Sunday, August 14, 2011

BEDA 14: Casper!

Well, tonight was one of those "oops, I forgot to write a blog post" nights. I've got friends over right now, we're watching "Casper" on TV, and I leave tomorrow for London. So... I might give myself a free pass and make tonight's blog post short.

Last night I went to my parent's house (Liz came too, which was fun) where we ate a lot of food, had a bonfire, and my brother took Liz and I out in his modified jeep. It was hilarious, because when Nick asked "you wanna go for a ride in my jeep?" I knew exactly what he meant but Liz just assumed he meant we'd be going for a drive... like on streets. We didn't drive on streets.

Instead, we headed back to the woods just south of our neighborhood where my brother took us through the trails on a ride akin to being chased by dinosaurs. I can't believe how wild it can get back there, but he has that trail memorized like the back of his hand -- so I was never really too worried. Liz kept exclaiming, "this is not what I expected!"

When it got a bit later, Liz and I drove out to her parents' house where we were spending the night and stayed up until about one in the morning eating strawberry rhubarb pie and watching a "best of the eleventh doctor" special on BBC America.

Today I went to the park with my friends Tyler and Ted, where we laid in the sun, played the card game "Guillotine", tossed around a frisbee and picked blackerries. It was a lovely way to spend my last day in Seattle for traveling off to Europe for a week.

Now we're up to date, so I'm gonna go. Forgive the relatively boring update post. Cat's Halloween party is about to start and I can't wait to find out if Casper gets to be a human.

Flights taken: 17


re.becca said...

LOVE guillotine. so fun!

Manar said...

That sounds really fun. :)

Enjoy London and Poland! Have a safe trip! :D

CoralieKate said...

Love Casper!! Have a safe flight to London and Poland *jealous!

Ania said...

Hey! Are you going only to London and Warsaw? Because I've heard some YouTubers are going also to Praha.

Oh and by the way. Do you know if admission to the meet up is free or we have to have a ticket? Because I found their web site but there is still no info about that.

Have a safe flight! :)
And I hope you had fun watching Casper.

Kathy S said...

Have a safe flight! And we want to hear all about your adventures in Poland!

Lauren said...

Hope you have safe flights.
Can't wait to read about your adventures in London and Poland :D

Danielle said...

OH MY GOSH! I watched that Doctor Who special too!!!! It was sooooo good!!! :)

Anonymous said...

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