Tuesday, April 19, 2011

BEDA 19: Final day of shooting.

I'm having one of those mornings where the sun is streaming in through my open window and it makes me want to wear a cute outfit and frolic around outside for no apparent reason. The massage yesterday left me feeling practically as good as new, so I'm on kind of a high today. The kind of high where things like cleaning the bathroom seem like they could actually somehow be a little fun, and crossing things off my to-do list is easy as cake.

Speaking of cake, I've been really wishing I was part of this whole Portal 2 hype that's been going on. I never played Portal, and while I know the song that plays over the credits as well as the next nerd, I don't even really know what type of game it is. Guess I'll stick to my Pokemon. I hope everyone who started playing last night is enjoying themselves though, I know how exhilarating the night of a big release can be. :)

So, before the details flee from my mind, I want to sort of wrap up my commentary on the filming of the Buffy video. Sunday was the last big day and it was the first time we had the whole cast together. We were at a new location this time; we shot the outdoor "school" scenes at a local community center (that weirdly looked much more like a school than a community center). I sent out a call for extras on twitter and surprisingly a few people showed up! Even though the sun was shining that day, it was still freezing (theme of the video I guess) so we tried to get everything done as quickly as possible.

There were a few different shots we needed to get that day, but my favorite by far was the one where we rigged a makeshift jib onto the back of the UHaul so that the camera could smoothly be raised and lowered to film things behind it at angles regular humans can't reach. I think it's going to look amazing. I did feel a little silly though, walking behind a huge truck and lipsyncing to the camera attached to it. Haha.

I wish I had more time to spend with the people we cast for this video. I don't want to give too much away, but there's an older cast (that's the section I'm in) and a younger cast for another section of the video that runs parallel to what I'm doing. If that makes sense. Here is a picture of me with the younger girls; they were all adorable:

There is one more shoot we're trying to line up which would double as a cast party (but it all depends on our ability to secure a location that looks remotely like the inside of the Bronze) so if that comes together in the next week or so, then we'll be completely finished filming. I can't wait!

Now that I have a bit more time to work with, I am returning to regular life type things - I have a meeting today and directly after Justin and I are heading over to the Seattle Aquarium to use a Groupon he bought ages ago. This weekend is Easter and I am looking forward to spending some time with my family. And most importantly, I have time now to catch up on my favorite tv shows!

That's all for today. See you tomorrow!

Flights taken: 8
Pokemon team levels: 46-47


undeadgoat said...

The picture is totally broken. :(

Aly said...

I am sososo excited to see this video! :D I adore Buffy and your blog posts just get me uber excited for the finished vid!

Julia said...

I'm really excited to see your Buffy video! All your blog posts are making it sound super awesome. I hope I'm able to watch it though. I'm only in season 3 of Buffy and I don't want too many spoilers, since I've been able to avoid most things so far.

Hope you had fun at the aquarium!

kyle said...

You should either play Portal or watch Hank play it on hankgames. It's a really short game (a few hours long) based on solving puzzles (figure out how to get from point x to point y). The plot is that you're a test subject, and if you complete all the tests you get cake. Cake ingredients: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXzr5iwGFfE

Portal 2 features a potato.

Becky Dean said...

picture's broken :(
excited to hear more of the project! :) sounds like its gonna be great!

Manar said...

The Buffy project sounds awesome! Will it have spoilers though? Because I'm only on Season 5. :(

Scumbag Sam said...

I am jealous both of your Buffy vid and your trip to the aquarium. I love that place! :D
I also have such thoughts on Halo. I keep seeign it everywhere, but I don't know exactly what it is. So I'm not going to even bother looking into it to see if its worth buying. That's just how lazy one can be :P

Amy said...

Sheesh I really need to watch Buffy. In high school my friends were really into it. I just dont have time right now vut maybe soon. Glad that you get to enjoy Easter with your family.

Anonymous said...

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