Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day 30: The end!

It's officially the last day of BEDA but I'm really not too concerned. We've built this beautiful little blogging community and I would be very surprised if anyone was going anywhere any time soon. My google reader tab is one of my most frequently checked and I know I'll continue reading blogs. I hope you continue reading mine. :)

In the last few days I watched a video Wheezywaiter made and read a blog michaelaranda posted at their respective Chicago and LA fiesta training sessions, and it looks like loads of fun. I am really really excited for mine and I know I'll have all sorts of great things to tell you about it after it's all over.

I am feeling REALLY anxious today. It's Thursday. I have one class today. We're on the psychoanalysis week of my theory class, and I took an entire class on Freud in the fall so it's a lot of repeat. Tonight is laundry night. I'll probably clean my room. Then I'll probably pace circle on the floor in my bedroom because I am SO EXCITED for the things happening to me shortly.

Tomorrow at 4:00 is the start of the Fiesta weekend, and then Alex gets here MONDAY.
To bridge the gap between the two, Eia and I might take a trip up to the Skagit Valley tulip fields on Sunday if we have time. I LOVE going to to the Tulip fields. Imagine just acres and acres of beautiful colorful glorious tulips. :D

I also have a midterm paper to write at some point this weekend so we'll see how that goes.

We're wrapping things up on the Parselmouths album as well, so that's really exciting. I still kind of feel like the amount of things I have taken on this year are flying around my head like some big huge out of control tornado, but things will fall into place. I mean I hope so. They always tend to.

One of the biggest things stressing me out is also super exciting news, though.
DFTBA is going to start a publishing branch of their distribution label and they want mine and Alex's novels to be their launch titles.
This means my book will be published and available to the public probably by late August/early Sepetember.
While exciting, this is also terrifying, because that means I need to be FINISHED editing before that date, and adding that to the long list of things I've already signed up for in the next few months... *panics*

But I'm going to do it. It's been a dream of mine to have people read my writing since I was old enough to read my first Babysitter's Club Little Sister book when I was like 7. Oh Karen Brewer. How inspirational you were.

On that note, I will conclude my 30th and final BEDA post. Thank you for a wonderful and inspiring month, everyone. Honestly, all the comments that many of you left telling me how much you enjoy my writing was that extra push I needed in the right direction to agree to publishing a book through DFTBA. You may think I don't have time to read my comments of that your opinion doesn't matter, but it really, really does. Because of a handful of you, you've given me the courage to put my writing out there. I'm grateful.

Here is the last BEDA word! (What was I calling it? SINWEEDA? I dont even remember what that means. xD) I'm going to be lame and pick one I thought of because I never have before. IT'S MY BLOG I CAN DO WHAT I WANT.

Today's Word: Nounjective.
To use a noun as if it were an adjective. -ME
Ex. Girl 1 walks in wearing a book on her head.
Girl 2: "That hat is so book."
Girl 1: "Thank you!"

Runners up (words I have been holding on to that didn't quite make the cut):

FTM (for the meh)*: used for situations that are neither FTW nor FTL, just kinda "blah". -Sean (credit goes to easavoy)

Flump: trying desperately to think up an original and witty word for Kristina's blog, but failing miserably, resulting in your brain turning into flump.
Ex: I spent 20 minutes sat here trying to think of a word, but just ended up flumping. -tommykay

Doctow Who: Season 3, Episode 7
Days until Alex gets here: 4

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Nicholas said...

BEDA was a glorious journey and of course I will continue reading your blog (and all the others). It's exciting to see that your books will be published (I think DFTBA records/publishing is an amazing idea).

Take a pictures of the tulips for me :)

aimée-louise said...

well done love :]
don't be a stranger now, aha.

looking forward to more vlogs/blogs from your talented, wonderful self.

take care

AlanDistro said...

So sad knowing this is the end. But, I think I'm going to carry over into May. It's been a lot of fun reading everyone.. I too hope others continue.

x0brittx0 said...


0_0 i couldn't help myself.

RebeccaInTheTARDIS said...

