Wednesday, April 6, 2011

BEDA 6: Buffy video project auditions.

There were so, so many wonderful comments on my blog from yesterday about meeting YouTubers. I want to thank everyone who took the time to leave a comment, because it really meant a lot seeing you guys leaving really meaningful stuff for me to read (not that you don't always leave meaningful stuff). Even though we're all from so many different backgrounds and and have different circles of friends and don't even really know each other, it's always amazing to me how similar of an experience we all share here online. :)

Some things people said that stuck out to me were:

alimarie_11: "Sometimes it stinks to be floating inbetween, and I know that I won't make many friends with people who I follow, but I just want you, Kristina, and other people I admire, to know what an impact you have on people who feel lonely or out of place. THANK YOU to people like you and the Green Brothers who Give me a place :)"

Sometimes it really bothers me that it's physically impossible for me to meet or talk to every single person out there who watches my videos or reads my blog and is probably a wonderful, inspiring person - but knowing I have any small part in making ANYONE feel like they have a place is an amazing feeling.

Another commenter was talking about her issues with wanting to hang out with more famous YouTubers who may not remember her at Playlist Live vs. spending time and cultivating real relationships with the friends she came with/met online who don't have a lot of subscribers or anything but enjoy a ton of the same stuff as her. She said:

Ruth E. Day: "The main way to get over that depression was to concentrate on the people I had attended the conference with. You guys had brought us all to one central location, but I eventually realized that I had been more excited to meet them in person than you guys all along."

I think that's great! And honestly, that doesn't hurt my feelings at all. I meet a ton of people, and I love making new friends and meeting fans and everything involved with that, but the most cherished memories are generally the ones with the people who I've made real friendships with rather than casual acquaintances. I'm pretty cool and all (haha), but I am only one person and can't be everyone's close friend. It makes me so much happier seeing nerdfighters building their own little fiveawesomgirl-style groups of friends. I love this community.

One person I would actually consider a new friend (Shannon/glitter_girl5678) commented and I just kind of wanted to call her out because she told me she's a big fan and didn't really talk to me much at Playlist because she felt intimidated. DUDE. And this goes for everyone -- don't be! I love meeting new people and I will never do or say anything that would make talking to me scary. Say hi! Let's talk! THAT GOES FOR EVERYONE.

Another really meaningful and important comment was:

Fandom Fashionista: "My Emboar fears your Oshawott."

Oh wait. How did that one get in there? xD

This weekend I am heading to Miami for the Miami Yule Ball which should be a good time. I mean, any trip where I primarily worry about how many swimsuits to pack is always bound to be a good time.

Yesterday Forest and I (along with our friends Michelle and Hope) held auditions for the Buffy video project we're all working on together. Like legit auditions. Like, us sitting behind a table, people coming in and doing a monologue style auditions. It was pretty wild.

I've only really ever been on the other side of the table for auditions, the "I'm really nervous and hope I get the part" side of the table. So to be watching hopefuls trying to impress us with their acting skillz, pouring over head-shots, musing over who would be good for which roles... it was a new, fun experience. I am so excited for this project. I think it's going to be greattttt!

Though I don't know how casting directors do it. We held auditions for a little over 3 hours and I was exhausted. I can't imagine watching auditions all day. I have so much more respect for the people who do that now.

Flights taken: 6
Gym badges in Pokemon: 5
Oshawott level: 32


TorreyMonster said...

Your title had me at Buffy.
And BEDA, but that's beside the point. I'm excited to see this project unfold. Seriously.

Kirsty said...

While I would love to meet some of my YouTube inspirations (cough you, John and Hank, Hayley, I could go on), all I'd really be able to say would probably be "aarkgakgkg I love your videos balkddfaklgj", because yeah I'm awkward like that. But here (where I'm *slightly* more eloquent) I can say that I'm so grateful for you guys because you lead me to "fiveawesomegirl-style friendships" of my own. Thank you, Kristina!
And I wish I were going to the Miami Yule Ball. There's a big wrock event going on in my city this weekend but it's 17+ *drowns my sorrows in butterbeer*

Stefan said...

oh man Kristina. This post and the last post really blew me away. These are the issue that so many people deal with. I am really amazed you have so much perceptive on what people are dealing with. I want to give you such a big hug.

