Wednesday, August 3, 2011

BEDA 3: Gearing up for VidCon.


It was strange to realize that VidCon hadn't even really started yet when we woke up already exhausted on Thursday from all the fun we'd had the day prior. It was really feeling like a con already, pulling myself out of bed after only about 5 hours of sleep. YouTubers from all over were spilling into the hotel now, and I spent the morning finding and saying hi to friends left and right. In the afternoon I went out to sit by the pool with Rosi and Sam, which was lovely, especially when we were joined by Kayley and her posse she'd been hanging with. As it neared the time I needed to leave (I was playing the final ConTour show with everyone in Santa Monica that evening) the remaining non-show friends became more and more persistent in begging me to skip the show and stay.

But, there was no way. XD After hearing about the tour (though twitter, videos, text messages) I'd been missing since LeakyCon, there wasn't a doubt in my mind where I wanted to be that night. I left with Ariana around four in the afternoon and finally met up with everyone at the library venue an hour or so before the show was to start. It was so, so nice to be with everyone again. Even though I only got one day, it still was like I got to be involved in the tour, just a little bit.

The show went well. I met and hugged lots of fans and I got some pretty incredible gifts from people (like a painting of a still from one of my videos, which is incredible and also I had to send it home with some friends of mine who drove to VidCon from Seattle since it was so big). On the one hand it was just like any other show (after touring all summer and fall of 2010, the shows start to bleed together) but on the other hand, that was exactly what I wanted. The familiarity of tour that I had to miss this summer.

Anyhow, everyone hopped onstage with lightsabers for California Dorks like normal, the ALL CAPS show was fun (even if we were a little bit rusty) and afterwards, I hopped in a car with all the girls where we proceeded to stop at McDonald's to get some nuggs. What a night.

Once we got back to the VidCon hotel that night, all there was left to do was look for a party. We wandered around a bit, running into friends and chatting before finally scoping out the District Lines party on the VIP floor. I chatted with a lot of different people while we were up there, including meeting Hannah Harto from "My Drunk Kitchen" and proceeding to fangirl like crazy when I found out she knew who I was/had seen my videos. So, that was pretty sweet.

We ran into Kayley/Liam/Ed again and then the night sort of devolved into us hogging the free photobooth that had been set up in the back room and walking out much later with handfuls of stupid photos of ourselves, sticking our tongues out and seeing how many faces we could fit into those tiny boxes. Our hotel room situation was kind of crowded so I ended up going back to EchoBase with Alex, Jason, Andy and Sammy and Mike where I slept on a mattress in the middle of the dining room floor. This is only important because it was such a funny spot for the mattress to go. Anyway, I went to bed super late again, keeping up with the spirit of the con. I was good and tired for the next day, which was the actual first day of VidCon.

Back in present day terms, I have spent all day battling with my Internet connection so I could post my VidCon recap video, so I am kind of exhausted from being on the computer. Today's blog will be short, but I'll be back tomorrow with more VidCon goodness.

Flights taken: 17


Rosanna said...

sounds like you were having a great time before VidCon even began! It's so nice that you got the chance to have a little bit of tour :) I now how horrible it can be to miss out on things when all your friends are there together!

Brandon said...

Short, but still excellent! I watched videos of your set on the ConTour, and I didn't see or hear any rust! Also glad to hear your vocal cords held up for two shows in just a few days. Here's hoping that in the near future you won't need several months of layoff between shows. Nodes, be gone!

Manar said...

It sounds like pre-VidCon was a blast. :)

Barring some sort of Incident, I'm going to VidCon 2012, so I'm really excited to finally experience con-life. :)

badbob001 said...

They should just leave mattress under the dining room table like a mini loft bed. I guess you weren't afraid of the rats roaming around because snakes...

kira902k said...

Still sounding like a blast. :) I was glad to see you in LA, though I WISH I could have gone to VidCon. Stupid full conference. -_-