Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My begrudging attempt to be healthier.

Oh man. I haven't updated in a long time. I had to just go check what the last thing I actually wrote about was (finishing BSG, if you were curious) in order to figure out where I left off in my life updates. So, okay. Over a month. Let's see.

I'm sure this comes as no surprise to anyone, but I've primarily just been up to my eyeballs in Job Hunters stuff. We've officially passed the halfway mark with filming, which is incredibly exciting. We're premiering our first episode this weekend at Emerald City Comic Con, and then posting it online for its "world-wide launch" the following Wednesday.

It's a little nerve-wracking to already be posting the early episodes while we're still working on finishing the late episodes, but we'll get there. We're still on Season 1, and it's all an experiment. :)

Other life news includes the brain-crushingly infuriating process of house-hunting. Some of my friends and I are trying to move (I absolutely love my house and the location but it's time for a change of scenery) and HOLY CRAP moving is annoying. I've been scouring house-hunting sites every morning, emailing and calling realtors, scheduling appointments to view houses. But over and over again, either the houses are too weird, too small, one of the bedrooms doesn't have a door (seriously), too close too the freeway. Or on the flip side, the house is PERFECT but the realtor decides to give it to a nice little family rather than a handful of creative-minded twenty-somethings. Come on. So it's been a headache.

To sort of.. ease that process, I've really been trying to make other positive healthy life changes. Not in a "oh look at me, I exercise now" kind of way. More in a "dangit, my mom was right all along, exercise and eating healthy DOES improve your life" kind of way. So I've been experimenting with running (which sucks) and cutting out super unhealthy foods. Actually, I started a strict 80/20 policy for myself. I'm never going to entirely STOP eating oreos and cheesecake and McDonald's french fries and brie cheese slathered all over crackers. So I decided if I eat healthy 80% of the time, it can sort of excuse the 20% where I eat like a 5 year old.

I always hated cooking in general but I've been playing around in the kitchen a little lately, which is totally foreign to me. Rosianna inspired me to eat more veggies and salads via the deviously delicious ingredient quinoa. I've found that cooking with quinoa or cous cous actually makes boring old vegetables and salads something totally good-tasting and exciting and filling.

I also made my first casserole the other day. I've never made a casserole before. Now granted, this was a tater tot casserole and wasn't healthy by ANY stretch of the imagination, but I was proud of myself for being inventive with the leftovers I had from my night out at the AFK Tavern when I brought home half an order of +2 Tots.

Anyway. I find that people can get REALLY annoying when they start being all "HEALTHY!!@!12" and telling everyone how awesome they are because of how "HEALTHY!@#$#" they're being, so I'm probably not going to talk about it a lot. I just wanted to share, that this is what I've been (attempting to) do with the time I haven't really been blogging. It's hard work, man. But as annoying as it is, people really ARE telling the truth when they say this stuff helps.

Can't wait to share Job Hunters with you all, and I'll hopefully be back more quickly than last time with my next update!