Sunday, April 10, 2011

BEDA 10: Sand everywhere.

I am trying to fit in as much blogging as I can between lunch and more beach time. Everyone is around me right now putting on sunscreen and re-inflating beach toys, but here I am typing away on my iPad because blogging is IMPORTANT.

After a lot of swimming and floating and splashing and tanning and general beach-ing yesterday, everyone came back to the hostel to pretty themselves up. We got to take this party bus from the hostel to the college which was amazing -- they supplied us with wine and tunes and like the dorks we are, we spent most of the ride either filming each other for the plethora of VEDA vlogs happening on this trip, or trying to do flips on the bar that ran across the ceiling of the vehicle. While it was moving. Yup.

Last nights show was really fun. (This is the part of the blog where I had to stop writing because everyone else was heading out for breakfast and beach day #2)
So now, post beach... The show was really awesome. Everyone at the Miami Yule Ball really took the theme to heart and looked incredible. I don't think I have seen people that well dressed since my high school prom, honestly. I had a pretty intense night, being on stage three different times. First Kayley and I were up for the live interactive Fiveawesomegirls show. We were kind of nervous, because fiveawesomegirls is something that was never meant to BE live, but it ended up working out really well. We had this giant die (it was something like a foot by a foot in size) that we rolled to see which challenges we'd do, and had a really great time doing onstage twister and answering surprisingly inappropriate questions during our Q&A. People in Miami are NOSEY.

The Parselmouths set went well too, and having everyone dance with us for "Voldemort Fangirl", our closing song, always brings back a ton of nostalgia from the old Parselmouths days.

Ministry of Magic and The Remus Lupins played next, which is always awesome, and ALL CAPS closed out the night, and for some reason Luke and I were being extra goofy onstage, so I might even say it was one of my favorite ALL CAPS shows. :)

On the party bus ride back to our hostel Erinn busted out some glow sticks, which was just necessary, aaaand today was pretty much just food and beach, all day. And volleyball games. We all came back to wash the sand off our bodies before dinner, so I'm taking this time to finish up my blog while everything is still fresh. I'm having such a good time here with my friends. I feel like everything is so stressful and hectic at home right now... Having my friends from all over the country be able to just come and spend this weekend together has really been the best.

Flights taken: 7
Gym badges in Pokemon: 6
Oshawott level: 37


Manar said...

That sounds quite amazing. :)
Friends and fun and beaches and party buses always make for a good time.

I hope that the rest of your time in Miami is equally awesome!

Aaaaaand, I love reading your blog.

FireLover said...

Hey Kristina! The Yule Ball was amazing!!!! I had so much fun meeting you guys, and your preformences were amazing! I made you that picture and im sooo happy you loved it! :D Have fun in Miami! <3

Shelby said...

I have a question. Other than being a famous YouTuber, what advice would you give on getting more followers on Blogger?

Christina said...

Your last few blogs have given me the urge to jump on a plane and fly to the nearest, sunny beach asap. It's great to read about all the fun you've been having! I hope you continue to enjoy your vacation! :)

shecaptain said...

Beach fun. Party bus. Yule ball. Dressing up. Wrock. Friends. I honestly can't imagine what would make this trip better.

Amanda said...

So glad you're having fun! :D It sounds like an amazing time!

Leah said...

Since you said everyone dressed nice at the Yule Ball, do you think people will dress just as nice at the ball at LeakyCon? I didn't go to the previous LeakyCon so I'm not really sure how formal people were.

Erika said...

Some of the people were asking really nosy questions! I thought that was strange. My sister asked which Doctor Who companion was your favorite, which was one of the few more normal ones. ;) The Parselmouths set was great, and I saw in someone's VEDA (Luke's, I think) that you had been nervous about singing/playing Yule Ball-don't worry, you did a GREAT job. :D You and Luke were being really silly during the ALL CAPS set, but in a great way- it was so epically fun. I can't wait until Leaky Con and all those bigger scale wrock par-tays! :D

Anonymous said...

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