Sunday, April 17, 2011

BEDA 17: The Demon Boss.

I am so exhausted. I'm literally just lying flat on my back in bed with my laptop on my stomach, thanking whatever sentient being is responsible for the fact that I don't have to go anywhere for another two and a half hours. It's nice to just relax. :)

Yesterday fight rehearsal went really well. We just practiced in my living room (and now that I think about it, I just remembered the chairs and other furniture aside from the couch and tv are still shoved haphazardly in my dining room, oops. Hope my roommates didn't need those) but I thought the fight sequence we learned yesterday was so, so much cooler than the first one I was taught. I think I'm getting the hang of this stuff a little.

Around 2 we had some filming to do at my house which didn't take long, I met with Lauren the costumer again to get a bag of sweaters from her to bring to Kayley (who's playing Willow) and then Forest took myself and David (the camera man) out to lunch. After that I had about an hour to myself before heading back over to the Community College we're using as the set for another big evening of filming.

I had so much fun last night. There were more actors around this time, including the three girls we cast as demons (including Tara) and Kayley and a guy named Nater as my Willow and Xander. Dameaion (the guy who's been teaching me the fight choreography) was the main demon boss and had on the scariest makeup of all time. He's a super nice guy, so we were both pretty excited to film this scene. It was way more intense of a fight scene (as I said before) than the one we did the night before with the vamps, so I had my work cut out for me.

This shoot had extras too! And a big sign that looks like the one in front of the Bronze on the tv show. The only problem was that it was ABSOLUTELY FREEZING, so when we weren't shooting, there was a lot of jumping around and trying to make those stupid hand-warmers get hot enough to actually help.

-- This part is written hours later after another day of shooting.

So many of the people we cast in this video are so nice and fun to be around; I really hope I can stay in touch with a lot of them. I know I complain all the time that all my video-making YouTube friends live down in LA, but this weekend has really reminded me what a great place Seattle is for this kind of stuff. It's been incredible, seeing the enthusiasm in my friends to help out with this project. I feel so blessed all the time to be surrounded by creative, eager people when it comes to working together on things like this.

I got home pretty late last night with bruises on my arms and fingers that were chilled to the bone, so I pretty much just crawled in my bed and fell right asleep. Today was another big adventure, but I'll tell you about it tomorrow. :)

PS. Forest told me he ctrl+F'd my blog posts to see how many times I said his name while talking about the shoot (what a n00b) so here: Forest Forest Forest. You're dumb. :P

Flights taken: 8
Gym badges in Pokemon: 8
Pokemon team level range: 43-46


Christina said...

Wow, how many more days of filming do you guys have? I can't believe all the work you all have been doing! I'm pretty sure I would have succumbed to exhaustion by now myself.

Vickee said...

I'm so excited to see it! Plus a little jealous that you're doing something so amazing. =p

Lauren said...

I'm so excited for the video :D
Sounds like a lot of fun making it.

kittygurl212 said...

This makes me even more excited for the project! Maybe you could show us some of the sweet moves you learned at VidCon?

So I heard something strange in my class today and I though I would run it by someone who lives in Seattle. I heard that you're not allowed to called Easter eggs Easter eggs. Is this true?

Anonymous said...

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