Sunday, April 19, 2009

Day 19: Creepy Mr. Next Door

Hmm. What to talk about today.
Maybe I'll answer more questions.

OH BUT FIRST. In my bathroom there is a window by the shower that looks right into our neighbor's house and today Mr. Next Door was sitting at the window with the blinds up just enough to see right out and smoke while he enjoyed a nice morning view of me bathing myself. There he was, looking right at me.
I did not enjoy that.

In other news, I pulled my flute out of my closet today and dusted it off because I am going to play it for one of the songs on the new album! I am very excited about this, as I really haven't played since my freshman year of high school which was 6 years ago.
Problem is I want to practice but I wake up so much earlier than anyone in this house, so I can't yet. I am giving Eia until noon and then she has to sleep through my fluting.

Okay. Questions time.

Q. Out of all the places you've traveled to (& I'm assuming you travel quite a bit...lucky!), what's your favorite place? Would you go back?
A. Well, first of all yes, I do travel quite a bit. My mom used to work for United Airlines so we got to fly for significantly cheaper than normal or sometimes even free. We used to do stupid things like on Friday night we'd rent and watch "Escape from Alcatraz" and then Saturday we'd go to the airport and catch an early flight to San Francisco, and then we'd actually go to Alcatraz island. Then we'd have lunch in the city, head back to the airport, and go home. Sunday morning we'd still get up and go to church. xD
As for my favorite place... that's hard to say. I like any places I have been with people I care about. I'm going to invent my own question and tell you where I'd LIKE to go, which is Japan, Australia, and really anywhere in Europe.

Q. What is your biggest "guilty pleasure" music or movie?
A. Music - anything pop on the radio or even some rap. I cant HELP it. It's FUN. Like Sean Kingston.. come on. How can you not think he's fun.
Movie - the Lizzie McGuire movie. I don't care what you think of me. ALL FIVE OF THE 5AG AGREE ON THIS.
I'll just go ahead and tell you my favorite guilty pleasure book/tv show is Gossip Girl, though I'm sure you already knew that.

Q. If you could skip forward in your life and be exactly where and who you want to be... what would that be like?
A. I would never want to skip forward in my life, but I will say I am highly looking forward to the day I am finished with college and living with Alex. But these are some of the best times of my life, and even though being away from Alex is hard and being in school is annoying, I wouldn't skip it.

Q. What would you do if the internet just went? Like everywhere so no Internet at all.
A. Watch a lot more TV? I dunno. It's a hard question to answer because so much of my life takes place online. SO many of my friends are people I dont get to see every day but are only a quick email away. I contact fans about band stuff via the Internet. I express myself on YouTube via the Internet. I learn all sorts of things about the world by reading on the Internet. I'm sure I'd find new hobbies, but it's hard to imagine.
I bet I'd be a lot more like 10 year old Kristina, before I had a computer. I'd read a lot more, I'd use the library a lot more, and I'd play outside more.

Q. What is your favorite country in the world?
A. That's hard haha. I am partial to America because I live here and I love it, but I am also obsessed with Japan and its culture. I also happen to think a lot of really great things came out of England as well. :)

Q. I might be very out of the loop on this, but please humor me? How did you and Alex meet?
A. I'll humor you. Pre-2008, I was just a Nermie. ^^ During 2008, we became friends because of our simultaneous fiveawesome projects, and through that became emailing buddies who talked about life, about whichever boy/girl we happened to be interested in at the moment and needed advice about, or about Lost. In early 2009, we realized there was a whole lot more there and acted on it. That's basically it.

Q. If you could have starred in any movie of the last 20 years, what would it be, what character would you have played & why?
A. That is such a good question. I'm tempted to say Luna just so I can be part of the whole HP movie thing, but I don't think I could pull that off. Maybe Bridget in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Or hmm... this is so hard. I don't know! How about this - what character would YOU cast me as if I were in a movie?

Q. If you were the Doctor's assistant where would you choose to go? Past, Present, Future? Earth or another planet? Also, why?
A. If I were the Doctor's assistant, I would hope we would go more than one place. xD I think first I'd want to go to other planets just right now in the present. To see how other creatures are living at this same moment in time. THEN I would want to see the past on Earth. I think I'd save the future for last because I like that element of mystery still existing. I don't think I'd like knowing what's coming.

