Thursday, August 11, 2011

BEDA 11: Milo and Otis.

Well. This morning sucked. I am tired of thinking about it though, so I won't delve into a six paragraph long rant about how I lost everything on my iPad and had to restore it to its original factory settings. Worst.

Instead, I will talk today about the movie Milo and Otis. My roommate Justin has been pestering me to watch it for literally four months (that's how long we've had the dvd from Netflix) since it was his favorite movie as a child. We finally sat down last night to watch it, and while I am totally worthless at staying awake during movies/tv at night, I made it at least 2/3 of the way into the film (we'll be finishing it tonight). I know it was made a long time ago and is meant for kids, but I was SO BLOWN AWAY AT HOW GOOD IT IS.

I seriously don't understand how they filmed some of those scenes. Especially the ones where Otis is being all protective of the chicken egg, or when he and Milo are watching the baby chick hatch together, or when Otis is pestering the toad, or when any of the kittens jump/fall into the floating box. Not to mention how they made a dog and a cat appear to be best friends and have them actually interacting with each other as if they're thinking like humans.

I was just so impressed. I wish more movies were like this one. It's such a cute and playful narrative documentary of animal life and I just love it. I can't believe I had never seen this movie before. What was I doing as a child??

I spent most of this afternoon editing a video (one that took much longer than standard vlog-editing) and it's definitely a relief to be watching it export now. I had so much footage to sort through for this one. That's the worst part of video editing -- having too much footage and having to dig to find what you want to use. It's so time consuming and tedious. I guess on the flip side, not having enough footage and having to make it stretch is actually worse. Well, whatever the case, it's convenient when you have just the right amount of footage.

I'm starting to get a little nervous about leaving the country on Monday (and going to a place I've never been before, Poland eek) so I'm just very glad I have virtually no plans for the next three days. I'm looking forward to just relaxing, catching up on TV shows (I haven't even started watching the new season of Torchwood) and packing for my trip. It's not like I haven't traveled to foreign countries by myself before, I just haven't really mentally prepared for this particular trip yet. I'm really glad I am stopping in London before heading to Poland. Going to Warsaw will be new and exciting and scary, but London is familiar.

I truly cannot believe how long it's been since I was "living" there. It's been two whole years next month actually, and I am itching to go back. There are so many people I want to see, restaurants I want to eat at, sights I want to see. I hope I can fit it all in my three days there!

Well, blogging about Milo and Otis made me really want to finish the movie, so I'm going to go find Justin and make that happen. I think he's watching stupid boring pre-season football. I wonder if I can make him switch it.

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Jane said...

I just saw that movie recently for the first time, and I adore it too! The best part in my opinion was when Milo frolicked with the breaty-voiced deer. My friends and I now go around telling each other to "leap like a zephyr set free" on a weekly basis. The narrator really is absolutely brilliant. I'm sure you will have a wonderful time in London, and that Poland will be extremely interesting. Have a nice relaxing few days and then a great trip!

Afton said...

I just hate all movies involving talking dogs. Any and all movies. So, I can't even.

I get what you're saying about being nervous about going to Poland. I just got back from a trip to Ukraine. That was really scary for me. Before we went there we stopped in Amsterdam and for some reason that didn't bother me at all. I think it's just because Amsterdam is a place that you hear about so it seems familiar even though unlike you and London I'd never been there.

It's so weird for me that you were in London two years ago. I remember reading those blog posts. It's just so weird.

Anyway, I hope you have a great time in both London and Warsaw. I'm sure it will be an awesome trip and an amazing experience for you.

Cat said...
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shelby said...

I just read the Milo and Otis Wikipedia-it was originally a Japanese movie and shot over 4 years! dayum

Cat said...

I loved Milo and Otis as a kid! I watched the movie again in my art class last year...and fell in love again. It's so cute! They were able to get perfect scenes and make the movie look so realistic by filming this little farm of animals in Kitakyushu, Japan for 4 years! So they had a lot of adorable footage to sort through! :)

Manar said...

