Thursday, April 21, 2011

BEDA 21: Weekly Project Workshop.

Wow, we're really getting into the home stretch with BEDA, aren't we? It's amazing how quickly blogging every day becomes part of the day's events; I'd hardly noticed that twenty days have already gone by.

There was a comment on one of my posts yesterday that made me smile, so I figured I would share it: "Er... you can't just *drop in* that you went to the bank without reporting on that amazing security guard and any bank antics that went down. Not cool. :P"

Hahaha. Well, the thing is, my security guard friend and I have just sort of settled into a routine where I show up, he smiles and opens the door for me, I deposit my checks and then when I'm leaving, he tells me "it's always nice to see you here" and I smile wide back and tell him "No, it's nice to see you!" Every time. Without fail. And I still do that thing where I sort of hang back and wait outside the door a moment if I see he's busy because I know it disappoints him if he can't open the door for me. So, that's the update on my bank. Thanks for caring, guys. xD

Yesterday I had a voice lesson, which went well (though my voice teacher and I are becoming good friends and I always end up staying a half hour longer than my lesson because we're just talking or watching YouTube videos together). We've been working on this Ingrid Michaelson/Sarah Bareilles duet and she asked me yesterday if I would ever want to go sing it with her at an ope mic night here in Seattle. I've never done anything like that before! I'm kind of excited about the idea.

The rest of my day was spent writing lyrics for a new song, editing a few videos and stopping y my dad's office to pick up a bunch of stuff I bought on Amazon and accidentally shipped to my parents' house rather than to mine. Finally, I own a copy of Tangled. Finally!

My friends Tara and Alexander have been doing this thing called "Weekly Project Workshop", which essentially means they invite their friends over on Wednesday nights to work on whatever project they currently have going on, or to start a new project, or whatever. Basically we all sit in the same room on our laptops, go around the circle and say what we're hoping to accomplish that night, and then we do it. And since we told everyone what we're doing, we feel like we're held more accountable to actually get work done. Plus there are so many people in the room with different skills, you can easily ask each other for ideas/suggestions/tips etc. Last night was my first night going, but I really liked it. I finally cleaned out my email inbox (which I have been putting off for weeks) and got a Zaxy post done (another thing I have been slacking on for awhile).

The best part, really, is that we were all pretty much just working on the same sorts of things we would have been if we were at home - so the basic concept of just sitting on our laptops together rather than at our respective house is already a great idea. Fun and productive. :)

Then at 10:30 I had to run back to UW for the last pickup shot for the Buffy video. I met with Forest, David the cameraguy, and our other friend Hope in the black box theatre. We were just getting some simple shots to help thicken up the variety of scenes to cut away to, so it didn't take very long at all. Though Forest made sure to tell me on multiple occasions how much of a hair flipper I am. And how squinty my eyes are. And a bunch of other weird ticks I have that people would only notice after going through hours of footage. Cool. xD

The best part of the night was when David showed us a bunch of rough cuts of different scenes from the video that he's already begun editing together. I almost wet my pants, it looked so awesome. I am dying to show you guys this. DYING.

Now I have some more videos to edit and life things to attend to, so I'm going to wrap this up.

Flights taken: 8
Pokémon team levels: 47-48


Courtney said...

I love both Ingrid Michaelson AND Sara Bareilles so I bet that will be amazing! Is it Winter Song?
Anyways, that workshop thing sounds like a great idea.

Anonymous said...

I finally saw Tangled yesterday, so I understand your excitement about finally owning a copy. =]

Sabrina said...

you should make a video and have the bank security guard in it (-:

Scumbag Sam said...

God I'm so excited about this buffy project! can't wait to see the finished product!!! :D

Jack said...

If that Sara Bareilles/Ingrid Michaelson cover happens to be Winter Song, I will be oh so happy. It's one of my favourite songs of all time, and with you singing... guh. I really hope there is someone filming because I would love that so much. <3

Shelby said...

.........My mood instantly jumped to the Jealousy Level when you said you now own a copy of Tangled. I've been listening to the soundtrack all day AND I WANT A COPY!!!!!

Manar said...

Weekly Project Workshop sounds so awesome. I love the company of friends while working on something.

You know what I've always found really fun? Midnight release parties. Where you go to a midnight book release, and then go to someone's house and stay up all night reading together. It's hilarious, because you end up just shouting page numbers and either getting an, "OMG I KNOW!!!!" or an "AHHH, I'M NOT THERE YET, HOLD ON!!" And it's just really exciting to get to share that first-read experience. :D

I was just reminded of that by the whole Project Workshop. xD


nelamonster said...

I haven't been commenting for so long, I can't believe it! Okay, so this comment comes to you in 4 parts:
1) Please update on bank security bank friend every time! it always makes me smile! I imagine that one day you will get so friendly that you can feature him in a video. Or on this blog. "Hey guys, Kristina is busy so she asked me to write a BEDA post for her. It's her bank security guard" xD
2) Winter Song? I LOVES IT.
3) Weekly Project Workshop must be amazing. I am jealous. It's cool to have such creative friends.
4)Now, don't freak out. Tonight I had a dream that I went to Starbucks where you and Rosianna were waitresses (and you were incredibly tall. Like, I'm the same height as you, but you really were TALL) I told you that I was a Nerdfighter and you invited me for a party. And suddenly the scenery changed and the party took place in the world of Buffy.

booksandquills said...

Ohhh Winter Song? I've been working on that song with one of my friends too. And I'm trying to learn how to play it on the piano. It's such a beautiful song!