Friday, May 1, 2009

"Success" ?

Okay, I'm sorry. But I need to rant.

I found this cute little collab these girls made where they covered "Mrs. Nerimon" and wrote new lyrics about whataboutadam. Whatever, I mean we're all just having fun on YouTube, so where's the harm in that?

I realized they never once mentioned that I was the original creator of the song, and that bothered me a little bit, and I am so used to telling people off for art-stealing on DeviantArt that I just left a short civil comment saying:

"Can you please credit me for using my song? It's fine if you want to cover it, but it's common courtesy to give credit to the person it actually belongs to."

I didn't think it was rude or demanding or anything. Just a request, honestly for something they probably just forgot to do.

Sure enough a few of the comments back said things like "OMG wow sorry, I was going to but then wrote the sidebar info in a hurry, I'll change that right now!"

But ONE girl left this:

"andrsdtz (3 hours ago)
Gosh Kristina its fine if you want us to credit your original song and that is fine. But is the success getting over your head? I mean really chill! Also our Lyrics where awesome and not ment for Nerimon, they where purely ment to fit our beloved Adam aka Whataboutadam. If you dont like them DONT LISTEN TO THEM. Rant modus off"

If it's fine that I want you to credit me, then where is this "success getting over my head" nonsense coming from? I never asked for a statue erected in my honor. I never asked them to take it down. I never asked them to tell everyone that I am far superior to them in every way. I just asked for them to put in the sidebar that my band created the original song.

I think people see what they want to see when they look at others on the Internet.
I try my hardest to be a nice person. I try to reply to as many emails as I can. I read and rely to comments.
If my success had gone over my head, I could have flagged the video and just had it taken down. It would be easy.


So shut up, stupid person.
And if you say my relationship is predictable, joking or no, yes I am going to be a little offended. "If you like them don't listen to them" ? One of the lines was about me. Of course I am going to listen.

I'm just annoyed. I'm not some celebrity whose fame has gone to her head. I'm not a celebrity at all.
I'm a girl who works hard on music and wants to be recognized when someone covers one of her songs.

People get accounts SUSPENDED all the time for using music that is copyrighted on YouTube. Why should I let it slide when it's my music? Should I, because I am not a "real" musician signed with a "real" label?

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Anonymous said...

Gosh, so frustrating.
Art should be recognised, and though it isn't something material, meaning you can't grab it and steal it off the owner- it still is 'stealing' as they're claiming it as their own.

Though you're a stranger, from your blog and videos, you seem like a reasonable person so I don't know where on earth they'd think you're some self important person.Strange.

Redcabbageispurple said...

you know if you gave us the link, a whole bunch of your followers and subscribers would probably have torn that poor youtuber apart for saying that.
And now that it's on a published cd that your band can get paid for, it's technically stealing from you.

aimée-louise said...

good for you kristina!
that ridiculous person's comment made about as much sense as running after an ice-cream van without shoes - oh wait ;]

don't let stupid people get you down.
and if anyone was to have a statue made of them, i'd pick a lovely, genuine (and not self important in the slightest) person such as yourself to have one.

take care.

A said...

That is so frustrating. I've facebook messaged you before, and we've had little conversations. You've replied to my comments on Youtube. And that's just me. Clealy you are a real person, but you're also a musician and your work should be recognized just like other music.

I know you aren't doing the words anymore, but this captcha is too perfect.
Haterou: The kangaroo who attacks people on the internet.
"I chose you, Haterou! Go get that youtuber!"

IFTBA said...

"I think people see what they want to see when they look at others on the Internet."

I know what you mean, maybe more than you do. However, this would mean that everyone wants to see assholes when they look at others on the internet. And I really can't understand why.

I want to see nice people!

Anonymity said...

you deserve to have credit, i mean of course it might have been a mistake but that youtuber shouldn't have been mean and rude. that's well just plain annoying.

TheOtherJessica said...

I think it is great you stood up for yourself! That person was just plain rude. It IS common courtesy to give someone credit... it's not a big deal, so I don't know why that girl (boy?) made it a big deal.

And, I think you are a success.. just for doing what you want to do, and having the courage to put it online for the world to see and judge. Good for you!

the_who_ru said...

