Thursday, April 2, 2009

Day 2: Fans rule.

This is the blog post in which I praise fans/general people on youtube.

I know this isn't the case everywhere, but I find over and over that the people in the nerdfighter/harry potter/fiveawesome community are some of the most amazing, wonderful people ever. The comments I receive daily on videos and my blogs and twitter are just - ahh. You guys are so great.

And maybe this is giving me a skewed perception of the world... because I doubt the general masses are as kind of supportive, loyal and helpful as all of you are. But if I enjoy living in this little bubble, so thank you.

An example:
It warms my heart when I go to read comments on a new video I've posted and see there is a comment that has been hidden because it already has 17 red thumb downs, and 5-6 comment replies saying things like "If you dont have anything nice to say, go away!"
I can't believe my subscribers would go so far as to look for mean hate comments in my videos and personally tell them off themselves on my behalf. I would never even have to READ mean comments if I didnt want to because my subscribers chase them away with burning torches and pitchforks. But, naturally curious, I usually cant help myself and click them anyway. Youtube has given me tough skin and seeing "ur so ugly get a paper bag 4 ur next vid, slut" just makes me chuckle.

But I am here to tell you about the HATER WHO CHANGED HIS WAYS.
I was reading over comments on "Mrs. Nerimon" and I saw this guy had left a few rather mean, childish comments, and as usual my subscribers had done their best to make him feel like an idiot. What's different about this particular situation is that a few days later, the same guy CAME BACK and left ANOTHER comment saying "Wow, I'm sorry. I realize I was out of line in what I said and apologize for any offense I may have caused."

And he wasn't being sarcastic!
So, comment cops, there IS hope in the world. We can turn haters in care-ers, one username at a time. :D

Also, I received this message on YouTube this morning:

"Sooo there's really not a point to this message, however I stumbled across your blog today and thought you might like something to reply to when you're bored at work. Anyway, have a good day and try not to be bored out of your mind.


I am just overwhelmed with how sweet people can be. That people read in my blog "I'm bored at work and this is where I reply to youtube messages to pass the time" and so someone would think "Okay cool, I'll send her a youtube message then". *love*

I keep hearing about this infamous blogtv show Maureen Johnson held when I was at work (sigh) and I wish I didnt have such a busy life so I could join in the epic fun of regular blogtv hanging-out. :(

I suppose I will just plug Maureen's book and cross my fingers that school, work, album recording, and learning to drive a stick will all step aside and bestow upon me a bit of time with which I can do as I please. :D


Two days of BEDA come and gone; this is easy. <3


IFTBA said...

omg, internet loophole - I can comment on your BLOG and get noticed. Hi. ^.^

(verification word: "pallcoco" hmm)

Tesni said...

I had to leave the epic blogtv show to sleep :( It was 1:28am and I was tired.

You are lucky to have such lovely subscribers. :)

Hope all is going well with Alex, seeing my LDR bf tomorrow in Cornwall. Yay!

Elizabeth... said...

I missed the epic show too...
I'm loving your in-depth blogs so far little bits of life analysis are fun!

Edit, the captcha code for this comment is "anguzzle", what a crazy word!

partyweetow said...

I STILL haven't read Suite Scarlett. I even saw it at the library yesterday, but for whatever reason, I decided to check out a book of Allen Ginsberg's poetry.

Christie said...

Gaah I missed the Blog TV show too. Silly library, not letting me play video while I'm at work there, haha.

But yay for awesome people chasing away/converting the haters! :)

Anonymous said...

I agree, your fans are awesome! Hope your week keeps improving!

Ariel said...

Maybe someday we'll be able to turn the whole world into care-ers!
(Okay, that might be a little unrealistic, but it's a nice thought.)

I would also be entirely willing to help you escape boredom, if you help me procrastinate on occasion. Deal?

Mush said...

Hi Kristina. Love the blogs and blog every day april just means more of them. Can I ask your opinion on something (and of the others here too) - I've heard so much about Maureen Johnson and am very intrigued but as a 30 year old male I'm not sure her books would be for me. Are they worth delving into or are they very much focused on the teen "market"?

Dana Vlahos. said...
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Dana Vlahos. said...

I agree, the youtube community is filled with some of the nicest people I've ever come to know. :D
Verification word: Blegonin.
Blegonin: A verb used to describe the process of noises and movements a person makes when getting the frog out of their throat in the morning.
Like, my science teacher asked me a question today, and I started to answer but I had the raspy voice of a grandpop. So do my process of coughing and what not, and after he smiles and says "What was that?" and I simply reply, slightly embarrassed, "Sorry; I was blegonin. I'm better now."

Hope you had a good day Kristina, see you tommorow! x]

Anonymous said...

Oh, silly insane YouTube haters. I have no more to say, but feel I should. But, uh,..

Anonymous said...

If a agree that your fan//subsribers are awesome, am I calling myself awesome?


just letting you know I love your blogs, and Im definitely a person who thumbs down haters


Hakeber said...

Comment Cops save the world on a daily basis. Yessss.

Anonymous said...

"This is easy", she says. Oy. I nearly didn't get my blog up last night because my friends kept distracting me.

Of course, it doesn't help that I'm doing both BEDA and VEDA.

Vutarie said...

your subscribers are indeed awesome. and yay for hope

Jordon said...

What I love about the internet is that it enables people utterly lacking in social skills, and appropriate facial gestures and body language et cetera, to stand a chance as having their remarks that mean well actually be interpreted as meaning well, as opposed to creepy and out outlandishly inappropriate.

Of course, what I often dislike about internet communication is that it's often taken as metaphor-free.

How many lovers (because "meaning-wellers" just doesn't have a ring to it) are maced in the face and kneed in the groin "IRL" and how many haters are just poor users of metaphor...or even people simply bound to chronically bad days?

Whatever the case,
you have an army at your command and you sure make a great commander-in-chief.

Peace and love.