Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Day 8: Birthdays.

Today I don't know whether I should feel elated or sad.

One of my best friends and my boyfriend (Sam Friedman and Alex Day respectively) are celebrating birthdays and I cant see either one of them today. It's my own decision that my best friends live so very far away from me, and usually that's pretty okay by me because I would never sacrifice the relationships I have with amazing people for mere convenience of friends who are a little nearer by, but it's really frustrating on birthdays. I have to send birthday tweets and text messages and post birthday videos; twiddle my thumbs and hope it's enough.

I'm missing both of them a lot today. It's only been 2 weeks since I last saw Alex, but I haven't seen Sam since early December. And before that, she and I spent basically every day together for 3 months. Gaaah.
I'm seeing her at LeakyCon and we've already decided that when we first see each other, other people probably shouldn't be within a 2 block radius. We dont want any casulaties in the insane hugfest that will commence.

Today is day 3 of zombies vs. humans but I dont think I am going on campus at all, so I am going to have to work extra hard tomorrow to make a kill so I dont "starve" and can continue to play.
I dreamed last night that I made like 3 awesome consecutive kills but then I woke up and remembered I am not that stealthy or skilled.

I have been power marathoning the Office. It's only 10 AM and I have already watched 4 episodes. I can't stop. I feel like I NEED Jim and Pam scenes. Hahaha. Not that I really plan on having a bad breakup (or any breakup) ever again, but I feel like if I did, Jim and Pam could help mend my broken heart. Well, maybe.
And anything Jim does to Dwight just cracks me up. I think one of my favorite parts so far is when Jim puts all Dwight's stuff in the vending machine and he has to buy it back with nickels. xD
I am on episode 2 of Season 3, and I am rather proud of myself because this is the fastest I have ever done a catch-up of a tv show I didnt already watch from the beginning on tv. In fact, it's really the only time. I attempted Arrested Development but I am still on Season 1. And Doctor Who I am putting on hold until I finish the Office.

I used to pride myself on not really watching much tv. Oops.

Today I work 3-8:30 and I dont think I am going to get out of bed until the very last possible minute.

Also earlier, I tweeted this:
To which John Green replied:
@KristinaHorner wait wait. Happy Birthday @nerimon or you love @nerimon? made me chuckle.

Today's Word: Destioni
Ravioli that you're destined to eat. -hayleyghoover
Hayley sucked up in order to get me to pick her word, and demanded special treatment as my friend. Little did she show, I think this word is TERRIFIC and would have picked it this time anyway. Don't you feel silly now, Hoover?

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A said...

Word vertification: Fripsts.
Pronounced: Fripsitis.
Definition: The ailment that occurs to a teenage girl caused by too many guys with frizzy, flippy hair in one room.

Al said...

That really sucks about not being able to be with your friends. I'm in the same boat as you are and it definitely sucks that time of year. Especially on holidays like Christmas, that one is also a bummer.
But Jim and Pam can help any bad mood.

Catherine said...

First a little background. I live in a small, extremely boring suburb just south of Pittsburgh called South Park. There is nothing in South Park at all except a very large park with many groves that are good for just chilling.

SPhang: the act of hanging around South Park
Example- "Do you want to go SPhang in Seattle grove?"

We actually did have a Seattle grove until it burned down last year. We still blame the Catholic high school kids who are our rivals.

Pam said...

Stois: the act of being stoic. He stoised so much he died.

Whoops, I forgot to actually type that in, so I get another one:

Ovests: The most oven

My GE oven is the ovests oven ever.

Ginny said...

Hello, Kristina! ^_^I watch your videos, but just started reading your blogs.

ah the office! i have no time to watch it while i'm at school so i'm a bit behind in the fifth season. but just wait until "stress relief" it is dwight at his best.

and arrested development is SO GOOD. if you get around it watching it, you'll get this whole new appreciation for Michael Cera:)

sincerely, ems. said...

ahhh, ever since I watched yr birthday collab this morning, I have had Mrs.Nerimon in my head(:

hayleyghoover said...


Mathgirl said...

hyroni - macaroni eaten at high altitudes

While climning Mount Everest we ate some hyroni.

erin meagan said...

destioni! i love it!

CRUNKRacoon said...

rofl @ hayley's word. pure genius

Word Verification: Shiptisc

Meaning: A stroke or fibrillation in the heart caused by excessive emotion over Youtube shipping.

Example: "Marlene totally went shiptisc when she heard that Kristina and Alex were dating."

Katy said...

God I love the Office. I own all seasons currently available on DVD. It's my obsession... and my curse.

Word --
nontur: opposite of conjuncture; a series of events based on completely random happenstance.

Jordiekins said...

trangle: the act of choking someone with a triangle.

Jordiekins said...

Oh, and your life kind of reminds me of the book I'm currently reading, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. It's kind of cool.

also, acter: a fake actor?

Dana Vlahos. said...

Ick. :/ I'm sorry you can't see them on their birthday's. And when you're feeling blue, not only are Jim and Pam an immense help, but so is cookie dough ice cream and childhood movies.

Remble: A memory that resembles another you had during you're single digit years. See also 'Deja Vu'.

Marie said...

I know how that is, being far from your friends. My closest friend is three days older than me, so we used to celebrate our birthdays together...that is, the couple times I lived near her. Now I only get to see her a couple times a year.

I hope you really enjoy your time with them when you do see them, though. It's always worth it to see them smiling in person!

Inglewo- the process of wooing a little girl on the prairie

pottercake said...

I love you. If anyone is struck by the blast at LeakyCon, we should not be held responsible for their injuries.

Sarah Arant said...

The Office is great through season 4. The current season is absolutely DREADFUL and since you are watching the earlier seasons, your soul will feel like it died when you watch season 5.
2 and 3 are the best. I love Jim and Pam, and all things Jim does to Dwight. So much.

GEORGINA said...

Lambl: the cuteness explosion that occurs when one handles a newborn lamb.

Lindsey said...

The word 'birthday' has the taste of having eaten too much cake :p

crove - n. the cavern through which Harry and Dumbledore passed to get to the cave where they retrieved R.A.B.'s locket.

Jennifer said...

I completely understand what you mean. My boyfriend lives in Sheffield, England. It's so hard not being able to celebrate holidays together. But I wouldn't trade him for a guy who was closer for a million dollars!

sarahlynch said...

brapped: the act of being bravely swapped.
Hm, not creative, eh?

lanna-lovely said...

Word: Anniumi (ah-nee-oo-me!)
Definition: A greeting used by dorks (Dorkese? Dorkian? Dorkan? Dorkish? Hmm, I like that one)
Non-dork: Hey
Dork: Anniumi!
Non-dork: Wtf?
Dork: You just don't speak Dorkish, do you? You disappoint me!

...Okay, that one sucks, but anniumi is really fun to say (especially if you say it fast) and hello/hey/hi/*insertrandomgreetingwordhere* are all really commonly said words, so making it mean that gives me an excuse to say it a lot! XD

fashionphilosophy said...

Kristina, no book updates!? x(
I would love to know what you've been reading lately (:

My word: Mockolate
Things that look like chocolate, but really aren't chocolate / Chocolate that tastes really bad. "What is this mockolate!?

waffleshouse said...

anylatow- the random button at Starbucks great for any coffee lover who like to try new stuff.

Computers in boring situations always suck. After I am done with this comment I am going to read all of your past blogs b/c after reading your BEDA entries I have realized that stalking you on youtube and twitter is not enough.