You should have got the grammar fairy on to her about that comment. :)

And I can't see how they don't get the whole "appreciate other people's music and give credit where it's deserved and/or appropriate" thing, whether some kind of success has gone "over your head" or not. Like you said, it's just common courtesy.

And don't worry, you genuinely seem to be a lovely person. :) That didn't sound so creepy in my head, I swear. :/

Anonymous said...

I just love that people leave this comments telling you to "chill" when they're having their own comment tantrum.

At least the other people agreed to give you credit and it was only that one person saying stuff. People are always going to put you down when you do something as awesome as that song. Jealousy :)

Cody Hotel said...

Well you're going to have a Fiesta with lots of free gas soon, just track them down, drive to their location and fight them.

In my experience, fighting solves everything (though that's generally in hockey, not real life...)

Bianca23 said...

Wow, that girl is so overreacting! You just asked for your name in the sidebar, which is totally normal since you wrote the song and it's on your (well, the All CAPS) album. That girl had no reason at all for saying you're big headed. If there's one person who isn't, then it's you. You're always sweet and nice to everyone.

Ah well, just focus on seeing Alex in 3 days. That will make you happy again! <3

Nicholas said...

Sometimes, the usually quite loving community we have on YouTube (you know... haters aside ;) is a bit "communication-impaired".

It was perfectly fine that you wanted to be credited in the sidebar.

And maybe the "predictable" was meant as reference to the image in our little youtube minds that one year ago we wondered "what would happen if we just paired up the five awesome girls with the five awesome guys...?". And now there's actually a couple. The internet can be a wonderful place :)

euphonious said...

I had the same problem with people on Deviant Art way back when [hence why I stopped using DA]. I mean, asking for credit is...normal! They don't have to get up in your face about, exactly what you said, "a common courtesy."

Oh, well. Stupid people suck.

Alex will be there in 3 days! Chin up!

Kaitlyn said...

Ridiculous. This frustrates me. People on YouTube can be so brainless. You have every right to be credited for your work.

By the way, I bought the ALL CAPS album and can't wait for it to come in!

AlanDistro said...

I'm too popular to comment on this blog.

I mean.. hi Kristina.

Eff those bitches, people deserve credit for their work. I really get frustrated when people "forget" to link or credit those who help or write others' videos.

PurpleGiraffe said...

Utterly agree.

becca87 said...

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting credit for the original song! Yes the lyrics may have been changed and they can credit themselves for that and that alone. But the song, the music, the basic premise of the whole thing? That's all you, and there is absolutely no reason you should feel bad or be verbally attacked for wanting credit for your original work.

If that's the least of your worries though, you're probably in good shape. Be happy though! They obviously liked the song enough to make a parody of it, and I could throw in the cliche "imitation is the strongest form of flattery", but no one likes an over-used cliche so I won't torture you with that.


anonymous said...

... correct me if i'm wrong but you didn't even write the music for that song, did you? luke conard did. and if they wrote new lyrics that WEREN'T your lyrics (obviously, because they were about whataboutadam) then how does this have anything to do with you at all?

drama drama drama.

Kangaroo said...

Are you Doctor Who? Can you travel in time? That would explain how you've managed to see one episode less than yesterday. :)

Lauren said...

That's awful. Completely just not nice... there's no reason for her to act like that. It's almost as if she's jealously punishing you for your success, but forgetting that you're a real person who works hard for your art at the same time.

Sometimes I wonder if people think that just because you have a lot of subscribers and commenters, what they say won't be read, doesn't matter to you, and even that they don't think it can hurt you.

Captcha: juglex. If I were creative, I would say that it had something to do with Alex juggling.

Zoeey said...

This is really annoying me now. Firstly they take your song and then they change the lyrics YOU wrote to actually be kind of offensive. Yeah they were having fun but it's pretty inconsiderate of them to just not give you any credit for it.
+Why do they think they can just write stupid lyrics like that, which ARE offensive and then act all innocent like they didn't even realize? AAAAAGH. Kristina you have been the best with this though, if i were you i would have gone MAD at them! You go girl and that person that keeps replying to you is being such a dumbarse about it.
Oh well and we <3 you kristina :)

Adam said...

