Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sad day, but cat is funny.

I hadn't actually planned on blogging today, but I had to share this with you. I am really not one to reblog stuff, or especially to just lose it over an animated .gif, but I had this conversation at work today:

Coral (my assistant manager whom I adore and have worked with for the last 3 years, and whose last day is today): "Do you ever read the recommended items on Google reader?"
Me: "Nope. Are they any good?"
Coral: "Sometimes. But then sometimes you get this. 'The 12 funniest animated cat .gifs'. Ugh."
Me: "Let me see that."

And we proceed to roll our eyes and scoff at 11 really stupid animated .gifs.... until I see THIS one:

Hahhah. I'm sorry, but I could watch this ALL DAY.

He's just lying there and taking it. xD That is the most apathetic cat I have ever seen.

In other news, I am really sad about Coral leaving. She's been about 75% of the reason why I (usually) love my job, and looking back over the last 3 years, I'm starting to get a little sentimental thinking that we're not going to get to do that dumb stuff at work anymore. From that time we were so slow at work that we watched full episodes of Pushing Daisies for two weeks, to the time we covered every blank surface in the box office with green floral contact paper, to all the stupid pranks we played on other coworkers, to the time she and our other manager Jenn took me out for drinks after work because I was finally 21... I'm just going to really miss that stuff. I HATE CHANGE.

In the spirit of all of this, I am writing this at work. xD

EDIT: I had to share this. Someone in the comments told me that the cat .gif above was recently featured on Digg, and the title of the post said "Cat Gets Run Over By Car - GRAPHIC! Not for the squeamish."

.. I honestly didn't think that .gif could get any funnier, but it totally just did.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

DIY laser show.


I don't know why I thought this, but I figured since I hadn't blogged in so long, lots of you would have given up on me or forgotten about this blog, or just may have taken awhile to read/comment at the very least, but your comments on my last entry totally blew me away!

Last I checked there were 71 comments, all super thoughtful and helpful regarding the classes I should take next quarter. Honestly, you guys were such a big help. There was so much good advice in there; I regretted not going to you all for class-picking advice every quarter!

Just to update you, most people managed to sway me in the direction of the French Films class. I had no idea so many people were so enthusiastic about French cinema, and everyone's comments that taking a class with a friend and in the small intimate setting (10 people) would probably be the best option, so unless something goes horribly wrong, that's probably what I'll end up doing.

In other news, I had a much needed, much deserved silly night with my roommates last night. I really missed just doing spontaneous fun things with the people I live with, and last night definitely took the cake for 'weirdest stuff we've ever done'.

So Eia and I were both snuggled up in her bed, ignoring our homework while we mapped out a hypothetical backpacking trip around Europe that neither of us will be able to afford until at least 2012 (one that wont involve any studying abroad this time), when Justin runs up the stairs around midnight and says "Fog machine in 10 minutes. Bring anything you have that glows."

Ten minutes later we were standing downstairs in our living room, lights off, strobe light in hand, with a blue police style rotating light on the mantle and a red light washing the room in an eerie glow. Justin said "ready?" and after setting the industrial-sized fog machine (which Justin is holding on to for Night Zero) to "2" (it goes all the way up to NINE) we watched in awe as our house started to fill with billowy white smoke.

It was AWESOME. It was like we were in a rave. Justin turned on some music and we started dancing around and for a few good minutes the smoke was so thick we couldn't even see each other. But then it started to mellow out and we just had a serious laserlight disco going. In our living room. After midnight. With school the next day.

We did, in fact, think ahead on this spontaneous plan, and removed the smoke alarms. But we erm, managed to miss one, and suddenly heard a loud noise coming from upstairs. Justin ran to turn it off, and at the same moment our other roommate PJ (whom we didn't even know was home) comes stumbling out of her room, rubbing her eyes and looking absolutely terrified at the combination of being woken up by a fire alarm and then seeing smoke BILLOWING up the stairs toward her room. Oops.

We apologized and went back downstairs, where we laid out some blankets, but on some really great laser show music, and Justin proceeded to entertain us for the nest 10-15 minutes with a hand-held laser light that created amazing shapes on the ceiling. We'd all been to laser shows before (they do this really great Muse one at the Seattle Center) and I have to admit, this DIY laser show in our living room was almost as good. Then we laid on the floor until the smoke cleared, Eia brought out her birthday cake flavored ice cream, and eventually, around 2:30 in the morning, I headed to bed. Homework untouched.

These are the kinds of nights I've missed.

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Help me pick my classes! :D

I haven't been blogging, and I am so sorry.

I don't know when it happened or if it was an unnoticeable downward slant that led me here, but lately I have been really struggling to keep my head above water with school, my job, ALL CAPS stuff, all of the things I need to do to prepare for my last quarter of college, keeping up with making videos, keeping up with my email inbox, and participating in my Lost blog. I've even given up on having some semblance of a social life, because aside from my trip to Mexico, the only social things I've done lately include talking to Eia when we both happen to have a free hour or two, or going downstairs wrapped in a blanket to watch something on TV with my roommate Justin in between projects/assignments.

Now, I am definitely someone who thrives on being busy, you know, the more stuff you have to do/the more stress you feel, the more you accomplish -- but this has been ridiculous lately. And there is no end in sight other than graduation in June. So, I deeply, deeply apologize for letting my personal blog fall down the ladder of priorities, because it's something I really enjoy (writing it and getting to interact with all of you) but I hope you can understand why I haven't been here as regularly.

