Wednesday, August 10, 2011

BEDA 10: Drinking Night.

It's Wednesday night, so as usual, I'm at Project Night again. There are very few people here this week, so instead of being productive, Alexander decided to redub the evening as "Drinking Night". I've now had 2 shots of something I couldn't identify and there's currently a third sitting in front of me. So, the rest of this blog post will be interesting. Also, my "project" tonight was cleaning out my inbox/replying to emails. So. Lucky you, people I am emailing tonight.

In bloggy related life things, we took Eia out to Beth's Cafe for her birthday last night, which is one of my favorite diners in Seattle. I think it was on 'Man vs. Food' one time, actually. They're pretty famous for their out-of-control twelve egg omelette (though the menu explicitly states there is no prize for finishing the omelette other than the feeling of a job well done). I have never tried the twelve egg omelette, myself. Someday. Maybe someday.

Anyway, I personally love Beth's because 1. I love places where you can order breakfast all day long and 2. the walls are completely covered in drawings by past customers. So we went out for food around 12:30 at night, we all ordered these freaking huge plates of food, and we colored.

I am so obsessed with coloring lately. Have you see my new tumblr about that very topic? I'm just kidding. Of course you have. In fact, you're already following it. Right?

Oh. Oh no. This third shot is not good at all. I said that out loud, and Alexander just told me, "just shoot it. That's the fastest way to get rid of a drink you don't like." I asked, "Oh, shoot it? Just drink all the alcohol, then you don't have to drink it anymore? Great idea. Why have I never thought of that before?"

Oh yeah! Today the My Little Pony episode of Know Your Meme went live, and I was super nervous about it because I want their fandom to like me, and you never know if people will think you've misrepresented them or something. But everyone seemed to really like it! The response on YouTube, Equestria Daily and the actual Know Your Meme site were super positive, so that was a huge relief. I'm pretty proud of the episode, and I'm so glad I've gotten to keep helping with the new KYM episodes.

I mentioned the other day that I'm going to Poland? Yeah, they booked my ticket today so I can officially say, I will be in Warsaw, Poland from the 19-22 of August for this YouTube event called YouStars Live. I actually don't know a ton about what is actually happening there, but it's essentially a meetup, in Poland. Myself and a handful of other YouTubers will be doing panels/talks and then there are some parties and general YouTubey fun. If you live anywhere near that area, you should really come. Because, let's be honest, I doubt I'll ever be in Poland again.

You know, I am thinking back right now, and I honestly don't think I have ever written a blog post while drinking before. This is a really surreal experience. Taking something that's so familiar and normal and making it slightly more outwardly difficult... is weird. This is enough to constitute a BEDA post, right? Am I done? I think I'm done. It feels like I have been typing forever. On that note, I think I'll go word-vom on some other realm of the Internet now. So... bye.

Disclaimer: I'm 23. So this is okay.

Flights taken: 17


Kendall said...

I like the little disclaimer at the end there. XD

Also, Poland?! Awesome!

WordsofMySoul said...

Oh wow Poland!
I've always wanted to go there to check out the holocaust museums. Good luck and have fun!
Also I have been coloring in my disney princess coloring books to summit to your tumblr, I'm trying to make it perfect, but at the age of 20 I have sadly still not mastered the art of staying in the lines:(

Afton said...

Your life.
Turkey legs with Darren Criss.
Flying off to Poland.
Coloring books.

Seriously, you have to admit you have a very unique life.

I hope you have tons of fun going to Poland! I can't wait to see your flight counter go up. :)

Odi said...

You didn't want to shoot a shot? Isn't that what you're supposed to do with them? xD I swear shots aren't meant to be sipped, aha.

loveisthenewpunk said...

Places that serve breakfast 24/7 are little pieces of heaven on earth.

Alicya said...

I just found some Sailor Moon coloring books my cousin brought me back from Japan. :)

Kathy S said...

Have fun in Poland! That sounds like an awesome trip!

GillianisAslan said...

Dude, I went to Poland for Spring Break while I was studying in Israel. I spent the entire time vomiting. Have fun!

kira902k said...

:) This post amused me. I dont know. It was cute. And I can totally picture how difficult it was to write this. I am not 23. ~~woops~~

Also, I really like the idea of Project night. But i feel like if i got together with friends to get stuff done, we'd NEVER get stuff done. It just doesn't work that way. :P

Poland. Awesome.

Kari Kristine said...

Now I HAVE to watch My Little Pony! Haha. That video was supercool. Well done:)