Monday, April 6, 2009

Day 6: The flesh of the living.

There are two things I want to talk about today.

1. Doctor Who.

2. Zombies.

Zombies: My school is taking part in humans vs. zombies tag this week, and today was day one. I dont normally get involved in school activity type things, but I live with the blood guy for Night Zero and am personally featured on the cover of the first issue, so how could I turn down a zombie game? I left my house armed with rolled up socks in my pockets and my orange bandanna tied securely around my arm.

The walk to school was terrifying, because day one only has one zombie, walking around unmarked so you have to really be on your toes. I passed a few other humans, but essentially made it to class with no trouble. After class, I left Bagley Hall and literally a few seconds later, while I was scoping out the crowd looking for suspicious people, this guy walked up, tagged me, and said with a smile "Welcome to the Zombies".
WHAT? I didnt even last a day! I never stood a chance!

Basically tomorrow at 6 AM I begin to feed on the flesh of the living, so if you're a human and you go to my school, watch the eff out for me.

Doctor Who: I watched the Season 2 finale this morning, and I dont want to spoil anything for anyone but I bawled my EYES out. Rosi has informed me that people bash Rose fangirls on the Internet so I wont say much more, just that my heart was ripped out and stomped all over and it's going to take me a while to get over this. Also, I love this show. So much. Thank you, Britain.

It's BEAUTIFUL outside and I am typing this up from outside on my college campus under a tree. Excuse me for being arrogant and posting a picture of myself, but lookeeee:

This summer is so filled with wonderful funtimes that the first inkling of nice weather is just overwhelming me with euphoric smiley goodness. That was a really wordy way of saying "I am happy and excited today". Haha.

I have three hours to kill here at school before my Birthing class (hahahaha) and I think I will watch the Office on my laptop for awhile before jumping into Season 3 of DW. My heart needs time to mend. Jim and Pam will cheer me up, for sure.

Okay, I think I am losing steam on this entry. I will share with you a funny comment exchange on today's 5AG video and then I am going to wrap this up.

Oh, subscribers. xD

Today's Word: Haripp
The act of pretending to be a wizard, specifically Harry Potter, while in the supermarket.
E.g. Person one: "Hey, wanna make this more interesting?"
Person two: "How?"
Person one: "Lets haripp!"
Person two: "ZOMG! YES! Accio bananas!" - lanna_lovely

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Elrich89 said...

I love your blog and I think you're an excellent writer, but I would like to ask one thing of you. Please, instead of making up words, could you find an obscure, -real- word and post it at the end of the entry? The English language is so vast that it shouldn't be difficult. Then we're all learning!

Kristina said...

There are plenty of places to find a word of the day on the internet. I promise.

We're having fun making up words. :D

Melody said...

"This summer is so filled with wonderful funtimes that the first inkling of nice weather is just overwhelming me with euphoric smiley goodness."

You have no idea how happy this sentence made me.

Caitlin said...

I would be so totally bad at one of those tag games. I am too oblivious--I walk around caught up in my own head all the time. I'd step out my door and someone would get me, and then I'd mourn because I am a sore loser, hah.

Oh man, oh man, oh man. I am so glad you finally got into DW! Everyone should! I am always, very kindly, encouraging my friends to watch it whenever they come over. Now you're going to have to start getting into fanvids on YouTube. It's the only way for a Rose fangirl to feel better (especially the ones that REALLY make you cry, those are brilliant, hah). Since you talk to Rosi, I'm sure she could recommend some good ones, but definitely check out seduff. I spend way too much time making and watching them fanvids. I won't self promote though since mine are rather crap, hah.

Lindsay said...

Pahaha, conditioner in the toilet water. Youtube comments crack me up.

The made up words make me smile. :) The next time my roommate and I go to the grocery store, we are so going to haripp.

Indigo said...

i love your blog kristina, it always makes me smile :)

goomil-the place where assorted goo is made into items like toothpaste

randomcherries said...

My experience was similar after finishing Season 2. Bawling, crying, and denial all wrapped into one sorry mess of me. Don't worry though, the show still stays amazing. (Though I must admit I did eventually morph from a Rose fan to a Donna fan.) But don't let anyone spoil you though!

And in the spirit of things:
tardisniffles - resulting condition after watching an Russell T Davies-inspired season finale.

Ashley said...

Haha. So true Kristina. YouTube comments are sometimes so completely random. Ever played Assassins? it's similar to humans v. zombies.
<3 Ashley

Cody Hotel said...

