Thursday, August 25, 2011

BEDA 25: Haircuts and toilet paper.

Liz just walked into my room and said, "where did I put my..." and before she could even finish her sentence, I cut her off with an incredulous "really?" That's the kind of day we're having. I found her car keys in the backyard this morning. IN THE BACKYARD.

In other news, today I got my hair cut! I wasn't actually going to get it cut until after I got back from North Dakota, but Eia talked me into it yesterday. We made spur of the moment appointments and we both got relatively drastic cuts and I am happy to announce that I am quite pleased with mine.

Even though I am missing PAX Prime and a Seattle YouTube event for it, I am very excited to be going to North Dakota tomorrow (also despite the fact that I have to get on another stupid airplane). I haven't seen any of my relatives in so long, I'm really hoping the whole trip is just a total blast.

I still need to finish packing for the trip actually, so today's blog post is going to be kind of short. I will now entertain you with some anecdotes from spending the last two days with Liz. These are real things that happened/I jotted down over the course of that time:

Liz: When I was in the bathroom I killed a beetle.
Me: Oh, cool. Thanks.
Liz: At least I think it was a beetle, I wasn't wearing my glasses. It looked small and dark. So I just assumed.
Me: Hm.
Liz: It might have been something important.
Me: It was probably twenty dollars.
Liz: I highly doubt that.
Me: Well you wouldn't know now, would you. You killed it.

You know when you only have one single roll of toilet paper left, and you know when that runs out you have to go to the store and buy a new pack of toilet paper and that's just incredibly inconvenient? So you conserve that last roll to the best of your ability?
Well, Liz just dropped that roll in the toilet, so I guess we're going to the store now.

Goodbye until North Dakota!

Flights taken: 20


elig said...

Nice haircuts! They're cool. Especially with the sunglasses.

StarrySkyPixy said...

Cool haircuts! Props to Liz for killing the thing. Negative props for dropping the toilet paper into the toilet. So she's even again. Sucks that you have to get on an airplane again. Have a blast in ND.

Pottermore emails: 0

AmyK7 said...

I love your hair! I don't think we've seen it this short since...2009? Did you get it highlighted as well? It looks great, anyways :) Eia's hair is lovely too! Sounds like you and Liz have been having fun, haha. Enjoy North Dakota! <3

feli the cat said...

Haha, the never ending toilet paper tragedy - I know it too well. Despite the fact that the supermarket is right around the corner, I was too lazy and hoping that it'll last until the next morning... and then my roommate and her boyfriend came home. xD

Anyways, your haircuts are very pretty. Have fun with your family, I know you don't get to see them too much :)

partyweetow said...

I love both of your haircuts! Eia's reminds me of Melissa Anelli's hair. xD

Kathy S said...

I love the haircuts!

kira902k said...

1. your haircut looks fantabulous.
2. that convo with liz made me giggle. I approve of it.

The Teacup Monster said...

OMG. Your hair looks just like mine (except I don't have bangs)! But, I'm younger than you.

casszilla said...
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casszilla said...

Kristina, your hair looks amazing!!

Manar said...

You and Eia both look supaaa fine. :)

Hannah said...

My roommate and I were forever running out of toilet paper. We would take turns buying, and it was always "Oh, I don't want to go all the way to the real store, so I'll go to the fancy foods place that's closest and just get a 4 pack." Then we would run out real soon and start the process over. This was before we discovered SCOTT 1000 in bulk.

Anonymous said...

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