Friday, April 1, 2011

BEDA 1: Playlist Day 2!

Today is the first day of BEDA! Instead of getting emotional and talking about what BEDA means to me or something cheesy like that, I'm going to just right in to the next day of Playlist Live. So here goes!

Saturday ----

Luke and I had to get up really early to sound check, which was fine, except that they didn't have a certain cable that we needed -- so they
told us to come back Sunday morning (even earlier ew) to do it then. It was too late to try to go back to sleep though, so we splurged at
the buffet and had a nice ALL CAPS breakfast before meeting up with any of our other friends. I had a lot of bacon. :D

I'm losing track of everything we did that day, but I think the next thing on the agenda was a little Partner meet up where we watched
YouTube friends of ours (such as Freddie Wong and Corey Vidal) talk about things we already knew from them, but wanted to support them
anyway. Then Luke and I had an appointment to film our part of an official Playlist Live music video, which is absolutely ridiculous and
I can't wait to see it. I don't want to spoil the surprise, but I will tell you we did our part hanging out of the sunroof of a swanky car.

Then we had a bit of free time so it was TIME FOR THE POOL. We headed down with Brittany and Joey and then once we were down there, we met up with Hayley. The weather was beautiful, the pool was amazing, and remembering what the weather is like back home in Seattle, well, I really appreciated the time we had there. :) Hayley and I got to have a nice little heart to heart as well, which is always nice.

After pool time we went back to the main convention room to watch Mike Lombardo play (Alex and Jason were his backup band). He was great, as always. Luke and I trolled a little right in the front row (when we weren't playing in the bouncy castle). I don't remember the time frame on this, but at some point in the night I also battled DaveDays on this giant inflatable jousting arena thing and totally owned him. Feeling pretty good about that. Wheezywaiter's band Driftless Pony Club played that night as well, which was awesome to see. I love Craig, and we are on the same label, but I'd never actually heard his band before surprisingly.

That night there was an official dance party, which was obbbbbviously a highlight. It wasn't quite as big or as crazy as our normal wizard
rock dance parties, but dancing with friends is always going to be fun.

Then we hopped right over to night two of the VIP party, only that night, they were making FLIPBOOKS. FOR FREE. Seriously. Like, you grabbed some silly props, got in front of a camera, moved around for 6 seconds, then they printed it out and MADE IT INTO A FLIPBOOK. It was so awesome. Luke and I did a pretty good ALL CAPS one, and then I did a really hilarious one with Jason and Jimmy that involved us all falling onto the ground at the end. Typical.

That night Luke and I both made the decision to turn in a little early. Having to wake up early AGAIN and knowing we had our show the
next day.. It just seemed like a good idea. I was glad for it, because Sunday was incredible. :D

Until tomorrow!

Flights taken: 6
Pokémon Gym badges: 4
Oshawott level: 27


thatothergrace said...

YAY for BEDA! :)

also, I think I'm acctually the first comment. I feel so awesome. :)

Van Herrmann said...

Great start to BEDA, Kristina! Looking forward to reading these daily blogs :) DFTBA

OctopusFromMars said...

I wish I could have got to Playlist Live! Everything I've read about it made it sound SO amazing!!

Matt Johnson said...

I'm excited for BEDA this year. Great first post for it. You're definitely ahead of me in Pokemon. I just got my first gym badge.

loveisthenewpunk said...

Playlist Live sounds like so much fun! Will you post a vid of your flipbooks?

~Alison said...

sounds amazingly fun

Stevie said...

I'm so glad that you are doing BEDA again. It is nice to see these blogs daily. :D Anyways, playlist live sounds like it was a lot of fun and I'd love to see those flipbooks in a video if you have them!


AndryaJade said...

Yay BEDA! I'm doing it too! :D

Amy said...

I think I might try BEDA even thought writing isn't really my thing. I am super excited to read your posts! Sounds like playlist was a ton of fun- can't wait to read more!

Nia Cooper said...

KRISTINA how do you feel about Luke doing a video with Meekakitty?

Anjali said...

Yayy for BEDA :) Everyone who is doing it this year has really inspired me to give it a go. Although I kind of decided it this morning that I would, so I'm already a day behind XD; But oh well. Blog Every Day in April! (except the first day because I hadn't made up my mind.)

nelamonster said...

Hello fellow BEDA-er! I wish I could be there...

Manar said...

I am glad that you're doing BEDA Kristina, because I love reading your blog.

It sounds like Playlist Live was freaking awesome. I can't wait to see the music video. :)

RhianonLives said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time! Oh YUM I love buffet breakfast, I always end up eating the same thing but for some reason knowing I could choose anything I wanted to makes my day!
Good luck BEDAing!

It's me said...

you inspired me to attempt BEDA for the first time.
Thanks for the inspiration

Greck said...

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