Well this post took me by surprise, haha. Reading my name float about in the post makes me feel some what responsible even though I wasn't even directly involved in any of it, hahah! The commenter was out of order, and probably was just a tad defensive over the situation.
(I feel so badddd!)

Kristina said...

RE: Anonymous

First of all +2 for posting something mean under an anonymous username. That shows real courage.

Also, Luke did the majority of the musical aspect, but the concept was still mine, we worked together on the song, and it's released on an album from a band that is half me.

You're stupid and uninformed as to how music and credit works, and you cant even sign your name on a BLOG.

Go away.

Anonymous said...

oh, kristina. i understand your frustration. judging by that comment, it was made my some stupid pre-teen girl that doesn't know the difference between her you-know-what and a hole in the ground.

i hate immature people like that. hate. they annoy me to no end and i try my best to just ignore them, but in this case, where they covered YOUR song and didn't credit, it's not something you can really ignore.

you deserve to be credited for your music. whether you're "famous" or a "real musician" or not. i am currently working towards a job in the music industry promoting artists and i felt i needed to comment on this post because i feel strongly about the topic. its YOUR song. YOU deserve credit for it. end of story.

Kristina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
janitorbud said...

jesus, kristina, all this fame has made you feel soo superior you feel the right to rant about innocent people?! /sarcasm.
i've seen the video! i noticed that they didn't credit you too, actually. because whenever i see people do re-makes on videos, they say "blah blah blah by whomever". and i noticed they were like "this is for adam, here are our lyrics. ignore our horrible voices."
hahaha to mr/miss anonymous. they got told.

i'm going to type PS even though i didn't sign my name at the end.
ps: i read alex's blog and he is so sweet "i love my girlfriend" you two are adorable.

Anonymous said...

just thought you'd be interested in knowing that it isn't one of the girls that left that horrible comment, it was that random German guy that was singing "Womanizer"- he didn't even sing the Mrs. Nerimon cover, I don't know why he felt the need to butt in!

On the subject of captcha, mine currently says "iDash", which quite amused me...not sure what it is...maybe it's part of apple's new line of running shoes...

anonymous said...

did it ever occur to you that i posted under an anonymous account because i don't think it's necessary for you to know who i am for me to express my opinion? i like reading your blog. i don't like this bitchy, entitlement attitude you have about this whole thing. your lyrics to mrs. nerimon were awesome! so cute! but, all due respect, that's as far as your contribution went. you state clearly on your mrs. nerimon video "music by luke conard" not "a majority of music done by luke conard". the whataboutadam video was posted before you announced that a band consisting of you and luke even existed. therefore if anyone should be getting his panties in a wad about this, it should be luke. you wrote some lyrics. they did not USE those lyrics. your rights were not violated.

but you're right. i'm probably "stupid and uninformed" ... far less than the almighty kristina horner.

seurat2 said...

I'm with you completely Kristina. That person is so out of line, but probably so self involved that they don't even know it. (Not much of a speller either it seems.) Normally I would go have a look at the video but under the circumstances I'm just going to forget it exists.

Kristina said...

I'm not being bitchy nor do I have an "entitlement attitude" more than I should. The song belongs to Luke and I. End of story. The song debuted on my channel. None of that was acknowledged.

Please don't come on my blog and say things like "having my panties in a bunch". There wasn't "dramadramadrama" until you came in and made it so.

The whole point of all of this is that I am NOT a self absorbed attention seeker and it upsets me when people parade in calling me "almighty kristina" just for not wanting to see music going uncredited.

Just please, stop dragging this out.

anonymous said...

that's my whole point. you literally have the least amount of entitlement to anything in that mrs. nerimon spoof but you're the one creating this WHIRLWIND of drama (first by commenting on the video multiple times instead of leaving it at "please credit me for my song", if you felt that was necessary).

the fact that all of your blog readers have commented NICE, supportive things but you felt it necessary to reply to a negative comment suggests to me that you, almighty kristina, cannot handle being wrong. the only people i know that cannot handle other people disagreeing with their opinions are self absorbed.

i just love how you say i paraded in here when i CHOSE to keep my identity hidden because it doesn't matter who i am. get a grip.

you'll be embarrassed tomorrow having spent so much of your time on this. i won't, however, because i'm stupid and uninformed. lol

RoboticNeurotic said...