That being said, I woke up at the crack of dawn yesterday to register for my last quarter at UW. It was kind of scary knowing that these possibly may be my last classes I ever take at a school. Knowing me, I'll end up taking some random classes at a community college or something just for fun because I love learning, or maybe I'll even go back to school a bit later in life for Creative Writing, but knowing I don't have to do any of that stuff, and after this quarter I could just be done - really weird feeling.

And I mean, okay. I didn't have to go to college and get a 4 year degree either, but there was never any doubt in my mind that I was going to do that, so I kind of feel like I did need to go at least that far in schooling, just to keep myself focused, educated, and a hard worker. And even though it reached a point where school started (and is) getting in the way of the things I really want to do and work on to further myself, I don't regret going. I'm managing to graduate with minimal debt and having learned a lot of really great things from a lot of really great professors.

Anyway! I am having a crisis on what classes to take next quarter. It's my last chance, so I really want to make the right choice. I was hoping I could get a little advice from you, blog readers.

I'm taking three classes. One is a research symposium class I have to take on on Love and Attraction for my major. One is an internship with the Harry Potter Alliance, and my faculty adviser has a pink mohawk and lists his WoW character and server on his staff website. Pretty awesome so far.

But for the third and final class for my duration of time at UW, I am stumped. I have three options.

1. Effects of Mass Communication. I really like classes like this; the course description talks about sexual imagery and violence in the media, and I can really get into that stuff. However, it's not really new and exciting since I tend to take a lot of classes like this, even though I haven't taken this particular class.

2. Ceramic Handbuilding. I have never taken an art class in my life, and working with clay seems like it would be a lot of fun and something really different, that I may never get the chance to try in my life if I don't do it in college. The only problem is it's majors only during registration, so I would have to cross my fingers and show up on the first day and hope the professor overloads me into the class. Also, I have never gotten to give my mom a handmade ceramic thing for Mother's day that she sets on a shelf and loves even if it sucks. I want that experience.

3. French Film. My initial plan for my third elective was to take a class that required minimal reading and writing because the reseach symposium is going to be having me write an entire thesis, which is a ton of work. My roommate PJ is also taking this film class, and we could totally spend 6 hours a week together watching awesome foreign films, which would be fun for us, and probably really interesting as well. Also, the class is only 10 people, which is sweet.

So there you have it. My three options. I'm stumped.

In other news... I'll answer formspring questions next time. xD

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Another V-Day alone. I mean with Eia.

You know it's time to write a blog post when people on twitter start begging you.

So thank you, "@KT_KIT_KAT ", because I was literally just sitting here, thinking "man, I should really write a blog post", and then seconds later I got your @ reply. So here I am, writing a post for you.

It's really nice to know I am missed, actually. It's really easy for blogging to just slip my mind, and I'M the one who writes it. So to know that when I'm not writing, you lovely blog readers notice... that means a lot.

Let's see, what did I even write about last...

Oh wow. Gas station wedding photos. That was a long time ago. I'm so sorry, blog-world.

Since then, I have done a lot of stuff. Luke and I have been scrambling to finish the next ALL CAPS album and brainstorm new inventive ways to market it, I did a huge shoot with Night Zero that included something like 80 photos taken in one day, which you can see in the current storyline at www.NightZero.com. Season 6 of LOST started up, and I became 1/4 of a episode discussion blog overe here (which may also be responsible for my lack of blogging... trying to sound intelligent 1-2 times a week on this new blog is exhausting xD).

And I went to Mexico!

I had this nagging feeling the entire time I was in Puerto Vallarta last week that I should have been pulling out my laptop each morning or night and typing up summaries of my trip, but I just didn't. For the last 3-4 years that I have had a laptop, I have always been that girl who pulls it out on vacation, hunting for wifi so I can plug in and see what's going on/what I missed on the Internet, and this time I just didn't do that. I just didn't care. For 6 days, I took a much needed, much appreciated Internet sabbatical in which I only checked my e-mail two times, for a total of about 5 minutes, just to make sure I wasn't missing anything important that was school or job related. And it felt so, so awesome.

So anyway, now I am back home and I didn't record any of the trip. I had a wonderful time, with Luke, my parents, my uncle Dale, my parents family friends Mark and Carol, their kids Carrie and Aaron, and Aaron's girlfriend Chrysta. We spent a lot of time on the beach, playing in the ocean (in the huge waves!), taking taxis and questionable buses into town, eating different Mexican foods and buying chicklets from adorable children. Luke and I intended do do some ALL CAPS stuff while we were together but ended up just putting together our final track list while swimming in a pool, and making a couple half-hearted videos. But I don't think that's a bad thing at all - we both work really hard, and just getting to have a vacation and spend time together was nice.

Now I'm home, and I'm back in the reality of my part time job and Senior Year Of College (scary and busy and complicated). I have at least two handfuls of projects, assignments and papers to sort out, I have to figure out next quarters classes and get my internship with the HPA lined up, and the ALL CAPS album art and tshirt design contest ends Monday. My friends from WWU are coming down to film a music video with Eia and I this weekend, and Sunday I have to spend another Valentine's day alone.

And by "alone", I mean at the bar with Eia, because she and I have shared the last 3 Valentine's days together. Last year we went on a shopping spree (credit cards > boyfriends?) and the year before we watched movies and ate chocolate and snuggled on the couch. This year we're both over 21 so we're going to REALLY spend this holiday right.

This is what happens when your boyfriend lives far away. Or in Eia's case, is nonexistent.

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