Saturday, April 25, 2009

Day 25: Beeping Torture.

Well this day is off to a great start.

I literally had one hour to write this pretty complicated paper on theory because the rest of my day is full and busy, and Eia's alarm wont stop beeping. Loudly. Right across the wall. I don't even think she's home to turn it off.

NO ONE can write an intelligent paper on Gadamer and Althusser at 8 in the morning with a constant BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP happening 5 feet from them. I just sent Eia a text message telling her how much I hate her and thanking her (rather passive aggressively) for the Chinese Beeping Torture.

I can't even write this blog post! I keep staring off into space because my brain can't focus on anything beyond hating the world for this incredibly unfortunate situation the world has presented me with this morning.

I have 20 minutes now, to write this paper. I need ear plugs. Noise cancelling headphones. A jackhammer, to break into Eia's UNECESSARILY LOCKED DOOR, and then I need a mallet to DESTROY the alarm clock.

I am so annoyed that I'm not even doing a word of the day today. NO FANCY BLOG THINGS FOR ANYONE, WE MUST ALL SUFFER TOGETHER.


Update: An hour and 53 minutes later... still beeping.


hayleyghoover said...

I didn't do my fancy blog things yesterday, either. Because I was intoxicated.

Emzi said...

That must really have been a lot of torture. :(

hfm said...

I can totally sympathise with you, my room mate used to ALWAYS put her alarm clock set to beep at 3am on random nights for NO reason whatsoever.Grrr.

Your tag: I AM GOING TO KILL HER reminds me of Siko's song :)

I hope she comes back quickly.

Cody Hotel said...

Just go to the breaker box in your house and turn off the power in her room, there should be a list saying which switch to throw.

Catherine said...

What you need to do is hide an alarm clock in her room and set it to go off at an obscene hour during the night. But on a night you won't be there or are planning on being up late. Perfect retaliation because it's not so bad that she would feel the need to retaliate, but just bad enough to get her back.

Steve said...

would the jackhammer not suffice to destroy the clock too, or is the mallet strictly necessary?

appropriate new word, Tortularm: Torturing someone to insanity by means of an inaccessible alarm

sushixpack said...

Oh well that's just a bucket of unfortunate. Write death threats on little slips of paper and put them under her door.

Nathalie said... brother usually lets his stereo programed to blast music at the highest volume at 7 in the morning when he sleeps that's how I wake up in weekends...sometimes I feel like breaking the damn thing...but now I just turn the volume button down to mute everytime i pass by his room....that annoys him a lot, which is good.

InsaneSarahChan said...

Take her alarm clock away from her when she finally gets home. Leave in it's place a little note saying "You'll get this back when you learn to use this properly."

Which, of course I guess she can't if she doesn't have one.

Doesn't everyone use their cellphone alarms now-a-days anyway?

janitorbud said...

i hope you figure out a way to finish/she gets home soon.
or. i hope you figured out a way to finish/she got home soon after this blog.
idk whether or not to talk in past or present...

Erica said...

Go to the basement and flip the power. It resets the clock and alarm goes off.

VicMorrowsGhost said...

Just wait until she's turned off the alarm before you kill her or you'll be stuck with the beeping FOREVER!

SCREIA!: The sound someone makes after listening to beeping for two hours.

Lauren said...

ahh that sucks :P
weird question however.. you know that daily booth thing you have down the side? HOW THE HELL do i get that on my blogger? i must be some sort of imbosile..

the_who_ru said...

Break into her room through the window. :)

Bianca23 said...

That must have been hell for you! My mother does that too sometimes, she forgets to turn off the alarm when she doesn't need to go to work the next morning and then that annoying beeping alarm goes off at 5AM! So I totally know what you mean. I hope you've written your paper anyway, somehow.

Btw, I dreamt about you last night. I was being chased by a guy (don't know why, he just chased me) and I ran into a house, up the stairs and then I was in your room. We talked and then I stayed with you until the creepy guy was gone. Yeah, I know...this sounds kinda stalkerish/creepy.

tiannaweasley said...

I would go crazy. I'm so glad I'm pretty much an only child and home alone most of the time, hahaha.

oh and, the word verification thingy
Lationat = National Latin exams

The Vagabond said...

I have a suggestion. This is something my roommate and I did to our CA this year. We bought a wireless doorbell at wal-mart which isn't very expensive. Then my roommate called her down to the room knowing that she would leave her door cracked, leaving me to sneak into her room and hide the chime part of the doorbell. We just ring it whenever we feel like. It's important not to ring it too often though so that she doesn't become wise to where it's hidden.

Or, if stealing her alarm clock suits your fancy then I found these handy fill-in-the-blank ransom notes at Target in the dollar bin. They're quite funny. They read. I have _______. Please leave ______ by the ________ if you ever want to see ______ again.
Master of the seven seas.

I find they're quite useful. ; ) Have fun!