I'm so sorry. I don't know what more I can do but apologize. I would *never* have wanted to offend you, as I love the original song so much and absolutely meant to credit you, I just got caught up in the moment (it took about 4 hours to upload) and forgot.

And I'm so sorry Andy went overboard (it was a guy - the one who appeared in the video) I think he got the wrong end of the stick and was trying to stick up for us, but took it way too far.

Re the lyrics, again all I can do is apologize. They were not meant to be a knock at you and Alex, more highlighting that you are a very popular, high-profile internet couple who seem a really good match, as opposed to any of us internet nobodies hypothetically dating Adam. However with hindsight I totally realise they were not expressing the true intention, and could seem offensive.

I would really like for everyone to be able to move on from this, so again, I'm really sorry for any offence taken, I am a huge fan of your work and look forward to seeing more. Hannah. (aaaaaaaaaargh/RoboticNeurotic)

Kristina said...

Whether or not the song belongs to me is not my OPINION.

I dont CARE who you think the song belongs to, Luke and I share ownership over that song and frankly I don't care if you think otherwise.

You're trying to push my buttons by claiming I'm creating a "WHIRLWIND of drama" because I'm not, and I wont be embarrassed because I am just sticking up for myself and this is a non issue. Go away.


I think people just don't understand the hard work you put into finally recording a song, and how good you feel about yourself when you do it. Don't let it get to you, you know how some people on the Internet are like - they just don't deserve your attention.

mark said...

it's never fun when stuff like this happens.
as creative artists, we like to be credited for what we created, even if someone is only using a small part of it.
because the truth is, every bit of the things we create contain a little piece of us.
we pour our hearts and passion into what we create.

i guess some people just don't understand the value of that, most likely those people aren't artists and can't relate or understand.

one idea for the future would be to send a message just to the creator of the video, politely asking for credit like you did here, instead of leaving a public comment, since offensive people seem to read comments for a living.

have a beautiful day.

Shanyn said...

Kristina, as Hannah said, we are extremely sorry about this whole situation. It was just supposed to be a fun little project dedicated to a Youtuber that we all really enjoy. As I said before, I think the reason that we stupidly forgot to credit you is because after a lot of hard work, our video was finally done and ready for Youtube and we were all really excited to see the finished product, so much so that basic things like crediting people where they deserved it were momentarily forgotten. It's not really much of an excuse, but it's the truth.
On the subject of Andy's comment, I agree that it was out of line. There's really no arguing that point.
Again, I'm really sorry about this whole mess =( I think we would all just really appreciate it if you could accept our apologies and let bygones be bygones =)

Shanyn =)

Andy said...

Hello Kristina and everybody in these comments. Firstly let me say I am the guy (not girl like you wrote) from the Video and the one who left the comments on youtube. Some of you here didnt get the whole picture which is that I NEVER said Kristina should NOT be recognised for her work. As Shanyn wrote we where in a rush to post the video and simply forgot to credit her. That was done meanwhile and there is nothing really to rant about that point anymore.

The only thing which was maybe right of you was to complain about 1 sentence out of a 9.22 Minute video. It was

We'll be like Kristina and Alex
Only less predictable

While I agree afterwards those lyrics maybe wherent the luckiest choices we made it doesnt give you a reason to bash ME and the other fellow ladies of the collab like this over here. Its called double standard. If you make a relationship public known like yours and Alex you have to live with critics too, just like all Stars have. And to be fair we didnt swear or call you any bad words. Also at the end I said that we apologize for the choice of the lyrics if they hurt your feelings. But to write your blog like you did here now ranting around and bashing us is not fair either. Well lets end this now please and return back to life. There are more important things going on then some bruised egos and hurt feelings. Thank you. Greets. Andy

Anonymous said...

Oh. My. Word.

Firstly, that is a classic example of someone who is completely out to cause trouble. She realizes she is in the wrong and therefore, instead of admitting so and crediting you, she tries to make you look inferior by word vomiting all over YouTube. DIDNT WORK.

