Monday, April 25, 2011

BEDA 24: Easter baskets at Age 23.

Oops, it's after midnight already. I was going to type up a blog post when I first got home from my parents' house, but I got distracted going through my clothes (I'm trying to get rid of at least two bags, since currently I don't have enough room to put them all away if everything is clean at the same time). After that I was going to do my blog post, but I got distracted talking to Luke. Then I was all set to start working after we hung up, but I popped downstairs for a moment and Justin was watching Jurassic Park, so there went another 30 minutes or so. Finally I came upstairs, sat down at the computer, opened Blogger -- and noticed in my email that my friend Gabe, the one I shot the "Delete You" music video with, had sent me a demo.

So I proceeded to watch it 3 times in my excitement.

Anyway, I'm here now, so blog post commence.

I had a wonderful weekend. As I said in a post about a month ago or so, I've been feeling overly homesick for my extended family (my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins etc. The ones I don't get to see very often) but even moreso lately I've just been missing my immediate family too. So spending the whole weekend back in my hometown with them was just what I needed to quell the homesickness a bit longer while my busy life takes over again.

Saturday night we actually "celebrated Easter" because my brother has a job now and had to work on Easter Sunday. My parents are lovely and still do Easter baskets (seriously, how does someone "outgrow" gifts and candy? They don't) and every year, my parents hide mine in the dryer. They said to us, "alright, we decided to do Easter baskets one more year [they always say that] so go find them before we eat." I hopped up from my chair and said, "Well, I know where I'm looking."

But! Lo and behold, there were... clothes. In the dryer. So I was stumped. And searched around the entire house twice before realizing that my parents had in fact tried to hide my basket in the dryer as usual, but upon seeing it was occupied, hid it one foot away in the shower. Figures.

After our Easter dinner we went out on the back patio where my family has a fire pit, and we shared the first backyard fire of the year.

Today was a relaxing day; highlights being shopping with my mom (and buying 5 pairs of shoes between the two of us.. don't judge) and doing an extreme car-washing session with my dad. My poor little black car needed it badly. I stayed for dinner and then let my parents get on our DVR to show me their favorite songs from this week on American Idol. They're really into American Idol.

I feel really sort of refreshed from my weekend at home which didn't involve video-editing and email checking and crossing things off to-do lists. You need a little break from that every now and then, so I appreciated it. But tomorrow is Monday, so back to the routine. I am tackling my closet tomorrow.. need to fill another bag with clothes to get rid of. Wish me luck.

Flights taken: 8
Pokemon team levels: 52-56


Van Herrmann said...

Always enjoy your moments with your family, because when you as a person start to blossom and spread your branches, it is always important to know where your roots come from. :) Well... something like that... haha.

DoodlesFromSara said...

Wait, your parents just hide the basket? I'm confused. Isn't the tradition to hide chocolate eggs, which you then put into your basket?
I feel so dumb right now
I'm glad to hear your 23 years on earth haven't stopped you eating candy on Easter :)

Agentin said...

i am glad that at the age of 23 you still get your eater basket with candy
don´t know what i do without choclate

Callidora said...

This year my dad hid chocolate Easter eggs around the house. I ran around the house with my brother and grandma finding eggs which was lots of fun. It was nice knowing that even though I'm 22 and my brother is 18 that we are still young enough that our dad would hide candy for us to find.

Christina said...

My mom always used to hide my basket in the dryer too! After I went off to college though, she just started sending me cadbury creme eggs instead of a basket. No complaints here though!

Manar said...

Family time is great. :)

And I can't wait to see the Delete You video!