I have never watched Milo and Otis! I am really bad at movies. Like, there are a disproportionate amount of movies that "everybody's seen" that I haven't. xD

Poland sounds really exciting. I'm sure you'll have a great time. :) And travelling alone gives you the opportunity to BEFRIEND RANDOM STRANGERS! And we all know how fun that is. :)

Kappayi said...

The last 3 minutes of the latest Torchwood episode (5) was...gape-worthy. That's all I'm saying because I don't want to spoil it. :P

Have a great time in Poland and in London, I was gonna go this weekend but because of the riots my mum is all "Nuuu you'll get attacked by thugs then left on the street to die." Annoying, but I get her point, kinda. -_-

But still, have fun. :D

Ben said...

It was 2 years since you were living in London? Wow I've been following your blog for a long time xD and thats not even when I started.

xxx said...

I'm sad. I've never seen more than a couple of minutes of Milo and Otis, but your blog intrigued me so I googled "Milo and Otis behind the scenes". There's a lot of animal cruelty allegations about this film - and I don't know if the stuff about lots of animals dying in the making of the film is true, but having just looked at some youtube footage of it, I have to say I'm horrified. That cat is scared to death of those seagulls, and I fail to see how they could have possibly faked the fall from the cliff into the water. I don't want to see anymore. My cats are members of my family - it sickens me that people would put cats in situations that scare and endanger them for the sake of human entertainment. :(.

partyweetow said...

I really liked this post. Usually you talk about things you did during the day, and since you do a lot of things/go a lot of places, my reaction is usually starry-eyed. But this entry was more laid back, more like how my LiveJournal entries are.

I don't know, I just enjoyed it. :)

To change the subject completely, do you have a GoodReads or LibraryThing account? You've mentioned before that you try to always be reading SOMEthing, so I was wondering what you're currently reading.

Raen said...

When I was little, we used to rent movies all the time, and I loved Milo and Otis. It's my brother's favorite movie still, and it's just so sweet.

Ania said...

Okay so hello from Poland. :) My name's Anna, I'm 18 y.o.
Kristina be sure to take long pants and a hoodie or something because this summer weather in Poland is pretty crazy. Anyway I just want to tell you I am going to go and meet you and Strawburry17 and all the peeps. Don't be scared. :)

badbob001 said...

I'm sorry about your ipad. It's a serious design flaw where resetting the system also resets your files.

Before you head to Poland, I hope you take a moment to backup all the important stuff from your laptop and any device you have. Including your phone. Seriously, every data important to you should be in at least two places.

After you edit together all your original footage and upload to youtube, do you keep the originals or do you not care about them anymore? I would try to keep as much of my original content as possible. Even blogs. You never known when a company, great or small, will go out of business, especially after you have long forgotten about them.

kira902k said...

im really hyper while leaving this comment,s o dont mind if it's obnoxious.

never heard of milo and otis. seems cute though!! Poland will be cool, except everyone i know has hated it because apparently it's the most tragic place ever, cause it's all jsut concentration camps and stuff. like, that's the only historical stuff to see. idk. i guess you're going to a youtube thing so it'll be not quite so depressing. xD

have fun!
also, the new torchwood is okay, as a tv show, but it doesnt feel like TORCHWOOD, by any means. no welshness.


nelamonster said...

Don't worry about Warsaw - I know it's unfamiliar at first but hey, you'll have a friendly blog reader there! And I'm willing to take you out for coffee! ;) I am so excited to meet you and Cat and Jimmy and Meghan. I just can't wait.

`Adrielne said...

Are you really coming to Poland?! Wow, I never thought I'd see any of the American bloggers and vloggers I read and watch in my country... ;P

And I HAVE to disagree with the comment that the only historical thing here is concentration camps. That is very much NOT true! It's just one of the XXth century things that happened. But the nine centuries before that are most certainly worth mentioning, too - castles, battlefields, palaces, monuments, towns... There's a lot of things to see, but most foreign tours go for concentration camps because to most tourists, it's the only historical thing they associate with Poland, so it's easiest to explain for their guides. :/

But anyways, when exactly are you coming? And where will you be staying? I hope I get to see you here ;)

kall said...

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