Secondly, Anonymous, SHUT UP! You have no idea the work process surrounding the creation of that song. It's not as if Kristina said that she was to be soley credited for the song...of course luke conard would get credit, also.

Thirdly, Andy, Kristina, as owner of this blog, can rant about things that have upset her here all she wants. Just because she makes YouTube videos and appears to you only through the medium of the internet does not make her devoid of feelings. Long distance relationships are hard and the fact you felt the need to comment on it in a song about Adam is highly insensitive.

Give the girl a break - she's in the right and you're all being ridiculous.

lanna-lovely said...

Word verification (yeah, I know you're done with beda and all but this word made me laugh):
Rearpec - When an idiot anonymous commenter leaves stupid comments on a blog with an "I'm right, you're wrong!" type attitude without even fully understanding the situation, only to be thoroughly pwn'd by the blog poster.
Derived from the term "bit in the ass"

Right, anyway, you're totally justified in wanting credit and there's nothing bad about the comment you left - but that reply was really rude, and the person who left it, is clearly lacking a dictionary.

I'm not a musician, but I write and I make pictures and fan art and things and it bugs me when people use stuff I made/copy/write something inspired by my stories and don't credit me.

Plus, the fact that the song is about you an Alex (even if it was done in a jokey sense) makes it more personal to you.

Hmm, the immature brat in me wants to go thumbs down the comment she left you. :oP

Kristen said...

I think you were completely in the right with them using your song. It's great that your not afraid to make a little noise and let your opinion be heard. Too many of us are not like that. What is this about celebrity going to your head? Ummm, yeah, no. I, for a fact know that I have left comments on your Youtube videos and you have often replied back. Just let the hate go and look forward to Monday!!

Anonymous said...

waaaaack. sorry you're going through it with these disrespectful people. ownership is ownership is ownership. your friends have your back -- don't worry yourself over this hateration, girl; you're seeing your man soon! WORD. :D

Jennifer said...

You've got too many other things to worry about (school, family, work, boyfriend) to worry about anonymous commenters. Just try not to think about it, even though I know it's hard. I think you are dealing with everything very well :)

alexis julian. said...

props to anonymous.

alexis julian. said...

Wow, I just read the actual thread. Kristina, you're aware you sound like a 13 year old throwing a tantrum, right? Unsubscribe. I understand creative license and asking for credit where it's due (and I don't think you were undeserving at all) but you're 21 years old for christ's sake. Try acting like it.

jem said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

In my opinion, if a person can't even take the time to use correct grammar or spelling when leaving a hater comment, then the comment should just be ignored.

And props to you for requesting credit. That song is awesome, and you deserve it.

oxiigen said...

Oh man, that's ridiculous! I totally agree with your actions in the situation...It makes me so aggravated that the person was so quick to assume you're some egotistical girl on a high pedestal. But don't worry Kristina, here we all know you're not :)

Sandy said...

Hi Kristina, I just wanted to delurk for a moment and show my support, if that makes any sense. The fact that the song was really successful doesn't make it OK to use without crediting. You've got lots of people behind you on this issue, don't let it get you down :)

I'm really looking forward to the ALL CAPS album!

SimplyAin said...

some of the reasons why i hated high school was because everyone there only hear and see what they want.

Arguing non valid points about who really made what music WITH the person who actually was involved??

HUH? makes any sense i think not.

also if someone wants credit where they feel credit is due, so be it. i would be upset also if someone decided to come out and say -oh relax blah blah blah not your song blah blah blah you shouldn't rant on your own blog blah blah whatever-

please children stay away from the interactive world that is the internet until you grow up

Genevieve said...

Wow. I can't believe that they bitched out at you for you wanting credit where credit was due! Seriously.

"If you do not put the original source in the work sited, your quote will be considered plagiarism." That is something that was drilled in our heads in high school and they continue to say it in college.

everybodylovesbread said...

Pretty self-centered, hypocritical, and petty in my opinion. The girl just sounded like an obsessed teen who'd bite any other girls' heads off whenever they take an interest in the guy. But yea, perfectly valid point. Especially since it wasn't a song that Adam had a personal interest in, like Nobody - Wonder Girls. And in the end, they sounded like crap so geez common courtesy. That might've been confusing to read. Kudos Kristina!

