Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Day 29: Greatest captcha of all time

I can't believe it's almost May.

This year is going by quickly, it's nearing summer, it's nearing the end of BEDA.... to put things in perspective for you, last month I blogged 23 times, without BEDA. This month it will be 30. I wont be stopping blogging any time soon. The only difference is that loads more people read it now. Hehe.

I got an overwhelming amount of comments on my post about birth yesterday, and thank you to everyone who spoke up, even those giving differing views. I know my opinions are a little biased, but we live in a VERY biased (the other way) society so I don't think it really hurts much to see another point of view. And by saying I think midwives are great, I'm not saying SHUN hospitals. Emergencies happen and it's very important to have a backup plan or a hospital nearby in case you DO need special medical care. Cesareans are necessary sometimes. :)

In other news, I found out yesterday that my Grandmother reads my blog. Hi Grandma!
I am very surprised by this fact, as I didn't even know my grandparents knew what blogs were. I'm a little embarrassed now; I hope I never said anything I wouldn't want my grandparents reading. xD

I got a comment on one of my videos yesterday saying this:

"GringaVsNapoleon: your really pale just an observation but its not your fault you do live in seattle"

First of all, THANK YOU for telling me. Gosh, imagine, walking around all this time not knowing I was pale. And how gracious of you, not blaming me for this huge flaw of mine. And speaking of, what IS this elusive "sun" thing I always hear about? Since, you know, we Seattlites have never experienced it ever.


Maybe I don't believe in going to tanning beds or roasting in the sun. Maybe I just appreciate having skin and couldn't really care less what color it is. Pale. Okay. Observation noted.

If you missed the announcement on YouTube, I've released a new album called "Songs in the Key of Email" (non harry potter music - it's essentially just nerd-rock) with Luke Conard and you can buy it here. :D
Our band is called "ALL CAPS" and I am pretty excited about it.

Also, yesterday when Alan Lastufka commented on my blog post about babies and childbirth, he had what MUST go down in history as THE FUNNIEST captcha code of all time (click on it to really get the full effect):

Now I am off to the dentist (blech) and I am not looking forward to it because they always hurt my gums. :(

Today's Word: Neramopey
To be sad because you miss Alex Day. -VicMorrowsGhost
(It just made me lol)

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pele-amelika said...

How about we have the truth instead of extremist views from either end? That's what I vote for.

Kristina said...

I don't think I ever said anything that wasn't the truth.

pele-amelika said...

It was more stretching the truth rather than an accurate unbiased viewpoint, as you stated in this blog entry. I've done quite a lot of research on c-sections for a project I did last year and statements like,

"Doctors will suggest a Cesarean at the drop of the hat, as a preventative method in a long labor when there might not be anything wrong with the baby at all"

are blanket statements that aren't applied to all doctors, among other things that were posted.

It's good to have dialogue about the subject because you are right in that c-section rates in this country are too high...but it's not to be lumped into one area of healthcare's fault.

Wishing you well.

alanlastufka said...

Yes! Made it into a Kristina blog. And been in a few Hayley blogs. Next, take over the world!

I wish my grabdparents would read my blog, then I wouldn't have to call them once a month and try to explain what I do with all my time...

No epic captchas today... maybe tomorrow.

Thomas Close said...

Hi Kristina! My grandparents read my blog too. At first, I would think about what I'd say. Then, it dawned on me that it was my blog and they didn't have to read it if something did offend them. Fortunately, that hasn't happened yet.

Also, I don't think you did anything wrong in your birth post. You were able to admit your own bias and should be allowed to speak your mind.

Elizabeth said...

I actually think pale skin is more attractive than tan skin.

profoundpasta said...

1. a cheesy spanish bear

regarding the first comment on this post and your last post in general:
i see their point [and yours of course]. I think it's just because you generalized all doctors into one category, instead of providing useful food for thought, it was more of a scare tactic. I can't imagine that every single doctor will encourage a Cesarean,especially just because their shift is ending. Some doctors are good guys too...

You do bring up points that are true for an unfortunately large group though, and I liked your comparison of surgery v birth.

Catherine said...

I have pale skin too. Although right now it's red because I never apply enough sunscreen.

Jordiekins said...

uncer: the cure for cancer. Liane cures AIDs? So what? Kristina's blog cures cancer.

I don't care if you're pale. Does anyone, really? Pfffft. People these days...

Ava said...

Why should it matter if you or I is pale. Even when I'm not completely pale only my arms and face have sun. I guess that is what you get when you are a civil engineer working an internship with the transportation department.

Melody said...

I don't understand this thing with some people and thinking pale skin is bad. I think it looks beautiful! I think anyone's natural skin color is beautiful and it just looks weird if they try hard to make it darker.. or even those who try bleaching their skin. It doesn't look nice.
Go pale!

Marie said...

I could never figure out what was so bad about pale skin. I'm perfectly happy with mine!

If my grandparents read my blog, I'd be cast out of the family. Well, on one side at least. They think they know me, but they really don't- my views on certain issues wouldn't be considered "acceptable".

