Monday, April 4, 2011

BEDA 4: Final day of Playlist.

I had the type of day today where a whole lot of things go wrong when I would have very much preferred they go right - so I'm not going to talk about my day. Instead, I am going to talk about the last day of Playlist Live. :)

That final Sunday Luke and I had to get up early (again) to sound check for our show, which took a long time to sort out all the microphone and set-up issues. That's generally Luke's domain so I tend to do a lot of tapping on the mics and "test test one two three"-ing.

The moment that was through, I won't lie, meant nap time. Despite the plethora of friends and YouTubers I would have loved to spend a bit more time with, I was definitely in bed until about 1 pm catching up on missed sleep so I'd have some semblance of energy for our show that afternoon.

After a quick lunch, we headed out to the courtyard area for the acoustic show Alex, Jason and Jimmy were playing. There were a ton of people there and it was super fun, not to mention wholly reminiscent of fall tour. Then a bit later it was time for Luke and I to go onstage, and it was a pretty standard ALL CAPS show. The set went well, Luke and I were goofballs, people danced and sang along, and then of course for 'Don't Unplug Me' we had over twenty of our friends run up and storm the stage for an all out dance party finish. It never gets old watching that many people fall down on the last note of the song. I love performing with this band. :)

The rest of Sunday consisted of night-time hottub partying, getting kicked out of said hottub by security, hanging in hotel rooms and rearranging them because two beds pushed together is far superior to separate beds, and making new friends. I got to chat with the entirety of VlogCandy, which was lovely (I'm hard-pressed to think of a sweeter group of people) as well as talking to some of the guys from the band HeyHiHello (also great people).

While the partying ended around 3am, I don't think Luke or I managed to get to bed until about 5, so I suppose you can only imagine how miserable flying from Orlando back home to Seattle was the next day. Let's just say I utilized my skills in airplane-sleeping that day. Not to mention played a lot more Pokemon.

The details start to get fuzzy when I wait this long to blog about certain events, but I'm glad I got it all down. Playlist Live was a really great weekend, and I can only hope there will be more. :D

Flights takes: 6
Gym badges in Pokemon: 5
Oshawott level: 31


DoodlesFromSara said...

First of all, thanks for doing BEDA Kristina, I love reading your blog :)
Second, how do you make friends with other youtubers so easily? I don't vlog, so I don't really know, but you have some really awesome friends. I guess being in one of the first wrock bands meant you got to meet a lot of hp fandom influencing people? I don't know.
Anyway, good luck with the rest of BEDA :)

Emily said...

Umm, Kristina? The acoustic show with Jason and Alex was definitely on Saturday. Not Sunday.

Anonymous said...

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