Saturday, April 23, 2011

BEDA 23: Reliving the good old days.

It's only 10 o'clock at night right now, but I am completely exhausted. That seems to be the theme of this month, it appears.

I'm sitting in the family room while my parents try to watch TV but ultimately just keep falling asleep - it's just like old times. Haha. Anyway, I'm having trouble concentrating because the TV is loud and my mom keeps asking me things and to be honest I only got a few hours of sleep last night because I was out reliving my high school days with a bunch of "the old crew" who all happened to be home at the same time.

Hahha. The newscaster on TV just said "we're having some great weather this week after a truly miserable Spring so far" and I turned to my mom and said, "wow, that's dreary. I don remember our Spring being that miserable so far." My mom just rolled her eyes at me and said "you haven't been here for most of it! I'm sure our Spring seemed great during all those weekends you spent in Florida." Fair point, Mom. Fair point.

So yesterday around 5ish I drove the 45 minutes back to my hometown where I dumped my stuff off in the guest room that used to be my bedroom. I went out for dinner with my old high school pals Justin and Colin, and then we met up with Liz and Eia afterward back at our school. Eia actually helped direct the show that opened there last night, so we all went to see it and support her. Plus it's also nice to visit my school and see the my old director and the theatre I spent so much time in growing up. :)

The rest of the night was spent being a little crazy with some of my best friends that I don't get to see nearly as often as I'd like anymore. There was a lot of ping pong, chips and salsa, cheap wine and dubsteap. Until about 5 AM. I love my friends.

Today was good too but I'm too tired to write about it. I'll get to it later.

Flights: 8
Pokémon team levels: 50-52


nelamonster said...

FIRST! (I still love doing this)
Kristina, no matter how you try to convince us you're a normal person, it seems like your life is pure awesome.

Anonymous said...

I went to my old school the other day and I didn't really find it that nice, I just found it a bit weird xD whenever I've left a school I've felt that's the end of the school as well, like if my life was The Truman Show and once I'd finished there it would just be taken down because it was a set and wasn't needed anymore xD

Agentin said...

i agree with nelamonster your life is awesome.
well, if i leave school someday i will try to keep in touch with my classmatest

Manar said...

Hurrah for home, sweet home. :)

Pepe Cadena said...

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