Anyway, as strange as it sounds, I really love reading your blog. Even if I'm in a bad mood, it can make me laugh, and sometimes it's rather informative. Either way, I'm glad you don't plan on stopping blogging regularly because BEDA will be over :)

chnny: a Chipotle junkie

Kelly said...

Well.. us withe pale skin... don't really have to worry about skin cancer as along as we wear sunblock! :]

Kaitlyn said...

People who tell you really obvious things as if you didn't know them make me go Aaaaaaaarrrrrgggghh!!! So much so that I devoted an entire VEDA vlog to the subject.

Also, pale skin rocks.

ash-chan said...

My Grandma doesn't read my blog but she is on facebook and msn constantly. Its funny because my dad cant work his computer much and my mum is and IT manager who hates computers.

Nothing wrong with pale skin at least its not orange tangoed

rustandthestardust said...

i do wish that summer would begin in the northwest. the days that alternate between sun and rain and sun and rain make me feel bipolar.

erin meagan said...

HAHAHAHAH. that captcha code is fabulous.

Oceansurferg said...

I know what you mean about not writing a lot of blog posts. One time I posted for two weeks in a row, and I was so proud of myself. Although I wish people would read it haha :)

teraffes: Tariff's that giraffes get.

Alena said...

I actually found you on youtube bc of "Mrs. Nerimon," & a little after that found your blog. So... in a nutshell, I've been lurking & reading it a little before BEDA. And I must say, I really do look forward to your blogs everyday. Just wanted to say that ;) Also: is it creeper that I'm super happy for you & Alex to see each other again in a few days? Your countdown at the bottom of every entry makes me smile bigtime.

Your new CD sounds amazing, from the snippets I heard from your new video :D

kitashi said...

That is a hilarious capture! XD

Lurker I may be, but I must say that from watching your videos and reading this, you never forget to be awesome.

Have a wonderful, I guess it would be night now ^^; And congrats on your new albums (for both ALL CAPS and The Parselmouths) ^^ Your zombie song sounds awesome and I can't wait to get Durmstrang Boy when that is available, as it rocketed its way to the top of my all time favorite Wrock songs.

Also, some odd words and definitions, all of which I swear were word verifications on either your blog or on John Green's today XD:

1)Wendiza - Godzilla's little sister

2)indober - the act of being inside a Doberman

3)Dermi - a determined member of the Nermie army XD

VicMorrowsGhost said...

YESSSS! 3rd Word of the day! *happydance

Tanning ages you and increases your risk of cancer. Mocking people for having pale skin is basically mocking them for not trying to look old and get cancer. Dumb.

Fiestalousy: To be jealous of someone winning a Ford Fiesta. :P

Hakeber said...

That's hilarious, because it's been SUNNY in Seattle for most of the last couple weeks! COME ON PEOPLE, RAIN IS NOT THE ONLY WEATHER WE GET IN THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST. We've had a very nice spring so far. I hate people/books called "Twilight" that subscribe to this obnoxious stereotype that we get nothing but overcast and rainy here.

EzzaPie said...

i was realy sad cause i thought beda was ova then i relized i live in australia and we r a day ahead of u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo yay

Bianca23 said...

I have pale skin also and every spring/summer I get comments from people (most of the time, people I don't even know). They really think I'm some sort of hermit, sitting inside the house all day without seeing any sun. I mean, yeah so I have pale skin but so what? People's obsession with appearance nowadays is crazy.

Only 5 days until you'll see Alex! Is it strange that I'm really excited for you two? <3

the_who_ru said...

The only pale skin that bothers me is my own. It really doesn't matter what other people's skin is like. If they choose to look after it (which you clearly do :)) or not is up to them.

I'd never really known much about Caesarean sections until your blog post; I learned a lot from it. That said, I've generally enjoyed reading your BEDA as you usually have really interesting things to say, the Caesarean post being a prime example.

Finawe: The state of being in awe of a finned being.

the_who_ru said...

PS. I'm really pleased for you and Alex that you'll be back together soon. Hope you have a lovely time together. :)

Nicholas said...

I always go overboard when anti-biasing people... I exaggerate situations just because I want them to see the other side... anyway.

Bias can a good thing. As are opinions. :)

Emily said...

aw i remember when i was little my dad and i would always go to the tulip festivals

Vickee said...

You’re pale? What? You seem normal to me; maybe this GringaVsNapoleon is just absurdly tan. =p

This comment is 6 days late but whatever.

I never actually realized how much overwhelming sun I get in Florida until I moved to Issaquah. I was kind of the odd one out because I was so tan. Then when I moved back to Florida my friends were shocked at how pale I was and I hadn’t even noticed. It's interesting how "pale" could be the norm in one place and "tan" in the other. I personally preferred the pale. It seems 'normal' to me regardless of location considering if you have to deliberately spend a ton of time outside to get tan.


Stward Campbell said...

and I cannot believe it is almost January, this year had gone by so quickly!, I cannot believe I have worked at 4rx for four years, amazing how time flies!