Wednesday, April 27, 2011

BEDA 27: More stuff.

The response on yesterday's post was amazing! Thank you guys! I guess I should try to write blog posts like that more often. :)
Not that I mind the small smattering of comments I get on my day-to-day posts; it's just really nice to see so many people chiming in with something to say.

One thing I didn't address, since the post was mostly about finding motivation to do artistic/project based things you love, was how to find motivation for things that aren't fun. Things like homework, cleaning, etc. I was never as good at that as I am at being self-motivated for creative projects, I'll admit it. I never worried too much about finishing things in the end, because I always managed to, but it was a battle. I used to have to bribe myself: "I'll write two paragraphs on this essay and then I can spend ten minutes on facebook; I'll read a chapter of this book and then I can watch one episode of How I Met Your Mother; I'll fold one load of laundry and then I can eat my leftover cheesecake." Usually I would drive myself crazy staying up half the night finishing school work or menial tasks, but as long as you have the right mindset and know you'll eventually get it done... it doesn't really matter if the process is on par with pulling teeth.

Anyway, as for today's blog post... well let's see.

I didn't do much yesterday in the way of interesting things to blog about, that is unless you find a whole day of laundry fascinating. My washer is a tad on the broken side, so when I say it took me all day - I really mean all day. EXCITING!

Today I have a voice lesson at 1, which is something I always look forward to. In particular today though, I am especially excited as my teacher doubles as a Tarot card reader, and we've got that scheduled into our meeting as well. She told me she'd do Tarot cards for my friends and I whenever we wanted, so Eia's popping by after my lesson for a reading.

As for the rest of my day... it's Project Night again tonight at Tara and Alexander's so I'll be heading over there around 7pm, and other than that? I've been kind of gung-ho over going through my room and cleaning stuff out this week. I'm not a hoarder by any means, but I do have a lot of possessions (particularly clothes, books, trinkets and things sent to me by fans) and my room has just felt a little claustrophobic lately. So I'll probably keep working on that project in my off time today.

It's been nice, having this mildly low-key week. After all the Secret Buffy Project craziness (and LA next week) having a few nice days at home was really needed.

Oh! I finished watching Coupling last night. Justin and I had been working our way through the seasons slowly for the last month or so, but we finally saw the Season 4 finale last night. Ariana actually got me hooked on that show, and I'm so glad I watched it. It's hilarious. Now I can finally look at Coupling blogs on Tumblr and not worry about being spoiled, haha.

-- Dangit!! I literally started this blog post when I woke up today, and now it's almost midnight and I just realized I never finished/posted this. I'm sitting at Project Night with a whole bunch of my friends discussing various project ideas we're planning on doing in the near future (and in general just doing social things), so I'm going to end this here. The end.

Flights taken: 8
Pokémon team levels: 54-57


Sarah said...

Hi! I just wanted to leave a comment on one of your day-to-day posts. Oh, and I really love the Project Night thing, and I think I want to find some friends to do that with!

Jennifer Sargent said...

I think I've only seen the first 2 seasons of Coupling...maybe a bit of 3. I just don't like how the replace my favorite character in season 4. =(

Manar said...

Ugh. I am a SUPER HUGE PROCRASTINATOR when it comes to things like homework. xD

Still can't wait for the Buffy project. I am currently on S6 E12, so hopefully it won't spoil anything for me. :)

Lauren said...

I've never heard of Coupling, maybe I should investigate haha.
I always seem to find myself up at 1AM finishing that essay that I attempted to start at about 2 in the afternoon... like you said as long as it gets done :P