Monday, April 27, 2009

Day 27: Wasted Opportunity

I was going to tell you fun facts from birth class today but we mostly just talked about ethics.
I still found it all fascinating but I don't really want to get into heavy discussion about women's rights and why hospitals arent the best places to have your babies here on my blog today.

Maybe another day.

In SUPER AWESOME news, I officially caught up on the Office today. The next episode I have to watch will be whatever new one airs on television. I am pretty proud of myself... I don't think I have watched an entire show that quickly since I caught up on the first eleven months of Brotherhood 2.0. (Not to brag but I watched January-November's videos from 2007 WHILE doing Nanowrimo in 2007. I think sometimes that I am part machine.)

Someone left me this comment on my 5AG video today:

"I seriously don't mind your repeating of stories, in the blog we don't get to see the absolutely awesome hand gestures you make : )"

Here are some nice had gestures to make this blog feel a little more like how I generally talk.


Okay, anyway. Tonight I was lying around in my room (probably watching the Office, I dont remember now) and then I heard the unmistakable tinkly ice cream man truck noise AGAIN. I already had ice cream once today, and I wasn't in the mood for running, but let me tell you, the feeling you get when you hear that music and don't chase after it is CRUMMY. That, my friends, is the feeling of wasted opportunity.

I am going to be announcing really exciting news on YouTube tomorrow so keep an eye on your subscription boxes. :D

Today's Word: Fanghbl
An excited fangirl that can't seem to hit the right keys on the keyboard.

Doctor Who: Season 3, Episode 3
Days until Alex gets here: 7

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Melody said...

Yay you used my word! I feel special.
I'd actually like to hear about why hospitals aren't good to have your babies in and stuff like that. I enjoy those kinds of topics.
I'll be watching for your exciting news, whatever that is. Yee!

loveacrosstheocean said...

I agree, I'm curious about the hospital/delivery topic.

Leah said...

What's worse is when you have to ask permission from your mom to go to the ice cream truck, and you are DENIED.

Not that I'm bitter.

promb: That uncomfortable hot, sticky feeling you get when forced to dance too close to your peers in layers of formal clothing... as though you're back in the womb at prom.

Name: Moo said...

I agree! I'm now really intrigued as to why you shouldn't have your baby in the hospital... please remember to share that! :)

Dingliby: the sound of a wasted opportunity driving by with a dingle...

Leesa said...

I hear the cargo bay of planes is another non-ideal place to have a baby. Or an American Antarctic research station. That would probably suck, too.

Nicholas said...

I have done that "catching up" thing with tv shows in the past... though I would call it unhealthy excessive compulsive gluttonous tv marathoning. but catching up sounds much more friendly ;)

bitingul. alternative, more accurate word for seagull.

MegTao said...

In my women studies class we did part of a lecture on how motherhood and the birth place has become male controlled and that the women's method of healing has been pushed aside. I honestly didn't understand the part where giving birth in a hospital wasn't the best/right thing, so I'd love to hear about what you were taught.

Bianca23 said...

I also would love to hear the story about the babies and the hospital. Here in the Netherlands, most women deliver their babies at home, in their own bedroom. I think that's so much better then at the hospital.

I'm really curious about the special anouncement!!

brookerochelle said...

That's really cool. You can I caught up on the Office on the same day! I did my happy dance when I finished, but then I realized I have to wait just like everyone else and I can't just click: next episode for the next one. Ah, this might be tortue. I need more Michael.

janitorbud said...

you have a countdown? i really <3 you too. and i love the word of the day
and the picture of you talking. haha
i've never had an icecream truck. i'm the only kid on my when i was little i never had the experience of an icecream truck sound.

Sean said...

Before Doctor Who/Torchwood/Sarah Jane Adventures I hadn't been much of a show marathoner, but now I've also done Firefly, and am currently working on Buffy (on a Joss kick). Next up is probably Battlestar Galactica.

When I was younger we used to live on the same street as an ice-cream man, so luckily we never had to worry about missing it.