Saturday, April 30, 2011

BEDA 30: The End.

Well, I'm on hold with Sprint. My favorite use of a Saturday morning. Bazinga, that was sarcasm.

I find it a little bit ridiculous that I've had to call twice now, and still no one on their customer support team can help me figure out why my old phone wont sync my contacts with my gmail account on wifi so I can transfer them to my new phone without going into a Sprint store. That's WHY they implement features like online contacts backup -- so we can do it ourselves from home!

I can feel myself getting more and more frustrated as I talk to this guy; I hate to be like this but it really kills me when I know more about my phone and how it operates than someone whose JOB it is to help people with it. This is a basic feature of the phone. He shouldn't be reading manuals in between stints of putting me on hold.

So anyway, I'm taking this stressful-useless-phone-time to blog. Today is April 30th, which marks the last day of BEDA. It's been a pretty crazy month, what with Playlist Live, all of my Miami adventures, and the filming of the Secret Buffy Project.


Blogging every day was a lot harder this year than it ever was before (or maybe I just don't remember the previous years and it's always hard xD) but I'm so glad I have record of all this craziness. I was a little nervous I would have too much free time when I graduated college, but I've almost been done a whole year (wow, time flies) and surprisingly I've found myself busier than ever. I'm super proud of what I've accomplished in the last year.

Alex Carpenter posted a really beautiful vlog the other day about not worrying if the things you love don't last forever. He said something along the lines of appreciating the time we're spending now as moments, then as great memories in the past. Because if your current situation lasts forever, you may miss out on even more amazing opportunities that are meant to follow. This obviously speaks volumes for the Harry Potter fandom that so many of us are scared to let go of, but it also made me think really hard about the parts of my life that came even before that.

I can't remember if I have really talked about this yet, but later this year they're tearing down my old high school's theatre and building a new fancy performing arts center. This is fantastic news for them, but very, very bittersweet news for alumni of my old drama club. I know every theatre group has their own special bond and connection but mine was definitely something special, so knowing the place we all spent hours and hours together is going to be gone forever is pretty tough news to deal with. I remember when I was a Senior, looking out to the future, the great beyond of life after high school; I had a really hard time imagining anything other than doing shows with the same group of people I'd know those past few years. I assumed I'd go straight to college-theatre, trying to find that same type of feeling, a similar group of people, attempting to relive the glory days of high school where I got a lot of leads and was drama club president.

But that didn't happen. I never did a single college production. Instead, I discovered wizard rock, started playing shows, got into YouTube. And looking back, the time I spent in my drama club is still really special to me, even though it's over. It doesn't mean theatre wasn't good enough, or that I gave up on it at all. I still have a bond with a whole group of people that nobody can ever break or tarnish. But, now it's a happy sparkling memory in the story that makes up my life, a stepping stone in the history of what makes me, me.

I thought this would be a sad thing, but it's not. It was hard to let go of drama club, but I went on to do such amazing, exciting things -- and I feel like I have my time doing theatre to thank for that. I became a performer in that auditorium. I learned what true friendship was. And I learned how to move on to bigger and better things with grace.

Similarly, Harry Potter (and my time spent in this fandom) will always be with me. I'll always be a fan of the books, I'll always keep in touch with my friends -- just like I still do with my drama club friends. But it's not a tragedy that it wont last forever in the pure state it's in now. Nothing does really, except inside of us. There, things truly last forever.

And on that note, I leave you with the conclusion of BEDA 2011. It's been fun, guys. See you next month.

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Sierra said...

I ALWAYS have that same problem when I call Sprint. Their typical customer service rep doesn't know the smart phones like they should. I have the problem with my Android and I had the problem with my Blackberry. They kept transferring me in what felt like circles! So I feel your pain :)

beth-anna said...

This is beautiful and exactly what I needed to hear as someone who is terrified for what lies ahead after Potter. No matter what happens in life, we always have the memories and no one can take that away from us. :)

I know you are going to continue to achieve great things in your life and I wish you the best of luck in all that you do. /sappiness

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about drama club. I'm a senior this year and drama club vice president. I feel like with so many memories with the kids in drama, the end of the year banquet will be really sad. At least you had so many things happen to you after high school that are amazing =)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for an awesome BEDA Kristina, I enjoyed every one of your posts, I'm sad it's ending, but I realize you'll probably need a bit of a break now. Anyways I look forward to the continuing adventures of Kristina Horner! Lol you should totally have your own comic book!

Anonymous said...

Well said. What Alex said the other day was so well said, and your elaboration was just as good. I did VEDA and it was tough to do. I don't know how you did BEDA. Blogging takes so much more out of me. Anyways, it was a good read. Nicely done. See you next month! :)

Newt said...

[Well, I'm on hold with Sprint. My favorite use of a Saturday morning. Bazinga, that was sarcasm.]

I started my morning with a computer virus. Only instead of using the time to blog, I used it to write the essay I have to do for Monday.

seurat2 said...

So true Kristina, and I have no doubt more awesomeness is in your future. Meanwhile, I love that Big Bang speak has entered your everyday vocabulary.

Amy said...

Letting go of the now can be hard but can also be very rewarding. I feel you on the remodel. I went to Interlake High school and they remodeled the whole school the year after I graduated. It looks nothing like "my school" now. Thanks for doing BEDA- you even inspired me to do it. It was hard but I made it! :)

Becky Dean said...

Lovely last VDEA post. I've enjoyed reading your vlogs.

badbob001 said...

Often when you create a Contact, you can save the contact to Google, the phone, or SIM (doesn't apply in your case). Only the Google-type gets synced to the cloud and the to-phone type is like old-school phones (lose phone, lose contacts). Yes, thank the vendors for messing with Google's code and adding back these annoyances from the past.

Check your phone contacts to see if they are the 'phone' type. Those entries may even have a different looking icon. If this is the case, see if you can:
1. Change your contacts view to only view phone-type contacts.

2. Use the export option to export those contacts to a file (like an SD card).

3. Import back those contacts but choose as Google-type.

You may see many solutions on the web, but the one you should NOT do is to do a 'clear data' as that is to solve sync'ing down to the phone and you will lose your unique contacts on the phone.

Discussions on this topic:

Your new phone will no doubt allow you to create 'phone' type contacts as well. Avoid that.

badbob001 said...

Oh yeah, and thanks for all the BEDA, especially the late night BEDA-before-BED ones.

Manar said...

Beautifully said, Kristina. Your words give me hope and comfort. :)

Abby said...

My mom and I drove in her old neighborhood because she found out her old house got torn down. It was so weird because to me it was just a small plot of land, but to her she was imagining her childhood home. The house she lived in until she got married. Strange. But life moves on. And you're right, we need to appreciate everything in the moment and not stress about it leaving too soon.

slinkyT1991 said...

I so no what you mean i have the same problem with my Evo. I hope things get better for you and you get/or got everything worked out.

Lauren said...

Totally got chills. This definitely will be something I re-read in July for comfort. It's never really over, and there are always different just as amazing things waiting in the future. Thank you for doing BEDA, I loved reading all of your blogs this month!

Tania said...

Three days late but I was catching up after two weeks with no internet..
Lovely way to end BEDA..What you said about letting go,well sometimes it's hard,pretty hard..I tend to cling on my happy memories and sometimes I kind of forget to appreciate the good times I have now..But I try to balance things..:)