Tuesday, August 16, 2011

BEDA 16: Sparkling wine.

So. Here's a thing I learned today. On international flights, alcohol is free. It's funny because in yesterday's blog post I was still doubting this trip a little, but only a few hours into my flight to London, I'm already having the time of my life.

I sat down in my aisle seat (52C, I didn't even know there WERE that many rows) and within minutes a 20 year old girl named Olivia sat down next to me. She's lovely - from Alaska, studying abroad in Vienna, incredibly sweet. We got to talking right away (her about her nerves concerning studying abroad, me reassuring her as I've done it before) and then we started bonding over the fact that both of our parents told us before leaving on this trip that alcohol is free on overseas flights and encouraged us to take advantage of it.

We were both a little timid in asking for it; when the fight attendant came by we asked, "um, do you have champagne?" Bored, she replied, "we have sparkling wine".

Yes, sparkling wine will do. Haha.

But then! Then she asked, "and what would you like with dinner? White or red?"

Clearly she was asking about wine, so we both replied, wide-eyed, "white please". So here we were, two timid girls just wanting a glass of champagne, being handed two mini-bottles of wine EACH. Needless to say, I finished both before starting this blog post. I'm having a GREAT time.

This is the biggest plane I have ever been on. It's one of those planes with three sections -- two seats on the outsides by the windows and a row of five seats in the middle. That much is standard, but THIS plane also has these crazy sleeper pods in the front for the rich people, as well as a STAIRCASE at the front of the plane -- I don't know where the staircase goes, but I can only imagine it goes to a crazy second story of the plane filled with magic and wonder and things people like me (of average income) can only dream of.

I crack myself up every time I travel, because I always worry and stress and in the end, traveling is where I am meant to be. I'm only just on my flight right now but already I'm having a blast. I'm about to watch Sucker Punch (the kind of movie I would probably only watch on a plane) and maybe eventually I'll try to sleep. There's just so much exciting stuff to watch/do/experience on this flight - what's a little jet lag, right? I'm going to regret this tomorrow.

Flight update: Sucker Punch was really weird, so I only made it about 2/3 of the way through before I gave up and tried to fall asleep. I had accidentally kicked my blanket under the feet of the sleeping man in front of me, so I had to go into cat-like stealth mode and ninja my way on all fours up to his seat to expertly un-wedge it. I think I ended up waking up anyway (oops) but I was back to my seat before he realized what had happened.

We're landing in about 40 minutes, I have no idea how long I slept, and I'm kind of hating everything right now. Someone opened a window a few minutes ago and it was SO BRIGHT. It's going to be interesting to see how long I last today... I had such high hopes for my lack of tiredness. Fingers crossed.

Flights taken: 18


Kappayi said...

Alcohol is free on planes? Why did I never know this? o.o

Anyway, glad to hear you made a friend, and have fun in Europe. :)

badbob001 said...

Why do most flights end up with us hating life? Is there no other way? I'm sure the answer involves stairs and things prefixed with the word platinum.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, last time I flew trans-atlantic I totally took advantage of the free alcohol too! I got a glass as we started then a bottle with the meal, then I saw someone go up and ask for one so I figured I'd try... and I ended up with two, hehe.

I'm SO jealous of you travelling about! Since circumstances made it a bit tricky for me to travel abroad I've done a LOT Of places in the UK, but nowhere exotic, boo. Have fun here! Wish I could meet ya but that'd be weird and I try to keep my weird to a minimum (sometimes.)

Anonymous said...

Wow 9 hours is long but to get to the UK for me I have two flights equaling up to 22 hours plus a 2 hour stop over. I have no idea how I am going to cope with that.

kira902k said...

Ahahaha. This post made me smile, because I know exactly how you feel about the plane ride. I always get all annoyed and bleh about being on a plane for millions of hours, but then exciting things always end up happening - whether it be bonding with my seat neighbours or watching good movies. I never find time to sleep.
Last time I had what should have been a crappy airplane experience, but it was amazing: I was stuck alone overnight at an airport, and I was nervous and tired and annoyed, but I happened to make a really good friend, and we stayed up all night bonding and basically having a slumber party in the airport. xD The plane back to Montreal was hilarious and fun. It's nice when things work out that way.

Also, Sucker Punch was the worst move I'd ever seen. Ever. It was made for guys to be able to watch hot chicks fighting. Ugh. -_- So boring.

I'm excited to read your posts about London! Sounds like it'll be fun (if you're not too tired.)

Sorry about the obnoxiously long comment. xD

Also, what's your second twitter? 0_0

ahah k im done. =]

Elisabeth said...

I've been away from the internet for a couple of months (camp counselor, so much fun!) so it was great to come back and see so many posts from you (the last I read was the one announcing your vocal nodes, which I hope are healing well). I've missed being updated on your life so frequently and catching up has been fun.

I hope you have/are having a fantastic time in London/Poland! :-)

Manar said...

I CANNOT sleep on planes. I mean, unless I'm in a fancy rich people sleeper pod, which I have never been in. I'm thankful of the fact that I get to travel a decent amount, and to some really great places, but one of these days, I'd really like to fly first class. I feel like it would be a nice experience to have at least once--so that I can discern if it's really as awesome as it looks.

But yeah, because I get really restless and uncomfortable, long flights make me cranky, and I hate the last hour of a plane ride, because I am just so freaking antsy to get off.


Oh, also--I love making new friends on planes. It rarely happens to me, because I am almost always with my family when I travel. But it's pretty sweet when it does happen.

You're just so funny sometimes said...

Ooh this makes me want to fly again! I used to hang out in airports when I was a little kid but the first time I ever actually flew anywhere was to LeakyCon in July. That was fun but the plane was really small. I want a plane with a staircase! It's like a flying castle...or something.
When I read that someone had opened a window I thought "WHAT!?!?!?! NO!!!! On a plane? That's horrible! Who would do that? How did they accomplish this? Wait, why is Kristina still alive to post this?" Then I realized you meant they raised the shade. Oops. xD

TheMusicLiesWithin said...

Free drinks on planes are awesome. i had a 26 hour flight to South Africa once and the amount of mini cans i drank.. i lost count after about 10. I heard that you can avoid jet lag by not eating anything on a plane just drinking... i have never tried it as someone told me after my dinner on my last plane journey. Would Love to hear off you.. http://themusiclieswithin.blogspot.com

Danielle said...

No offense, but you probably didn't feel so great because of the alcohol. It's not good for you in the first place, and I assume it affects you much worse when you're thousands of feet in the air in a pressurized cabin. Just sayin. Not judging! :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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