Okay that's all for today. I'm going to go figure out if there is anything edible in my kitchen.

I need more word suggestions, guys! I had to use an older hayleyghoover suggestion to get by today. I love you, Hayley.

Today's Word: Demint
Exhaling heavily because the mint you were eating made your mouth too cold. -hayleyghoover

The Office: Season 5, Episode 2
Doctor Who: Season 3, Episode 1

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Ryan said...

That's so strange because I just brushed my teeth so right now I am deminting...
I still liked Vacuumlated.

muse88 said...

Hyperi - the Volturi's distant cousins who were brutally murdered years earlier, by the Volturi, for their tendency to be too happy and verging on nice - the "black sheep" of the family.

Meh this word is dumb - it was the best I could do.
Loving your blogs! =)

Nicholas said...

I loved it in Japan, you should totally go (but be sure to pack 1-2 Japanese people ;)


verb. slang. the action of spamming ones internet presence in an electronic way of "egging" a house. frowned upon.

"hey yo. wanna go eneggin' his myspace?"

Also the Franconian pronounciation of the name "Anakin". Yeah... we're not good friends with hard consonants.

sorry. was the best I could come up with on this one :D

[morgan.] said...

I have a word for you, Kristina!

insongnia - the condition when you have a song stuck in your head and you can't get it out.

Elizabeth... said...

zootorth - tours of zoos for lisping children

Melody said...

sessess - to assess one's success with sex.

Cat<3 said...

Pure happiness (bliss) for Snoop Dogg.

Catherine said...

Do you keep a journal and blog or just blog now?

feoxes- iron oxes.

Sarah Arant said...

I would REALLY love to know if you are as disappointed with season 5 of The Office as I am, now that you've watched all the other seasons.

Shmead no1 said...
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Catharine said...

mernest - this one may be a bit obvious, but it's where mermaids make their homes.

On another note, there is someone who goes to my college who is almost your clone. You don't happen to have any almost identical looking relatives going to college in western Pennsylvania, do you?

sushixpack said...


I'm so terrible with creating words out of captcha codes, aaaugh D:

The word I have to verify for this comment is "thorsism", and the most I can come up with is a religion about Thor! I can't even make that sound funny!

Joy said...

I dug out my flute the other week... I too hadn't played for YEARS. I waited until my family were out for the day to play it because I was a little terrified of what sound I might make because I was so out of practice! :oP

It wasn't as bad as expected, and actually quite fun!

Joy said...

goodlita: exclamation. an expression of praise for someone who's name is 'lita'. See also, 'goodjoy' and 'goodkristina'.

Haha, lame.

Dana Vlahos. said...

Never would I ever give up my VHS tape of The Lizze McGuire movie. :D And, maybe you should get some blinds on that window, that sounds like quite the uncomfortable showerr.
Chasep: A chapstick of sorts used by serpents, or an animagus who can turn into one at will, to make their slithering easier and their parseltoungue clearer (to slytherins, anyway.).

Ashley said...

Bebot- someone who is obsessed with blogging on Blogger :)

haha I would cast you as Fleur, buts that's just me. (As in looks, not personality...ick)


Afton said...

Lizzie McGuire was my favorite thing in the world. On the book shelf behind me you will find five Lizzie McGuire books based on TV episodes. I have the soundtrack to the movie and the movie somewhere. I have a board game I think that it's called "What would Lizzie do?". I also have a book that you would write facts about yourself in and it had stickers. I was in LOVE with Lizzie McGuire, especially Gordo.

KMS said...

Phaune pas - Faux pas involved with your mobile. Hanging up instead of answering, oversized stubby fingers pressing two buttons at once. You get the drift.

sarah said...

