Monday, August 31, 2009

Sleep for a week.

I'm a little bit homesick today.

I have most of the rest of my trip planned out (with a little bit of panic about how I am getting to and from the airport as many times as I need to) but the thought of all that traveling, right now, sounds completely tiring and not quite as appealing as it should. I know people are probably thinking I sound ungrateful of my adventure, blah blah, but YOU try being excited about 7 flights in 23 days when you're already physically and emotionally drained from 2 and a half weeks of dealing with what I've been dealing with and then a very intense weekend on top of that. You tell me how excited you are then.

Plans are:
1. Fly to Dublin and back for 3 days. (2 flights)
2. Fly to Rome. (1 flight + connection, ugh)
3. Train to Paris.
4. Flight back to London. (1 flight)
5. Fly to Dublin and back for another 3 days. (2 flights)
6. Fly home. (grand total = 7 flights)

I'm positive this is going to be an adventure that I look back on and am happy I did it, but right now all I want to do is curl up in this purple sleeping bag of Emma's and sleep for a week.

Yesterday was the last day of Summer in the City, and even though I kind of didn't want to go, I'm glad I did. I think it actually ended up being the best day, for me. Emma and Jerry and J0ames and I took the train, but before we got on, this girl ran up to me yelling "Kristina Horner?!"
I assumed she was going to SITC and I said something along the lines of "will you be at the gathering today?" but she was very confused, as she was from Israel and just traveling through London with her friends. So that was weird. Recognized in public in London, completely unrelated to the YouTube gathering.

We got to Leicester square and visited for awhile, watching this sad homeless man dig through the trash cans for food. Anna came over with a huge bag of food which I graciously accepted, making a sandwich with James on ciabatta bread. We then went to Burger King (still hungry, ha) where I had a chicken sandwich that I hated because the mayo in the UK is gross.

Everyone wanted to go to Cybercandy at this point, and I went along purely for the LOL factor. I spent the entire time making fun of people for spending 1.65 pounds on a single can of Rootbeer or 6.50 pounds on a box of Lucky Charms. Outrageous! I delighted in telling them how much such items cost at home. xD

The day is a little blurry now, but I know we headed over to Namco at some point, where we decided to just sit outside for a long time because Johnny and I were both feeling a little woozy from the night before. Emma and J0ames tried their hand at Stacker (they are champions, though luck wasn't with them on this day) and then we sat in the incredibly comfy chairs in Costa for awhile because literally, nobody had a single ounce of energy left.

Sunday was a better day, because it just consisted of a lot of talking, being around people I like a lot, and not exerting too much of myself in any way. I cannot stress how much I like some of these people. The night ended when Emma and I found our way back to the car and drove back to her house listening to good music that neither of us have attached to any stupid boy situation.

We don't have any plans to leave her house today and I am very excited about that. I need some time to recharge my batteries (in life, not my camera. I still don't have a camera charger) and I think a day off might help me to refocus on getting excited to see new parts of the world. I'm just feeling pretty down right now and being so tired isn't helping.

Also, I miss Hayley. So much. I mean, I know she still lives pretty far away even when I'm home, but I feel like I haven't talked to her in ages and I am homesick for her regular text messages.

Days until I leave: 23
Times I've had Indian food: 10


Jerry Cooke said...

The fact that I missed CyberCandy makes me sad, even though I was there last week. You would have gotten to make fun of me buying PopTarts at ridiculous prices just so I can have chocolate fudge toaster snacks nomnomnom.

Michael said...


Lulu said...

Jerry, Asda sells the chocolate fudge poptarts!

Wyatthaplo said...

Sunday was a lovely day. I like just doing nothing with my friends and just relaxing and getting to know each other. Having no plans for the day is exactly what should be happening after a weekend like that.
I am doing the same :)

Ben said...

Wow, you're amazing, you just don't stop :P.

Also, how can you eat so many Indian take-aways?!

Stefan said...

wow that's a lot of flights. what times are they? We w did Europe we did a similar thing and flew ryanair. All the flights left at like 6 am and since they were international you had to be there 2hours early and trying to get to an airport at 4am is not easy.

On top of that we planed trips that wee way to short. We were in london for 3 weeks but only stopped in paris and Barcelona for 1.5 days

I loved Barcelona but kinda hated Paris.

Dude so when we were in paris everytime we tried to eat nothing was open. let us know if you have the same problem.

The first time we went to some bar for lunch at lik 12ish and they were like the kitchen is closed. but some guy who spoke english and french convinced them to make us some chicken that was good.

then we did a bike tour of paris that included no food but alot of wine and went it was over at like 10 or 11ish nothing was open again. We ended eating at a Mcdonald which is totally lame even if I did get an awesome Pulp Fiction joke off.

it is exhausting. But even while we were doing it we knew it was totally worth it.

sparkletasia said...

This blog always makes me want Indian food so badly xD

Wow, being recognised in London, by someone from Israel, shows how big you've gotten between The Parselmouths and youtube. Well done!

I am a tiny bit hugely jealous of your thirteen little blue envelopes-esque jaunt, but I defintely get the feeling of being too tired to be excited. Hopefully as it gets closer, you'll feel better :D

agioacchini said...

