ew. -Jordiekins
(Okay I was saving that word for days because 1. IT IS SO FUNNY and 2. Jordiekins is literally the best at this game and always wins so I was holding out for awhile)

Doctor Who: Season 3, Episode 2
The Office: Season 5, Episode 10

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the_who_ru said...

Wircus: a virus normally contracted by circus people. Ok, maybe I'm not too good at this.

Oh, and thanks for the tip on getting Dailybooth into a blog. Just trying to work out what goes where now. xD

kkupcake said...

the act of recording answers to questions on a movie about corn.
"I'll be passing out papers when the movie starts, so get ready to start recorning."

Margaret said...

the cheese left on ones fingers after eating a cheesy food product. (i.e. Cheetos)

Catherine said...

jordiekins puts us all to shame. My words are pretty lame and I'm done with them now. If I look at the captcha and think of something clever and witty I'll respond, but I am through refreshing my page until I get one I like.

Anyways, I never thought corn could be interesting.

Nicholas said...

I guess we eat wheat here like you eat corn...

sparkletasia said...

Kristina, I just wanted to say ho much I enjoy reading your blog. It's one of the ones I look forward to the most.

Just thought I'd tell you that.
Hannah :)

muse88 said...

Shoun - a person, place or thing said in quietly or in hushed voice

Kristina, I've been reading your blog now a good few months and it's so interesting! I think it's awesome that you aren't the kind of person who would be completely down on a film about corn but really see's the cool side to something like that =)

Jordiekins said...

Abewax: Have you ever wondered why pennies are so shiny? XD

Oh, and you have literally made my month enjoyable. *hugs*

AND DOCTOR WHO! I can't wait 'til you get through season four, then we'll all see who the BEST companion is.

Kristi said...

Have you read the Omnivore's Dilemma? It talks a lot about corn and how humans genetically alter food.

lanna-lovely said...

One of those really big, bright, sunny smiles that are highly contagious.
E.g. "His smile was such a sunnar, I just *had* to smile back, you know?"

TessaBessa said...

I've been a fan of you for...two years now. And now since I've seen the bunch of you 5AGs having blogspots too, that just fills up a whole chunk of my time. You guys waste my day. But that's okay, cause I love hearing your thoughts. Keep it up!

lanna-lovely said...

Okay... I couldn't not mention the next word verification:

Mooffle -
When someone is being a total cow.
Girl 1: "Did you see Gossip Girl last night?"
Girl 2: "Yeah, Blair was being so mooffle!"
Girl 1: "I know, right? But she's still a bit awesome."

Actually, I just asked my best friend to define the same word - hers is better:
"Moofle... The process in which a cow is surgically attached to a waffle"

hayleyghoover said...

Boamer: That negative feeling after you're attacked by a boa constrictor.

Melody said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Melody said...

afern - a fern.

Katy said...

Corn FYI: nearly all of corn that we eat is a clone and has probably been cloned. There just aren't enough corn seeds in the world to compensate for all of the things we use it for. :P

falletron said...

I remember being pretty appalled in Hank's veggie corn dog video when he said that practically all the corn/crops grown in the US goes towards feeding livestock. I was not aware just how many products corn was in, though! That's pretty...interesting. For lack of a better word.

Tonerda: Lord High Queen of the office supply nerdfighters, who ensures that all copy machines are well stocked with toner.

janitorbud said...

one of my friends lives on a farm =P
about your flute skillz: you can doo itttt
the movie actually does sound interesting.

Joy said...

Just get your flute out and play it :o) I'm pretty sure it won't be as bad as you expect... it's amazing what we remember, even if we haven't used that skill for a while!

But I know the feeling... there's a few things I've been putting off because I'm a bit apprehensive!

Lou said...

parafant - one of those sports fans who gets SO ANGRY when their team doesn't win and usually turns off the television when the other team scores. you know the type.

[morgan.] said...

I live in Iowa. (Which is the same state MoM is from! Yeah!) And I live next to a cornfield. And a cow pasture, haha.

Gabby R said...

Was the movie called King Corn or something along those lines? If so, I definitely watched that in PE last year.I, too, was surprised at how fascinating/disturbing it was.

VicMorrowsGhost said...

I've been away for a couple of days. I forgot people were doing BEDA. So many blogs! I just read four of your updates in a row. I'm kinda annoyed I have to wait until tomorrow for the next one. It's like reading a good book but you're only given one page a day.

Gramaul - To be savagely told off for using bad grammar.

"Wow, Hayley gramauled that that commenter."

inkstainedpages said...

Hey, I'm from Iowa! Yay for corn farmers! :)

Squine: squealing pigs.
E.g. Iowa farmer: "We have so much squine around here, I can barely hear myself think!"

Redcabbageispurple said...

mutor- (pronounced mew-tor)
A tutor of the miming arts

kaitlin said...

poloppi- 1. the phonetic plural of plop "If you throw all the rocks in the pond at once, there will be lots of little polopppi." 2. overly preppy people who feel the need to constantly pop the collars of their polos."That frat has so many poloppi."

Kathy S said...

So my computer was being weird, and I accidentally clicked on this old post instead of the new one...but I totally saw that documentary in my bio class in college. haha