Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Playlist Live and BEDA!

So, lovely blog readers, it's almost April. And you know what that means, right? RIGHT?

Blog Everyday in April.

I'm definitely going to be BEDA-ing it up over here, so tell your friends! Tell your grandma! Tell your cat! Or bust out your own blog and start writing yourself!

Either way, I'm entering BEDA with a running start this year, so here's the first of my recap blogs about Playlist Live in Orlando, FL.

Friday ----

Playlist Live was such a blast. I went into it not really knowing what to expect, but I'm finding that, like Wizard Rock, anytime you get a bunch of YouTubers together for a weekend, it's bound to be a good time.

I left on a flight early early Friday morning, connected in LA, and arrived in Orlando about 6pm. I got picked up there along with a few other people I knew from the Tubes by a guy named Will who was working the event, and we all arrived at the hotel around 7. I tracked down Luke, dropped my stuff in our room, and immediately had to go downstairs for the Partners meeting thing which, if I remember correctly, ended up just being everyone hanging around downstairs, getting our Playlist lanyards/badges, saying hello to everyone and getting wristbands for the VIP party later on that evening.

Then there was the ongoing food saga. There wasn't much in the way of food at the hotel (three expensive restaurants and one gross food court) so after an hour of being wishy washy on making decisions about food, we decided to just head down to the party for awhile and see if there was food there.

There wasn't.

And naturally, nobody thought about eating for the next few HOURS while we danced and socialized and utilized our free drink tickets. There was so many awesome people already there, and it was so much fun to just mingle and meet new friends and catch up with old friends. My normal crew was there (Luke, Alex Jason, Jimmy, Joey, Brittany, Meghan, Mike, Hayley etc.) but it was nice to see other friends like Kaleb Nation, Tyler Oakley, Tessa, Shawna, and way too many other people to begin to list here.

It was nice to know that people like ShayCarl and his wife, MysteryGuitarMan's girlfriend Sarah, DaveDays and other random people I've only met a few times remembered me as well, even though I've only spoken to them once or twice before. I also got to meet the other members of VlogCandy (since I obviously know Meghan) which was awesome, since they're super nice people and some of the only vloggers I haven't actually met yet (and who've been around approximately as long as I have).

In fact, the only people I'm still bummed I didn't get to meet we're Shay's kids. I spoke with him personally a few times, but never managed to be around when his kids were meeting fans. I went to their panel though, which was one of the most adorable things I have ever seen.

Fridays night's party was really fun, and of course there was an impromptu conga line to Rebecca Black's "Friday". I was telling someone this weekend it's hilarious that YouTube conventions always coincide with big memes, since we're all Internet people and there's always something new going on. VidCon was "Double Rainbow". Playlist Live was "Friday". You just can't plan this stuff.

That night we ended up hanging out in a hotel room for awhile, getting pizza around 2am (I'm ashamed to admit I broke Lent :/) and then , much later than we intended, we went to bed, as the real events weren't even happening until Saturday.

I'm going to just admit something to you now. I haven't played WoW in over 3 months. So I'm going to stop tracking my progress there (since there is no progress). I'm going to let you know how many gym badges I have on Pokémon White and what level my starter is. Still nerdy enough? Okay? Okay.

Flights taken: 6
Pokémon Gym badges: 3
Oshawott level: 24


Stefan said...

now you'll never get my wow in game gift!

Kristen said...

I'm doing BEDA for the first time this year- should be fun! =)

Emzi said...

I'm thinking about maybe doing BEDA this year. :)

Amanda ~~~~~ Demetri said...

Are you doing ScriptFrenzy as well? You know, NaNo, but with scripts and in April?

And BEDA seems fun, I'm going to try it.

MaleNudeFakeLover said...
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Cam4Yeah said...
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Cam4Yeah said...

Playlist Live sounded fun. I couldn't go because I had school, but I'll definitely be going to VidCon. I already bought my tickets. I would love to get to hang out with you and your crew. :)

Stevie said...

Good luck with BEDA! (not that you need it!) I'm doing VEDA this year, I haven't participated in an EDA since the first year in which I did BEDA and completely failed. x_x I'm hoping I'll have better luck with vlogging.

Also I'm so glad to hear that Playlist Live was amazing. :D

Anonymous said...

Inspired by you, I'm doing BEDA this year too :)

cartwheelsandpotter said...

im doing BEDA for the first time this year. i'm excited

Niklas said...

Hi, will will now subscribe to your Blog. I didnt know you had one. If you want, you can check out my Blog, it is a Photoblog with some texts on german, but the texts are not really important. I hope you like my pictures :)

HeyMolli said...

Hey. I'm really looking foward to this years edition of BEDA. I'm, actually, doing it too (even though my old blog got freaking deleted by blogspot for no reason a few months ago, so im doing it on my nothing-is-freaking-posted-here blog)and I'm going to link it here...its that wrong? ...nah.

yeahhhh. check it out, if you like. I'm totally excited!


studyingmagicbynight said...

Awww our starters are the same level and we have the same amount of badges ;D I don't feel so behind now xD

This is my first year doing BEDA! I hope I can remember to post >.<