Clowie said...

I totally agree with what you did, sure they can use your song and have fun with it but credit where credit is due. They've done that now and you've thanked them for it so what I don't understand is why some people are saying you're mean spirited when all you did was defend yourself and your relationship. Kudos to you and to them now for sorting it out and being gracious enough to apologise.

On an unrelated note you and hayleyghoover have inspired me to make my own blog so thanks :D

Anonymous said...

Go Kristina!
andrsdtz has deleted his comment now, most likely because everyone was on your side and your amazing and awesome and WOO!

p.s andrsdtz is a guy XD

Anonymous said...

Oh! and you were right. Can't believe I nearly forgot that part. Oops

Sazily said...

Hey Kristina,

I'm really sorry about the whole Adam collab video thing, I was in it, and I speak on my own account, I didn't mean to steal your song or anything, on the contrary I messaged you on YouTube on 22nd March asking if you minded if we used your song, though I understand you can't read all your mail.

The lyric, concerning Alex and yourself was meaningless.

The video was only meant to be a bit of fun =(

The credit for the song is entirely yours obviously, none of us would like to take the credit for that, because I think its wayyy out of our reach to even begin creating the idea and music for that song.

Sorry, and I don't believe you're self-obsessed or anything like that, you're one of my favourite vloggers, and I'm sorry for any annoyance you've had with the video.


J. Gray said...

Not to be mean but the cover was kind of awful. They should have definitely given you credit though. And predictable? Neither you or Alex are predictable. At all. So that doesn't make any sense to me. Anyway, I'm sure you're over it, just wanted to let you know that from someone who watches both of your channels, "predictable" is probably the last thing that would come to mind thinking of you two.

SweetGirl said...

Hi Kristina

I don't usually post on your blog but ever since I heard the mrs nerimon song I have been watching your vids,you are talented.

And I don't think that was too much to ask for you to mention to these girls to credit you for the song. You wrote it or your band wrote it. You deserve the credit.

If I was to use any music in a video, the first thing I would do is send a message to the person asking for permission.

As the decent thing to do.

I loved the mrs nerimon some, it is catchy and I got it stuck in my head for at least a week after hearing.

Thanks a lot. Kidding. I didn't mind it beign stuck in my head.

MegTao said...

Sucks that all this happened to you. Mrs. Nerimon is an amazing original song and anyone that can't give credit to that does not appreciate the work that comes from such a product.

Scott said...

I'm sorry for you that this has been so blown out of proportion. You put so much effort into Mrs. Nerimon, people need to remember that. It would be the same as someone putting their name on a paper you've written, or signing a painting you've spent hours on. You're totally within your rights to have asked for something so simple as being credited for your own song.

And to Anonymous, this is Kristina's blog. IE: the place where she writes her thoughts and feelings. If you're not interested, or if you think she's so vain that you have to call her out in her own comment section - STFU or GTFO.

the apple that astonished paris said...

..pssssht, seriously? whaaaaaat EVERRR at them. i bought your CD, and i don't buy from artists who aren't "real." that would probably be a little weird. after all, i am fairly certain that you do exist. yes? yes. xD

the sad truth about this world is that it is made up of people who want to encourage you and people who want to suck the fun out of everything and they are clearly the latter. either that or they are twelve and don't know what they are saying.

you are fantastic and i doubt anyone actually watches their videos anyway. ;]


the apple that astonished paris said...

and after reading the comment thread i have words for this "Andy" fellow--

dude, she wasn't commenting on you not giving credit; she says in her post that she is totally cool and knows it was obviously just a forgotten thing and whatever. she was mad about your reply to her saying it was going to her head simply because she wanted a little bit of credit for the song that was entirely her idea and her concept, written for her boyfriend, and put together using footage she worked hard to shoot and edit. were it not for kristina, the song would not exist for you to parody.

no need for you to spaz at her for wanting a little credit, especially when she said here that that wasn't even the issue.

LEARN TO READ, PEOPLE. raaahhhhhhhhh.