Hey Kristina.
I just wanted to stop by and say that I love your blog. I have been catching up on The Office episodes as well, so I'm wondering where did you find the first few episodes of season 5? It's been hard for me to find them online. Thanks so much!

owlssayhooot said...

ljbfkjdsg I got an email today asking me if you stole Alex from me and if I was upset that you two were together. Hahahaha, wooow. I don't know why I am telling you this here, I guess it's because I just remembered to tell you while reading this. xD

Question: Who is your favourite fiveawesomegirl?
Because I am creative like that. Ha.

Caryn: the cool, eclectic way of spelling Karen? AKA, a for-sure way for parents to make sure that all of those name key-chains, stickers and mugs never have their child's name on them. :(

hayleyghoover said...

I'd cast you as Bridget. And I love you too, Kristina.

Cybitist: Someone talented with all things pertaining to the internet.

disasterpastor45 said...

bisces - born under the sign of...

disasterpastor45 said...

rednes - the color of the print on this busted NES game console in front of me.

disasterpastor45 said...

koupeat - Bart Simpson witnessing someone having a cow again. (like a threepeat in some sport)

disasterpastor45 said...

sulient - a legal term for salient (Having a quality that thrusts itself into attention)

disasterpastor45 said...

In Plain Sight starts now on the East Coast - USA Channel

disasterpastor45 said...

abluskin - cold from the cold

absolutemediocrity said...

Poppilin: When one is chillin' like Mary Poppins.

Jordiekins said...

bacqua: backwashed water... Ew.


Cody Hotel said...

Yes, How awesome is Gossip Girl! I am so psyched for the new episode tomorrow.

And I'm not sure why, but in a movie from the last 20 years I would probably cast you as Kat Dennings' character in 'Charlie Bartlett', you seem like you would perform it quite well.

Wetisher - somebody with a fetish for moistness

Katiee said...

Okay. So uh. When you mentioned "Escape from Alkatraz" I got REALLY. REALLY. CONFUSED. Immediately, "Escape from AZKABAN" started playing in my head, and I seriously sat there for five minutes, my brain flipping between the song, wondering how the hell Azkatraz existed when you were little, pondering over why you were calling it "ESCAPE from Azkatraz", and trying to figure out how I'd never known there was a video on it. Pahaha.

Oh, and I've been a 5AGirls follower for a long time, but I just started watching your videos from the beginning today. You guys were so cuuute at the beginning. <3

EzzaPie said...

u should come 2 South QLD in australia

the apple that astonished paris said...

1. "Mr. Next Door" .. do you read Georgia Nicholson? :D

2. OMG THE LIZZIE MCGUIRE MOVIE. omgomg. tooootal guilty pleasure. >.> I think part of me still wants to be Hillary Duff. xDD

3. I could see you acting as Bridget. The 5AG would actually make an adorable new version of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants... with an extra girl, ofc. I'd assign roles, but I'd probably end up offending someone with my inaccuracy. Haahaha.

VicMorrowsGhost said...

I'll swap you your creepy neighbor for my dick head ones. They yell at their kids, jerks.

I deliberately mistyped the verification so I could get some more for you.

Protles: Professional turtles. You can book them for childrens parties and weddings.
Slyelo: It's like a Celo... only more sly.
Ovent: An oven with a hole in it. :P

D3NK7Jx7nvgmEJh7xkbUltmdagSqvw-- said...

Re: what character would YOU cast me as?

Shirley Fenette from "Code Geass."

misce - the noise a mouse makes when you step on its tail.

disasterpastor45 said...

winin - the House pays all players (Happy Belated 21st Birthday, Kristina)

disasterpastor45 said...

terial - an e-trial

disasterpastor45 said...

surappr - suing a rapper's PR person.

disasterpastor45 said...

derair - the airing of grievances over the radio was deraired

disasterpastor45 said...

nuala - didja know ala?

More McCarthyism in a Middle Eastern Terrorist Fear climate. Next I'll see that license plate pass by me on the highway and I'll be worried that vehicle will explode 20 feet in front of me.

disasterpastor45 said...

firth - whoa! that's classified!

disasterpastor45 said...

remermol - rerere?

Oh yeah, I can't go to Canada without the police knocking on my door the next day.

disasterpastor45 said...

tryonifu - if I what?

disasterpastor45 said...

buffini - is that a new restaurant in Buffalo?