Monday, April 11, 2011

BEDA 11: Kidrobot and the beeeeach.

This is another rush day, I'm afraid. There is just way too much going on here in Miami with everyone, and the hostel we are staying at really isn't the type of place you hang out in for long periods of time.. it's more of a home base/place to keep your stuff between shopping, beaching and eating.

Oh no. Ariana is getting out her speakers right now for a pre-dinner KE$HA dance party, which is going to make blogging even HARDER. I don't think I can write intelligent things when my best friends are next to me in this tiny hostel room shaking it to "Take it Off".

Today we decided to walk down the street a bit further than we had been (the rest of the trip we've been kind of keeping a few block radius since all we really needed was beach, food and the walgreens that we got sunscreen and beach toys from) and we found all these super cute stores. There was this pretty standard Miami gift shop where we all got these matching neon shorts that say "I'm in Miami bitch", which, while we all agree are SUPER tacky, we had to get. Because come on.

Then we found a KIDROBOT. If you don't know what Kidrobot is, you're seriously missing out. They sell all these adorable little weird toys where you have to buy them in a box and then you don't know which one you're going to get... so we all bought a couple of them (we got zipper pulls) and had a ton of fun opening them and comparing which ones we got. I think we definitely were channeling our inner children today, ha. I took a video of it, so that'll be on my second channel sometime soon.

Also, someone recognized me on the beach today! It wasn't even anyone from the show the other night; just a random person. That's always fun. :)

The boys had to leave this morning, which kind of sucks, but the extra girl time has been nice. I spend a lot of time with boys, between my time with Echo Base and living with Justin - so all this concentrated girl time is nice. And we don't have to go home until tomorrow afternoon!

Now we're all putting dresses on and heading down on the bus to some outdoor mall to have dinner with Erinn and Aaron. Also, I can't ignore the KE$HA anymore. So, this is all for today.

Flights taken: 7
Gym badges on Pokemon: 6
Oshawott level: 37


Christina said...

I've never seen a Kidrobot store before, but now I really want to. It sounds so much fun! Anyway, glad to hear that you're still having lots of fun. And I'm very intrigued about your Kidrobot toys, can't wait to see that video.

Give Ke$ha my regards.

Amanda said...

Well, I obviously had to go on to google and check out "Kidrobot" to get rid of my ignorance. I loved it! They have the CUTEST plush toys! Birthday wish list, here I come! :D

cartwheelsandpotter said...

there is no kidrobot where i live :( it sounds like a great store. as for the shorts: necessary

Eli said...

I was watching a Sam Friedman video this morning, and she said you, her and (possibly) Johnny were moving to LA together. Is this true?!
PS, I loved watching your Miami adventures. Which hostel did you stay at and how much did it cost per night?

Manar said...

Sounds fantastic. Glad you're having such a good time. :)

And Ke$ha dance parties FTW.