Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day 22: 20th Runner Up (lolz)

I feel like I did nothing with my morning, but I in fact finished my scholarship essays (with a little help from Maureen Johnson), worked a bit more on cleaning my room (this is a long and serious process), finally set up a dentist appointment (it has been awhile :/ ) and recorded something for the album.

But I also spent.. gah I don't even know how many hours lying around talking to Alex on skype video chat which is a bad little habit that I frankly don't want to kick. Internet purge does not equal boyfriend purge.

I saw pictures from the LA fiesta training session (michaelaranda and olgakay were there and it looked funnn xD) and I wonder if there will be anyone I know at the one in Seattle? I looked through all the people who were selected as agents and I recognized a pretty big handful of them from YouTube-y things, but I dont think anyone lives near me.
Anyway I get to go stay at a Sheraton in Seattle and it's going to be exciting. I just hope I will be able to successfully drive the car home by myself. Hahhaa.

Aw. I was just texting Michael to ask him how the car is (since people in different parts of the US get them at different times) and then disclosed to him that I am still nervous about driving it, and he said if he wasn't busy this week he'd drive up to Seattle and let me practice in his. Ahhh the joys of free gas.

I was in Alex's blogtv show this afternoon for about 15 minutes before I had to leave for work, and then when I was leaving (and making a dramatic exit, naturally) someone said "Oh Kristina, congrats on getting 20th runner up in Buck's Miss YouTube contest!" and even though I was running late to work I just stopped and said "WHAT?"
I left the blogtv room and raced to Michael Buckley's channel and clicked on his most recent video... sure enough, there I was, last of the runner ups but still acknowledged with 30-something votes in his list of YouTube girls. I didnt even know this was happening, so I am pretty surprised that people would even vote for me.

I am at work and I am thirsty. Also I saw 17 Again last night and I'm sorry but Zac Efron is cute. So is Mathew Perry though.

A woman just came to the window and is using a picnic basket as a purse. A wicker picnic basket.

Today's Word: Wetisher
Somebody with a fetish for moistness -Cody Hotel
(that's just... awkward)

Doctor Who: Season 3, Episode 2
The Office: Season 5, Episode 9

Subscribers: 18,020 (woo!)


hayleyghoover said...

I KNOW! I was like, "IF I HAD KNOWN KRISTINA WAS ON A LIST NEEDING VOTES, I WOULD HAVE RALLIED THE TROOPS." Imagine if we could have gotten you to beat Demi Lovato. Let's just pretend we did.

Kirto: someone who uses a picnic basket for a purse.

Catherine said...

Well congratulation on 20th runner up! Is it still runner up if you're that far down the line? Anyway, picnic basket purse? Weird. Let's hope she knows it is not normal. But maybe she strives to stand out? Done thinking now. I should be doing my own post but I'm procrastinating. I have absolutely nothing to writ about.

sicat: cat allergies; when the little kitties sneeze for no apparent reason so it must be allergies

Dee said...

Picnic basket lady is awesome. That's all I'm gonna say about that.

marmaladefires said...

unslam: the act of quietly re-opening a door, after unintentionnally closing it in a loud and angry manner.

janitorbud said...

i did NOT know we could vote. well i probably could have easily figured it out. it's not like i thought he was choosing everything by himself. but i would have voted for you!
i like the idea of having a basket as a seems rad.
haha i said rad. =P

Larangutang said...

Haha, I didn't know the Miss Youtube thing was even going on today when I watched the results. Congrats on 20th place :P

Jess said...

I voted for youuuuuu!!!!! :)

kkupcake said...

who WOULDN'T vote for you?!

Kristi said...

I voted for you, Kristina!! :)

Raven Zoe said...

totally agree about Zac Efron. ...And Matthew Perry.

easygreen said...

Hey I just wanted to say that I've been reading your blog and I really enjoy it. We incidently have a lot in common, as I too am currently in a labor and birth class. I know you haven't mentioned the class lately, but I just wanted to tell you that I saw a birth yesterday and it was awesome!! I wrote an entry about it in my livejournal if your ever bored and want to read about it. It's

Cody Hotel said...

As much as I hate to admit it, I'm actually kind of looking forward to seeing 17 Again.

And I am honoured (and slightly surprised) that you chose my word, didn't really see that coming. I guess I can take today off now.

Jordiekins said...

replar: Reptar's evil-evil (NICE!) twin.

Tara said...

Hey Kristina, I just wanted to say that I love your blog posts. They are fantastic :D

Luna Star said...

I've been reading your blog for a while now, and I thought maybe I should finally stop lurking and just comment. Anyway, congrats on the 20th runner up...I had no clue it was happening either.

Picnic basket as a purse? That strikes me as a very Luna-ish thing to do. =]

Laila said...

Every time I read picnic basket I read it the way Yogi Bear says it.
It amused me to learn that about myself since I rarely read the words "picnic basket"!

imingst: Being exceptional at IM-ing

SimplyAin said...

lesse (less-e)=the act of purging yourself of useless internet rubbish

As long as your dad isn't in the car with you driving, i have full confidence in your ability to make it home.

SimplyAin said...

PRAPI-the spike ball pokemon

PRAPI is able to siphon the negative energy off of others, and release it in times of need. Unlike its close relative TOGEPI, PRAPI's are very hard to please and tend to be very ill tempered.

when i saw this word my head became a pokedex and i couldn't help myself. There was much more, but do to laziness it will just stay in my head

partyweetow said...

I'm surprised that it's taking you so long to get through season three of Doctor Who.

EzzaPie said...

WOW HOW DO PEEPS GET SO MANY subscribers i hav like 11 soz bout caps b4 i didnt notice and im not retyping it i <3 u kristina u no wat would make me supa happy if u could mabey possibly watch just 1 of my vids that would b awesome

Nicholas said...

Well it would have been a shame if none of our fiveawesomegirls had been in the top20, right?

word: rotocka

a peculiar type of dance involving rock music and rotation of various body parts.

Michske86 said...

I'm so glad I finally managed to catch up with your blog, I was so far behind... 17posts to be correct.
I guess being sick has a positive side :)
As a comment to all these blogs from the past weeks;
- I'm looking forward to the new parselmouths album
- reading about people who are happy makes me happy too so yay for things going good between you and alex
- your eating habbits are so weird :)
- im excited to see you at summer in the city! :)
X. Michske

Prokristinator: someone who puts off kristina-related things, e.g: 'haven't you read her beda yet? You're such a prokristinator!'

Alyssa said...

haha i voted for you since i don't watch any of the people
Buck actually nominated...that's so cool that other people did too and you actually got on the list!

Allison said...

Obeast: a rather beastly overweight person.

Natalie said...

Wicknick purse - a very stylish wicker picnic basket purse, for all your pursing needs.

I like your blogs, thyey really make me laugh, as do Hayleys :)

RebeccaInTheTARDIS said...

Haha the wicker picnic basket purse made me laugh. And I liked 17 again, and even though I HATE HSM, I couldn't help thinking zac efron looked nice in a leather jacket....
Mathew Perry is too awesome.

Callidora said...

Congrats on being the 20th runner up! :o)

shice: Ice that is very shy.

hfm said...

blipping: using for your source of music [when all else fails ie: ipod/mp3/itunes library/