"It's BEAUTIFUL outside and I am typing this up from outside on my college campus under a tree"

I'm still waiting for the warmth here,... It got up to +2 Celsius today! (That's about 36 Fahrenheit)

Thosa: pronoun, used to speak in forgetful reference to a group.
Ex/ I need to get some more of thosa, um, memory pills.

sakana_chan9 said...

HARIPP heck yes

Mathgirl said...

I live in seattle too and having to stay inside for school today was torture. After leaving this comment i am off to go enjoy the lovely weather.

Sarah Arant said...

My best friend is trying to get me into Doctor Who, I just haven't seen much yet. I like what I've seen though.
She actually runs a David Tennant/Doctor Who fansite, and we're adding on a podcast soon. You should check it out sometime.

hayleyghoover said...

*random techno dancebreak*

goddess-of-ice said...

I saw your twitter about humans vs zombies, so of course I had to google it (and promptly wasted the next three hours I could have been studying for exams reading all about it and finding videos >_<) and it sounds amazing! I'm going to try and organize a game at my University. Thanks for spreading the word. ^_^

Words of the day: "simp" To be a sullen wimp i.e. That Edward Cullen is such a simp.
(I'm actually an Edward fangirl...but yeah ._.)

Elrich89 said...

Hm, it was just a suggestion.

Leah said...

My word verification... word... is "cards." RIPOFF!

Ariel said...

I cried my eyes out in the series two finale as well.
You'll feel better. Eventually. :)

my verification word today is "thoosese." I can't even begin to think of a meaning for that. Ideas?

Michelle said...

Spummer: Summer bummer. Reflecting on the bummers of summer. WE could not find any. Humidity maybe?

GEORGINA said...

My word verification: wooscriv - the act of interrupting someone whilst they are exclaiming euphorically.
"WO-" "Shut up."

bookmouse99 said...

Your so lucky its nice out today. It snowed here today. I was wearing shorts on friday.

Your blog makes me smile everytime I read it. Thank goodness for BEDA, because now I am getting daily smiles instead of sporatic smiles

And I am totally going to my friends at our student government and suggesting a humans vs zombies game next september.

Stine: verb, To stine. To dress up in costumes and go out in public with a group of friends (or strangers, whatever floats your boat) and pretend you part of a goosebumps book. Best experienced as a group activity, and in busy places where you and your group will confuse everyone else around you.

partyweetow said...

Yeah, after I watched the end of season 2 of Doctor Who, I was way upset. My LiveJournal entry was something like, "WHYYYYYY?!" Season three was a bit of a letdown, I thought, but season four was very excellent.

The Medieval Dark Lord said...

Its snowing outside. grrrr.

Lauren said...

Oh geez. I never get involved in those games... I fail so badly and I get freaked out easily.

My senior year of high school, our class was playing senior assassins and I got completely drenched by another senior with a water gun when I got out of my car in my driveway. And I wasn't even playing.

Katy J said...

My school did a thing like that, except we had a specific person to kill. I was killed before I ever figured out who my person was. XD

IFTBA said...

I even dreamed last night that I had a meet-cute with Billie Piper.

VicMorrowsGhost said...

"tomorrow at 6 AM I begin to feed on the flesh of the living"
Most organised zombie ever.
6am nom some brains.
7am shuffle and moan.

Papperm: A curly wig made from paper. said...

Omfg! I would love to play Zombies VS Humans.
Who invented this?
No one would play with me if I wanted to, and I'd be like a lone human [I rather be zombie] amongst all these other non-participating humans... ehhh...
My uni even did a feature article on the best places to set up shop in case of a zombie apocalypse.
Nice blog. Cheers. :)

Joy said...

I completely know what you mean about the "first inkling of nice weather" ... a few weeks ago we had our first really nice sunny and mildly warm day here and everyone was outside wearing shorts and t-shirts and summer dresses even though it actually wasn't THAT warm yet! Haha.

I love that about England. We get so little sunshine and so little summer that we embrace it fully when we get the smallest hint of it. That said, when England has beautiful weather, it is AMAZING. :o)

the_who_ru said...

In my experience with DW and the Internet, it's Martha fans who get whumped. Especially on FanFic; there are so many 10Rose fics, it's unbelievable.

Pam said...

My friend's college plays Humans vs. Zombies with Nerf guns.

Lindsey said...

Oh, I'm tearing up just thinking about the Season 2 finale :'(

[morgan.] said...

My dorm did zombie attack a couple weeks ago! I was killed the first day by the zombie king, too...who was my best friend and I decided I wanted to randomly stop by his room. Whatever...