Tuesday, August 9, 2011

BEDA 9: Game Night!

I feel like every moment since I've gotten home from VidCon has just been a nonstop party. And in a way, it is. From spending time with friends to the Renaissance Faire to last night's game-night... I really haven't slowed down one bit. And today is Eia's twenty-third birthday, so naturally we have to take her out!

But before I get ahead of myself, game night.

I don't know if I have made explicitly clear how much I love my house. I live in this big old college house near the University of Washington (lovingly dubbed the "Mammoth Caves" off a Apples to Apples card from nearly three years ago) and while it's not very wonderfully decorated and maybe everything doesn't work exactly as it should, it has so much charm. The kitchen is huge and has a big island in the middle for cooking, the dining room has a big window out to the back yard, the living room is so comfortable and inviting - not to mention the house is fantastic for parties. We have had so, so many amazing parties here.

Anyway, last night was no exception. I had 8-9 friends over to play all these board games I bought recently, and everything was just so much fun. We started out the night by buying two bags of those break-off cookies, and then Ariana waltzed in with two more bags, so before the game-playing even started we made about something like four-five batches of warm gooey cookies. After loading them all up on plates, we headed to the dining room and began the games.

I'm going to be making a video about all of the games we played soon, so I don't want to give too much away, but man. I think playing silly board games is one of the things I enjoy doing most with my Seattle friends. It just gets so ridiculously crazy so fast. Especially when it's a game that encourages silly behavior.

We took a big break in the middle of the board gaming to color a bunch more pictures in my growing collection of coloring books (I'm just going to keep plugging this tumblr until I have you all submitting to it, haha) and I was amazed at the artistic skill in crayon shading in some of my friends. Especially after a few of what Justin likes to call his "Forever Panther" drink.

The night continued uproariously with the boys flying this rogue remote control helicopter all around the house and the girls worrying it was going to get tangled in their hair. We ordered pizza and kept daring Justin to send the helicopter out to get it when the pizza delivery guy got to the house, but no one could fly it quite well enough to accomplish such a feat.

A lot of people ended up staying over, which is always fun, and it was another fairly late night. But hey. It's summer. We can do whatever we want. Even on Monday nights.

Flights taken: 17


AmyK7 said...

Monday IS your day, after all! <3

Manar said...

That sounds like a great day. :D

I hope that Eia's birthday was great as well, and I can't wait to see your board game video. :)

Jeremy C. said...

Sounds like so much fun!!! :D

LEWnIverSe said...

I was WONDERING where 'Mammoth Caves' came from!! They're these huge caves in Kentucky, and I used to get so confused wondering why you or Justin wer going to Kentucky, and why you weren't visiting me on the way.

kall said...

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