Saturday, April 30, 2011

BEDA 29: Living room film festival.

I'm getting so close to the end of BEDA, but it's starting to get really tough. Tonight I'm over at my friend Tara and Alexander's place again, and I realized it hit midnight a few minutes ago, oops. So here I am, back on my iPad for another rushed entry on my second to last post of April.

So my friends were having a personal screening of select films from the Tribeca Film Festival in their living room, which was really cool. We watched "Wormhole", "The Ride", "Year Zero", "Mr. Stache", and "The Dungeon Master". Some of them were good, some of them were... less good... But the last one we watched was the best by far.

"The Dungeon Master" was directed by Rider Strong (Shawn from Boy Meets World!!) and his brother Shiloh Strong. Basically it was a short film about D&D, which was hilarious in itself, but the guy who played Warren (Adam Busch) in Buffy was in it. And of course, he played a total douche bag.

Then we played this super creepy games called Morton's List, which ended up not actually being creepy at all since all the game insisted we do is attempt to contact celebrities. This resulted in all of us using the leftover invitations for Tara and Alexander's wedding to send them to various real and fictional celebrities.

Now I am sleepy, and people are starting to go home, so I'm gonna end this early. I promise I will complete BEDA tomorrow with a large insightful post to make up for tonight's lame entry. xD

Flights taken: 8


alimarie_11 said...

I know this was yesterday's post but I felt sad because there were not comments. So whatever day your reading this, HAVE A GREAT DAY :D

Joe said...

I thought that was a pretty cool post...I miss ole Warren so will have to look those films up if/when they're available. Have a great weekend!

Hannah said...

I thought Morton's List was that game that Insane Clown Posse fans played...

Campbell said...

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