I'm so glad you did BEDA, because I never took much notice of blogs until now, and now I've been reading a lot more blogs.
And well done on getting your book published! xD

farawayfrmclose said...

Thank YOU for this wonderful month! I enjoyed reading your blog and will continue doing it so :)

The Vagabond said...

I wish there were 31 days in April. Actually I wish that there were a lot more than that. I'm sad that this is the last BEDA I'll get to read of yours.

You probably hear this everyday for every blog you post, but this has truly been the highlight of every day this month for me. I check your blogspot at least 8 times a day and then when I finally see it up I try and wait as long as I can to read it so that I still have something to look forward to. I never make that long. I usually cave within the first five minutes. Haha. Luckily for me you are very good with sticking with things even when they're over. 5AG for example (not that it's really over). You don't have to post every week anymore, but you still rarely miss a week. That makes me happy and I still look forward to reading your blogs after this one. Reading them everyday has inspired me to start one!

Have a wonderful last day of April and a wonderful month of May!

Sarah said...

BEDA was fun! It was always cool to see your blogs because you've always got interesting things to talk about.

And as for publishing your book--that's awesome! That's really really cool, and it's an amazing idea. Good luck :D

Bianca23 said...

I will definately continue reading your blogs, because they're really good and always interesting. Because of BEDA, I discovered blogs and they've become some sort of highlight of the day. When I wake up, one of the first things on my mind is: new blog from Kristina or Hayley! Yeah, I'm obsessed, I admit it.

Great that you're book will be published! I would love to read it.

euphonious said...

I'm glad BEDA happened, because otherwise, I wouldn't have stumbled across your blog. Now, I look at my google reader a couple times a day to see if you've updated, because you're friggin' awesome at blogging. Always entertaining.

Super exciting book news for Alex and yourself, too!

Hope the fiesta training goes well, and that Alex arrives safely!

[and just for nostalgia's sake, the captcha is "denin," and I think that it is a descriptor for Lenin wearing jeans.]

Leesa said...

I have been blogging for a few years, and I did notice a small ripple of younger bloggers. It seems that blogging that I have noticed concerns mommy blogs or political blogs and such.

Lucy said...

You're made of awesome! I would just like to say that I am now seriously considering starting to vlog and try to get to HP cons, etc. whereas before it was like "Yeah, i'll totally do that...absolutely..." Lucy, FTM! Also, thank you swine flu scare, or I would have never had the time to read all of your BEDA posts in one sitting. I also just noticed how grammatically correct everyone's comments are, which I think is an important Nerdfighter trait. I might be delusional. This turned out way more spastic than it was supposed to be...

Emily said...

Oh, that's so totally cool! I really want to read your book, so it's super exciting DFTBA is going to be publishing it!

And by the way, ALL CAPS has become my new favorite band, just so you know. My sister and I ordered your album about three hours after I heard about it's existence. It would have been earlier, but we didn't have any money. :D Anyway, just thought I'd tell you. The songs are AMAZING and you both are extremely talented. I also made one of my friends listen to you and now she's in love with ALL CAPS as well. :D

Keep being awesome!

strucksel said...

Haha, I love FTM.

the_who_ru said...

I'll definitely buy your book when it's out. :) Looking forward to it already. Any idea how long publication will take?

Anywho, I'm going to be carrying on reading your blog because, apart from anything else, I think you're infinitely cool and always have something interesting to say. *stops fangirling*

Sarah Arant said...

Yes, please keep blogging. I think my soul would die a little bit if I didn't have your blog to read every day. No kidding. It's in the top 5 sites I check when I get online. I got through a list of sites every day and your blog is always on it.

Leah said...

You're going to be published?! That's INCREDIBLE. Congrats!

seurat2 said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your month of blogging, it was fun to read you on a regular basis and wonderful to hear that you're going to continue. Congrats on the book, just the fact that DFTBA wants to publish it is a huge compliment. Take some video of you and Eia in the tulips!

Tenley Nadine said...

I am so excited about DFTBA started a publishing branch and I'm not even getting published. But anyways, I will definatly buy your book when it comes out.

