Saturday, April 18, 2009

Day 18: I'm lame.

BEDA is a really great idea and I've loved writing every day, but doing it while recording an album is making me uncomfortably aware of what a solitary creature I have been lately.

My days for the last week have consisted of waking up, emailing Alex, showering, going to school/work, coming home, RECORDING until I cant take it any more, eating random crap for dinner if I remember, watching the Office, falling asleep halfway through the episode and sleeping with my laptop next to me in bed through the night.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

So I am trying to figure out how to say new things each day when I literally have nothing new to report.

I guess I can give you band news, since I am swimming in a pool of Parselmouth-ness this week anyway.

  • New Parselmouth buttons arrived in the mail and I am excited to be selling them at LeakyCon.
  • We're probably about 80% done recording for the new album. After that is production and all that fun technical stuff. Then it's IN YOUR HANDS!
  • New tshirt design is well underway and hopefully something people will really like.
  • Eia and I have a photoshoot tomorrow with Liz for the album artwork.
  • Alex is officially playing with us at Leaky and is actually on 3 tracks of the new album.
  • I spent a good portion of yesterday and today remodeling the Parselmouth myspace because it was embarrassingly outdated and bad. You should go check it out. :)
I wasn't self conscious about the lame-ness of my current life until Luke asked me last night "So, what are you doing tonight?" Not realizing it was Friday, a night when normal humans usually do something fun, I said "working on the Parselmouth myspace."

So yeah. I am in need of general funtimes. Tomorrow after the photoshoot is Doctor Who marathon day with Liz so that will be nice.

Oh and I have plans to see 17 Again on Tuesday with Eia and the Miley Cirus movie or whatever they're calling it with my manager on Friday. Hahaha. This isn't making my life sound any less lame, I've realized. xD

T-minus 2 weeks until I get my Ford Fiesta. I have one more manual-driving session lined up with my brother for next Saturday after work.. and it's the last one I have time for until my training session on May 1st. Eep.

Today's Word: Bedoome
An expression of death for a nerdfighter.
"I'm Bedoomdoomdoomed!" -Jordiekins
(Not only was this word necessary, I just want to also acknowledge that Jordiekins is AWESOME at this game. ^^)

Status on the Office:
Season 5, Episode 2

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janitorbud said...

i'm excited for you about your ford
and i really think it's cool that alex is in some of your songs on the cd.
i really like today's word of the day.
"I'm bedoomdoomdoomed" because i can't choose a college by may 1st. that's insane.

Becka said...

Minglad: to be a little bit happy.
As in 'A new Parselmouth Myspace makes me minglad.'

It is worth noting that a new Parselmouth album makes me maxglad.


A said...

I love that Alex is in your band and lives so far away. It just proves that there are no restrictions on anything when you have wizard rock and nerdfighterlove.

Oh, and you might already know this, but the links on the Parselmouth myspace don't work... they go to

Word: restep
I get the lame ones.

Ariel said...

How much are you expecting the buttons to be? I want to make sure to bring enough money to LeakyCon.

Coscop: a person who keeps costumed conference participants in order, rather like the fashion police.

passionateforwords said...

I really like the new Myspace page! I especially love the part "...with the help of Kristina's british boyfriend Alex Day on guitar." The way you worded that was so blunt, and of course true, and it just struck me as hilarious. Oh, and also, I dunno if it's just me, but I can't get Broken Hearted Slytherins on iTunes. Just a heads up!
Your blogs are always very entertaining, and in the same voice as your videos. If that makes any sense.

Katy said...

17 Again is a wonderful movie. I've seen it twice. Zac Effron is a hunksicle.

Wait. Did I say that outloud? I meant... uh...

<3 for the Parselmouths!

doodandp: To do a dance while saying "ba doo doo doo!"

blissee said...

hold on. i'm so confused. you don't get your car for another TWO WEEKS? ummmm...but i get mine in 2 days. that doesn't make any sense.

trumpetplayingnerdfighter said...

I saw 17 Again tonight and it was really good.

Zac Efron was much better than my friends and I expected. There was one scene in particular where his body language was AMAZING. Mostly-deaf people notice these things.

VicMorrowsGhost said...

I'm not the greatest mathematician but if you take "recoding lyrics for my band thats going to tour" and add "I'm taking driving lessons for when I get my free car I won for making awesome videos" then multiply by "my love is flying thousands of miles to see me" it doesn't equal lame. Every time a add it up it seems to equal a sack full of awesome.

Palicin: An antibiotic that fights infections of deadly Sarah Palin disease.

Ryan said...

So after going to Haley's blog I created a new word, and I must say it's cold.

Vacuumulated ; The art of having accumulated a vacuum.

Jordiekins said...