Friday, August 12, 2011

BEDA 12: Green fire!

It was funny - last night after I finished my blog I bounded downstairs looking for Justin, ready to watch Milo and Otis - but then the doorbell rang. I had completely forgotten my friend Tyler was stopping by to pick up his phone that he'd left here on Tuesday. He'd come with our other friend Ted, and I has assumed they were just going to drop in for a second but they ended up staying for a couple of hours to hang out with us.

We spent a majority of the evening in our kitchen talking about Halloween costumes (hey you can never start too early) but before I knew it, Justin was getting out all these crazy materials to make green fire. He put it all together in one of our bowls and we stood around it on the back porch (outside, for safety), transfixed on the strangely colored flames as it danced around the edge of the ceramic dish.

Then he made another one with blue flame, which wasn't nearly as impressive since a lot of flame actually is blue in real life. It's really amazing to me that after all this time, after inventing the wheel and discovering electricity and getting TV and the Internet and having millions and millions of websites full of information so readily available to us - fire is still such a novelty.

The evening ended with all of us (including my other roommate Gabe) in the living room, sprawled out on the couch, chairs and carpet, coloring pictures again. Only this time, Gabe had hooked his laptop and awesome speakers up to our TV and we were watching crazy music videos on YouTube for dubstep songs. Really, really loudly. In the middle of the night.

Now it's the morning, and I wanted to comment on a few things people said on yesterday's blog post:

"I just hate all movies involving talking dogs. Any and all movies. So, I can't even." -Afton
I don't think you understand how much this statement resonates with me. I seriously loathe talking dog movies. But it's specifically movies where REAL dogs are physically talking (ie. behaving like humans). I'm totally fine with animated dogs talking, or in the case of Milo and Otis, real dogs behaving like dogs but having a voice-over of their thoughts. As long as they don't use movie magic to make their mouths move, I'm okay with it.

"I have never watched Milo and Otis! I am really bad at movies. Like, there are a disproportionate amount of movies that "everybody's seen" that I haven't. xD" -Manar
I'm terrible at movies as well. My friends actually used to joke about it. I'm always that girl who, when asked, "You know in that one movie where the guy..." "Haven't seen it." The problem is, there are so many older movies that people always say are "classics!" but, there are also so many NEW movies each year, when do I ever have time to go back and watch the ones I missed? And who thinks, "Hey. Today seems like a good day to finally go back and watch the Sixth Sense." You know what I mean?

"It was 2 years since you were living in London? Wow I've been following your blog for a long time xD and thats not even when I started." -Ben
It's crazy to me, too. It feels like so long ago, and it's amazing to think some of you guys have been with me that long (or longer!). To be perfectly honest, you blog readers know almost everything that happens in my life. It means a lot that you guys care so much, and I've been happy to share it with you. :) Thanks for being here with me, guys.

Flights taken: 17


elfarmy17 said...

My cousin and his friend made green fire once-- they lit their hands with it and gave each other a high five.

I haven't been reading your blog for quite that long (more like 1 year), For some reason that seems like a long time to me, while I've been watching vlogbrothers for a little over two, and that seems like it's too short. Probably because I spent a week watching ALL of theirs in a marathon session.

thomassholan said...

Is it sad that when you mentioned the green fire I instantly thought of Floo Powder. Anyway I love your blog and wouldn't miss it for anything. Have fun in Poland!! :)

treesarenotblue said...

I'm also the one that has never seen the films people talk about. People don't even ask me about them anymore because they know I won't have seen it. When we hang out with someone new, quite often one of my friends will explain that I'm haven't seen any films that I should have seen.

StarrySkyPixy said...

My friends are always talking about old movies they've seen, then I add in, "I haven't seen that". And they are flabbergasted. They then tell me to make a list and start rattling off movie titles. Some of them I remember and decide to watch later, but it's hard to keep up. I watched I Know What You Did Last Summer for the first time yesterday. I remember when it came out in theaters, but for some reason I didn't want to see it then. Maybe I thought it would be too scary. Oh, now I know why, I was 10 and it was rated R. (I just checked IMDb.) Don't be afraid to watch old movies.

kira902k said...

Haha, gpoy what ben said. I still always feel like such a newbie to the internet, but I've been following your blog since before you lived in london. weird weird weird. It's been a while. xD It's weird how close i feel to you, because I know so much about your life, yet i guess we're not actual friends , like, we dont have conversations like actual friends. idk. do you knwo what i mean? It's jsut this whole internet thing really multiplied the amount of different ways people can have relationships.

anyhoodles, your blog makes me so excited to live on my own, with roommates and all.xD dubstep colouring parties. :') beautiful.

Emily The Wholigan said...

Wait, wait, wait. Are you suggesting that you haven't watched The Sixth Sense? I won't say it's a classic or anything. But it is an amazing movie. Completely astounding.

Manar said...

I definitely understand what you mean about movies. I feel like the only "classics" that I have watched are nerdy classics (like Lord of the Rings and Star Wars and Back to the Future). I keep meaning to institute a movie night with my friends, where every week or so we watch a must-see movie that one of us hasn't seen, but I'm just so busy all of the time.

Also, wow. I didn't even think about how I've been reading your blog for over two years now. CRAZY. :)

Kappayi said...

Ever tried pillar of fire?

Large trash can, deodorant, and a match. :)

Jane said...

Whoa... you connected a kitchen dish to the floo network, and then turned it into the goblet of fire? That's some serious magic! :)

yumi'e said...

Don't be scared :) Polish people are really nice XD (I'm one of them, yeah) And Warsaw..I have to tell that it's not that should go to see Tourń or Wrocław : > But don't worry ! I'm nervous too, because I don't know if my parents will let me go : < I'm 17..yeah..being under 18 pretty sucks. I hope the weather will be nice too.. ><

Lauren said...

Wow I didn't even think about the fact that I've been following you for so long.
I feel like a creepy stalker friend :) haha
By the way, if you liked Milo and Otis, you'd probably like Homeward Bound too. That was my childhood animal movie <3 Can't even tell you the number of times I've watched it.
Assuming you haven't seen it yet, it should be added to the 'classics' list. :)

Anonymous said...

They then tell me to make a list and start rattling off movie titles. Some of them I remember and decide to watch later, but it's hard to keep up