Have fun over your amazingly awesome weekend/week!

liahna89 said...

I've loved reading your blog over the past month Kristina. I had never paid much attention to reading blogs before, but I will certainly continue to read them now that the month is over.

Congratulations on the publishing opportunity. That is amazingly exciting. I love the idea of DFTBA publishing. Is there anything that the nerdfighters can't do. Keep being awesome.

MadameSuede said...

Hi Kristina!
I am one of those people lurking in the shadows, reading your blog but never leaving comments. Not because I don't want to, but because it felt awkward writing to someone I don't know at all. But since it is the last day of BEDA, I felt it was time!

I just wanna say that I love reading your blog, and watching your videos, and the Parselmouths, and ALL CAPS, and 5AG, and.. well, you get the idea.

Your writing style is just the same as your videos; you always seem to look at the bright side of life and you have an amazing way of expressing yourself. So the announcement that your book is gonna be published is amazing, I will most definitely get it and enjoy it just as much as I've enjoyed your blog this past month!
Thanks for being awesome!

Sean said...

Congrats on the publishing deal through DFTBA! That's definitely not "FTM" (glad that made at least the runners up b/c urban dictionary wouldn't take it, lol)

Have fun with the Fiesta stuff! That'll be a jokes experience!

Claire said...

You're publishing your book? Wow! That is such an amazing accomplishment. I can't wait to read it! Also, I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy reading your blog. Don't stop posting!

Hakeber said...

What a great way to end BEDA :D

And if you do end up going to the tulip fields, you should pick me up in Marysville on your way up haha.

Yours is the only blog I read all month.

Jess said...

I'll miss your BEDA updates so much! Holycrap but the whole DFTBA book thing totaly makes up for that! kindof :)

Catherine said...

I agree, BEDA has been great and I think everyone will really enjoy reading everyone else's blog and probably continue blogging.

mehh - My Enthusiasm Halts Here
It's basically the same as meh, but it's an acronym! and who doesn't love those??

Indigo said...

I would really love to read your novel, I know you can finish :D

Kasey said...

The Babysitters Club Little Sister books! Somehow those had nearly completely vanished from my memory; I read those for years!

...Maybe I should have kept that to myself.

VicMorrowsGhost said...

Published author! Congratulations!
Did you ever decide on a title for the book? I still like "Honey our irresponsible parenting shrunk the kids."

Chelsea said...

Congrats on getting published! Karen Brewer was also a childhood friend of mine :)

Oceansurferg said...

I'm going to miss BEDA a lot. I'm so excited that you're going to be a published author! Will be awaiting dilligently. I've been to that tulip place as well, it's really nice. Have fun with Alex soon!

Kaitlyn said...

I've been wanting to read your book since you described it in a video a while ago. I'm so excited for you!!!

P.S. My captcha code is "restes," which is pretty close to something else.

the apple that astonished paris said...

every time i read/watch something by you, i am further convinced that we have EVERYTHING in common. xD

karen brewer<3 i still say the phrase "boo and bullfrogs" to this day, ahaha.

aaand i definitely bought your album on a whim yesterday because you are my second favorite person on the internet, closely following the vlogbrothers. so i guess third. but. yes, whatever. ;]

Ariel said...

Will your book be out in stores, or will it only be available throughthe DFTBA website?

Breana said...

I was already going to Skagit Valley on Sunday! I love tulips! ... best flower ever in my opinion

Amanda said...

I loved this post. :) Though I got kinda sad when I came to the part where it says FTM because that's the initials of someone I like but don't want to think about, though those letters seems to stalk me. I saw a car today called FTM 008.

The reason why I don't want to think about him is because he doesn't like me.


Thanks for being awesome, though!

Katherine said...

I hope the DFTBA Publishing works out because I would love to read Your and Alex's books ^__^ (I can't figure out the correct grammar for that sentence and it is driving me crazy.)

Sammie said...

I used to wish my parents would get a divorce so I could be like Karen and have two of everything. I also threw myself a half birthday just like hers....those were the days!