This issue of "celebrity" (I know you laugh) has always been something I have struggled with. I've always stayed with my friend and have felt left out of the party.

alimarie_11 said...


slinkyT1991 said...

would you ever consider doing blog every day for a year? Like Meghan did for youtube. That would be awesome.

But yeah the ball sounds so fun. I hope you have a good time and you should pack a lot of swimsuits just incase. And would you be willing to post a pick of what you are wearing? I'm never been to the ball before so i'm not really sure what you wear.

Can't wait for tomorrow.

Amy said...

It is really nice to hear that you don't mind people coming to talk to you, when you have no idea who we are. For me it was a little nerve racking because I also didn't know anyone else there. (Other than my kids.) You are a wonderful person and I love reading your blogs. :)

Elisabeth said...

You should have what I'm having for dinner. Easy Mac and Reese's Pieces. Real healthy. Yum.

Also - you've mentioned several times now that you wish people would come up and say hi. I saw you walking down the Ave about two months ago (in onesie pjs!) and really wanted to say hi, but was so surprised to even see you that you were gone and it was too late! I will totally say hi next time I see you, but I blame you for that not having happened yet ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, are you going to perform Once More With Feeling? I kid, I kid.

Stevie said...

It's nice to know that ya'll still want to just make friends on YouTube, because I feel like that's a connecting factor between the community. Beyond Nerdfighting and Harry Potter we all just want to make friends who we love to be around.

I personally just love having conversations, I've been doing that a lot online recently thanks to VEDA and it's been wonderful. :D Though I do find it awkward to be all like "do you want to be internet bff's?" to people I meet through YouTube and such... which is really more of the question I have. How the heck to do you extend an internet relationship to something more than just YouTube/Twitter/YourPants/etc.?

Anyways, DFTBA. :D

Victoria said...

Sorry, I know this isn't contributing much to the topic, but I kinda want your life. If only to never run out of topics for BEDA.
@Stevie: I'll be your internet BFF. If you'll have me.

shannancy said...

I should have commented yesterday, but I was having trouble wording this.

When I first met you, I was nervous, because it was my first time meeting ANY YouTubers, much less one of the first people I subscribed to. As it turns out, I shouldn't have been nervous at all. You're one of the nicest, sweetest people I have ever met, and your generosity of couch to sleep on has gotten me out of a few tight situations.

So thank you, Kristina, for being so awesome. I love you in your face.

Ruth E. Day said...

Thanks for thinking my comment was thoughtful! Though, I think you chose to post the best of it... the rest of it was rather blathery.

Oh, and I went to Playlist with an IRL friend who wasn't really into the whole YouTube thing. We hung out with a lot of YouTubers who I watch, but she didn't know who most of them were (she knew who you and Luke were because I force her to listen to your music all the time). Now she's all depressed because she says, "If I had spent that much time with anyone else, we would have kept in touch and been really good friends by now." I don't really know what to tell her except "What about these people we hung out with who ARE your friends now?" I guess the whole experience was kind of a shock to her.

Litheran said...

Damn; would have loved to audition for some Buffy themed awesomeness.

Kate said...

Reading this made me think of why I like reading blogs, watching vlogs, and talking to people on yourpants. The best way to describe what I like about them is to quote Luna Lovegpod, "It's like having friends." This sounds really sad, but I do have friends in real life. I just can't talk to them about the same kind of stuff that I can watch and talk about with these things.

Jennerbees said...

I'm *so* excited to find & meet you at Leaky! I wouldn't necessarily approach "just anyone," but I get the feeling you are very approachable. It'll be great to meet you in person. Especially since I just finished the Hunger Games series and want to thank you (in person) for being the reason I read it. I am OBSESSED with it. I just started watching Buffy too (also because of you & your posts), so I'm sure I'll have a lot to thank you for in July. ;-) You continue to rock, Lady! And it seems like things have been very happy for you lately. Yay!

Manar said...

Kristina, after you watched Buffy, I finally decided to take the plunge and watch it too! And I'm really glad that I did, because it's such a fantastic-amazing-brilliant show! I'm currently halfway through season four. I hope that I can finish it before you're done with your Buffy video project, so that I can watch it without fearing spoilers. :)

Anyway, I love you, and I love your blog, and perhaps I'll get to meet you the next time you come to Dallas. (I've been out of town during your previous visits.)