Monday, April 25, 2011

BEDA 25: Fast food and Tangled.

Well, I am typing this blog post up while watching Tangled. For the third time. Justin hasn't seen it yet and my DVD just came in the mail from Amazon, so this is my Monday night.

I am pretty proud of myself - today I finished going through all my clothes and managed to get rid of a bunch of stuff. There are currently three bags sitting at the foot of my bed. I kind of have a problem when it comes to buying clothes, so this is something I should do much more often.

God, I love Tangled. I think one of the best parts of this movie is how amazingly they did Rapunzel's hair. I mean obviously the premise of this movie is that she has long, long hair so obviously they're going to pay extra attention to detail there, but it's exceptionally good. In past Disney movies it was kind of a thing that princesses have these impossible hairdos (can we talk about Ariel's hair for a second?) but Rapunzel's hair actually behaves the way normal hair would. Her bangs fall the way actual bangs would, it's messy sometimes when she's moving around, and you can see individual strands sometimes. I just think it's incredible.

Figures it's in the movie about Magic hair that Disney finally gets it right. xD

Today was mildly uneventful, but I did head over to Oliver's house today to record some last minute harmonies for the Buffy song. Tomorrow I am meeting with Forest and David to see a rough edit of the video, which I am really, really excited about. Everything seems to be coming together so nicely.

So I think I mentioned this back when Lent started, but this year I gave up fast food, and it was a lot easier than I thought (aside from the few times I slipped and had pizza). As yesterday was Easter, I am now free from my non-fast-food-eating time, so I celebrated tonight with one of my favorite restaurants, WingZone. I freaking love boneless buffalo wings and potato wedges.
But the funny thing is, aside from a few exceptions, I don't really miss fast food at all. I feel way better after having not eaten it in so long, and I'm not really in any hurry to start up again. So yay! Lent = successful.

Okay. Rapunzel is interrogating Flynn Ryder. I have to go. More tomorrow!

Flights taken: 8
Pokémon team levels: 53-56


Kate said...

Reading this post has made me want to go watch Tangled again. I think this would be time number 6 it is a sickness. Not one I wish to get rid of anytime soon, but still.
"You broke my smoulder"

Stephanie said...

Oye, somehow I still have yet to see Tangled. I'll have to do it soon, though, now that I know the hair is "right."
I gave up chocolate, sugar (like sugar cane sugar, not sugar-that-comes-from-fruit sugar) and gluten for Lent, and I don't feel the need to go back to what I was eating before either. Overcoming slight food addictions? Check.

Cat said...

my friends and I are OBSESSED with tangled. We went to disney world for spring break and watched it like 5 times over the course of the week. then we got to MEET RAPUNZEL AND FLYNN. best moment of my life. It was so worth like the two failed attempts (stupid lightning) and like three hours of waiting. flynn was PERFECT and rapunzel was pretty good too. Although the way they did her hair irl was kindof strange. it looked like animal fur. i dunno. but i completely agree with how her hair was perfect in the movie. (and with you about ariel. It like never connects to her head?!)

so yeah. hope everything is awesome with you! (:

Julia said...

I finally watched Tangled for the first time last night! It was so cute! I totally agree about the hair animation thing. They did a really good job with that. And I loved the frying pan as a weapon thing. I feel like maybe I should start carrying one of those if I have to go walking alone at night...

Aimee said...

I love Tangled! I finally got the DVD yesterday, so I watched it last night for the 3rd and a half time! (There was one day at school I sat in the drama room and they had watched the first half the day before, so I stayed for the second half).

My favorite line from the movie is, "I'm not freaking out! Are you? I'm not, I'm just interested in your hair and the magical qualities it possesses. How long has it been doing that, exactly?"

Flynn/Eugene is awesome. And I love Zac Levi. Sorry, this comment was all about Tangled. :)

badbob001 said...

We have a copy of Tangled and my 5-year old daughter watched it like crazy. After she got tired of it, my 2-year old son started on it for some reason. So yeah, I'm a little sick of it, but I still think it's the best non-pixar disney movie yet. And the songs are pretty good.

Speaking of giving up on foods, I had given up beef for more than a year. I know man, I really loved all varieties of burgers! The thing is, my wife consulted with a Feng-Shui-like master, and was told that there was some imbalance in her life. To resolve this, he asked her to give up a food that she likes and she chose beef. That is a big deal since she likes burgers too... we especially like one in Vegas that is Hawaiian-style with a pineapple slice... ANYWAY, seeing how it would be impractical and weird to prepare and eat separate dishes at meals, I instantly gave up beef along with her. So no more beef in our meals, though it's okay for the kids to sometimes have fast foods like hotdogs and burgers. I was really surprised to find beef in so many products. I had pizza with peperoni and later realized peperoni has beef. I thought it was all from a pig. Well, now I know and it's the intent that counts.

Kristina, are you eating healthy regularly now? It's hard to tell because your blog mentions many meals involving grill cheese sandwiches, mac-n-cheese, pizza, burritos, and take-out stuff. I'm sure you mostly blog about the exciting times and that is when only quick foods are available. I find it easier to eat healthy when cooking for oneself. How are you cooking stats now? I remember when I first moved out from my parents, I wasn't yet use to cooking and eating regularly. I lost two inches from my waist and had to add holes to my belts. To this day, the wife is still trying to fatten me up...

JW said...

Yeah I agree. Tangled and How To Train Your Dragon were the only non-Pixar movies in the last ten years that I've actually thought were really good.

Lauren said...

:D I gave up fast food as well for Lent. While it was very hard to resist people offering me their french fries and I was tempted by many people. I made it through and I feel like I'm in no rush to eat it again either. Aside from my little McDonald's run yesterday, I'm set for a while :)
I loove Tangled as well, brilliant new Disney movie for once.
Again, I cannot way for the Buffy video

Agentin said...

reading this post remind me how much i love rapunzels hair

Paloma said...

I went to see Tangled three times. With different people. It's one of my favorite movies of all time.

Plus, I'm kind of in love with Flynn.

Shelby said...

Dear Kristina,
You aren't the only one who's in love with Tangled. I'm obsessed. I watched it 6 times in one night because I had to rent it.
Love ~Shelby

Jade Elizabeth said...

I agree with every single thing you said in this blog post.
I gave up Facebook for Lent, didn't miss it at all.

Manar said...



*ahem* So yeah, life sounds cool...

kira902k said...

Ahhh, Tangled <3 <3 I saw it once, in bad quality on the internet, but it was so freaking fantastic. And I agree, her hair is just so. freaking. gorgeous. and ACCURATE.

alsoalsoalso I don't eat fast food either. Besides Subway and OCCASIONALLY Dominos. It just grosses me out. Especially KFC and McDonalds. *shudders*