Friday, April 17, 2009

Day 17: Finding yourself.

Sometimes I have loads of interesting things to talk about.

Sometimes I just don't.

Ummm. I am sitting in a cafe at my university eating a big fun salad that I think was way too expensive because I was charged by the oz?

I like baby corn and cottage cheese in my salad. And mushrooms. And black olives. And egg slices. And I snuck some pesto pasta salad in there as well...... okay maybe I wasn't overcharged. xD

Oh this is exciting. Yesterday I bought my airfare to London this summer for my study abroad/European adventure. Thank god for frequent flier miles. I cannot believe I am only 21 and I already had enough frequent flier miles to buy a trip to London. I will officially be there from July 28 to September 23! I also plan on visiting Edinburgh (because Eia will be studying there), and hopefully Ireland and Italy as well. I am so excited.

I was just in one of my classes which is kind of a philosophy/theory class but not quite, but we were talking about Gadamer and the circle of hermeneutics. That makes it sound a like more technical and intense than what I am about to say haha. Basically my teacher was talking about how you can't make something from nothing, and anything we learn comes from the fore-meanings we have from our own experiences and history.
He said "This is why no one just goes out to sit in nature to learn about themselves. You learn who you are by how you interact with the world."

This just made me chuckle because I had this friend in high school who was really struggling with self-identity, and he kept telling me that he was going to hike deep into the woods to sit in solitude and "find himself".
This always infuriated me, and I told him, over and over, "You can't FIND yourself. Your self isn't some where in the woods, crouched behind a tree, waiting for you to stumble upon him. You have to MAKE yourself. If you sit in the woods you're just wasting time and in fact HIDING from yourself."

So, I had a very smug moment in class today when a college professor essentially said to a room of college students what I said in rage to a friend of mine when I was 17. ^^

This salad is so good that I think I am going to stop typing now and enjoy it.

Edit: Funny exchange I just had with Alex over email:

Him - "The Parselmouths has a Gryffin and a Ravie and we just need a Huffle to change your name to The Everyone Is Welcome Band"
Me - EXCUSE ME. This is still an evil band thank you very much. You're just as bad as Eia. I still can't believe we have a song about Hermione on our next album. SHE'S WHINEY LIKE A CAT.


Today's word: Manomedi
The word used to describe the kind of happy you are when a boy you like makes you feel better (like happy pills of the boy variety). Opposite of "manthrax", where a boy you like makes you feel like crap. -lanna-lovely

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Raven Zoe said...

"whiney like a cat" lmaolmaolmao
also, i demand both of you start using "Ravie" to describe me from this moment on.

Catherine said...
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Catherine said...

Who doesn't love baby corn? I don't think you can find yourself out in the woods either. Like Thoreau at Walden Pond, I just don't think it works that way.

Also, the new Parselmouth pins look fantastic!

ghtSAT: the sound you make when you're finally done with the SATs.
pronounced anyway you like as long as it is emphasized by frustration

Stephy said...

ahh youre coming to edinburgh? i live in the city centre for uni and im sure youll love it. the royal mile and the grassmarket are so full of history, i love it. xx

Jess said...

I want a Parslemouth pin! But I'm not going to Leaky of SF! :(

John said...

Coming to Ireland omg that would be so awesome I could so be your tour guide!!!! The new pins look really lovely!!!

Btw was that confirmation that alex is in the band ?!?! Awesome! I thought he was strixenhoot

janitorbud said...

she has frumpy hair.
is it a song making hermione seem nice? or is it like "what kind of name is hermione?"

Anonymous said...

pokylogr: The "txt-tlk" abbreviation for "poke you longer"! as in,
Person A: *pokes*;

And Kristina, I want your salad.
Really bad.

VicMorrowsGhost said...

I found my self, I'd fallen between the cushions on the couch.

Manthrax! lol Is it like Girlorrhea?

Inatall : When you reach something on a high shelf you didn't think you could reach.

"She didn't think she could reach the cookies but her inatall proved sufficient."

Nicholas said...

Finding yourself has nothing to do with sitting in a forest. You can as well find yourself while baking cookies or cleaning out the garage. However, it's not the interaction with the world that let's you find yourself, it's the realization that the world is nothing more than an extention of your true self.
So in truth, your current location or activity has nothing to do with it. It's the fact that "you" do it that makes it possible.
Making sense? I don't know...

I'm still hoping to attend summer in the city :)

Word: hysty. a terrible attempt of trying to cutify the word hysterical "god, your so hysty today", which might actually bring the such described person to hit you. repeatedly. and deserved.

Maddy said...

That salad looks delicious!

Wogrum- the act of being woeful and grumpy simultaneously.

Anonymous said...

Those new pins are just adorable. Hee, WHINEY LIKE A CAT!

foride- a way of saying that you have just recieved glasses; four-eyed

Lady: What's that on your face?!

Me: I've just be FORIDE!

Molly said...

"This is why no one just goes out to sit in nature to learn about themselves. You learn who you are by how you interact with the world."

Does this mean that the world wouldn't exist if humans weren't here? Why can't interacting with nature count as interacting with the world?

mollygrace said...

Hey you're going to Edinburgh that's awesome, I love it there.
You could go to the Elephant Cafe. Its where JK Rowling wrote (some of/all of not sure) Harry Potter :) We felt so special going in there when we went there during the festival :)

I love baby corn too

Strot: A type of strut that involves a hop every third step

Anonymous said...

:P i agree with alex!! :) we are slowly going to turn this band around....