I went to Europe last summer and while it was an amazing experience, it was EXHAUSTING! It didn't involve as many flights. 4 I believe. But my trip was only 10 days, involved countless bus rides (a lot of which being at least 5 hours), and that train that goes under the English Channel to get from London to Paris. By the end of the 10 days, I was completely sick. I spent my last night in Paris puking in my hotel room and the 8 hour flight home the next day was absolutely miserable... but honestly, I still don't regret a moment of it. I bonded with people in a very intense way and experienced such beautiful things. All the chaos of running around and being extremely tired and drained is completely worth it. You'll need time to recoup when you get home, but UNTIL you come home enjoy yourself and remember you can rest when the trip is done. =]

partyweetow said...

Huh, I noticed the mayonnaise in Germany tastes funny, too. Maybe it's a European thing. They probably use less fat or something.

HarryPotterNERDFIGHTER said...

Well at leats the flights arnt too long. :). Like I said, you're gunna love Dublin.

And Getting away from London is probably the smartest thing for you right now.

Oh and do my a favour in Rome, have a straciatella Ice cream YUM.

I had my first day of school today. And you know how I was telling you a few blogs back about my boy situation. It wasnt all that bad. See, we're both handling things. *Highfive*


Ravenclaw2313 said...

When the trip is over you will be very happy that you didn't sleep for a week. Homesickness sucks and so does being tired, but you will never be without friends.

Looks like you get a fair amount of time in Ireland. I love Ireland so you better enjoy it for me! Have fun with your friends and when you finally get home; sleep a little.

bassrocks9 said...

Haha this whole time I've been reading about you and your adventures (and misadventures) :( in the UK and I've been a teensy bit jealous because I've never been, but then I realized I'm going on tour with my orchestra there next summer. Yay. I'm sorry, that sounded insensitive. I know that right now you would probably like to get the hell out of there. But I'm glad you're able to have some fun. <3

BretterThanRealLife said...

Oh Kristina, you and Johnny need better stomachs. Really. Also what is wrong with our mayonnaise?

phampants said...

I've been on 14 flights since June. When I was backpacking Europe I had 10 flights in 18 days. 7 of which were through RyanAir. Oh gosh those RyanAir flights were brutal but they sure were cheap.

I hope you enjoy your adventure. Best wishes!

(Not that you're interested, but here was my itinerary for my trip in June: I'm finally able to start blogging about it now.)

Olivia said...

SEVEN flights in TWENTY-THREE days would be exhausting/overwhelming for anyone under the best of circumstances. Don't beat yourself up.

Enjoy Paris/Dublin/Rome! And know that I am so very jealous.

JustMargaret said...

Whenever you feel too exhausted to go on this trip, just think of how upset you would be years from now if you don't go. Really freaking upset, right? Yeah. GO.

jecollectionnedesmarquepages. said...

Oh, that is indeed a lot of flights for such a short period of time. Well I hope you'll be able to enjoy your trip anyway!

Primrose Marie said...

Oh the fact that you have so many flights in so little times makes me ill.(However, that doesn't stop me from wishing I could take adventures like that.)

Rachael said...

Wow that's a lot of flying! The eurostar is a lovely way to travel to paris from london as you get to see the secnery and its quite quick. :) I just visited Paris at the end of July it was beautiful you will love it :)

Sorry about all the boy stuff, hopefully travelling Europe will help restore some of your happiness.

Best wishes,

seurat2 said...

A day of rest and you'll be ready to uh, rock. Or travel anyway. In your case, maybe both. The rest of the trip is going to be epic and eventually the boyfriend drama will be a shrug your shoulders part of this trip. (Not yet, of curse, but you're going to get there.)

TicTacKitCat said...

I can honestly say I have never had poptarts! hmm I feel i am missing something here. But i actually love lucky charms, they sell them at this shopping centre in my town for £7 a box....So normally it's just corn flakes for me! :)
Have a nice few days, stay positive (Y)
<3 Cathy

Rebecca Mcgrane said...

any chance you'll be meeting any fans in dublin?

dizzylizziee said...

i know this is a bit late but i only just found out today, im so sorry you and Alex broke up i love both your videos and its sad your not together but hes just a boy we all know they are hopeless when it comes to err well most things :S

i wish i could have come to summer in the city but i was away at the weekend :(

lizzie x

tikken said...

I can't believe I missed out on a CyberCandy visit, duegfubjasdwje. Sure, everything in there is hideously overpriced, but ... IT FEELS SO WORTH IT AT THE TIME.

On a completely unrelated note: I have so, so much admiration for you, Miss Horner. <3


I think you're going to love that trip, even though you're this tired. Try to relax a bit before you leave, and you'll love what comes next :) You'll love Rome and Paris <3

RhianonLives said...

You're awesome for knowing that you won't always feel bad and planning ahead. Most people would just skip the experiences and regret it later!
You rock Kristina, hope your batteries get recharged real fast =)

knie.kohle. said...

try seven flights in one week.
this was in July:

not. fun.
I never wanted to ride on another plane again in my entire life;

alas, I just took a flight to Ohio two days ago. -.-

but the name is Tarah. said...

The story about the Lucky Charms delighted me.

Get your rest, Kristina. You're going to need it for the awesomeness you're about to endure on the rest of your trip!

Abigail said...

Read this quote in a book recently.
"Being content means that we are no longer held hostage by a hidden agenda within our hearts. We no longer make choices to escape our empty lives, because we have found that our lives are no longer empty."

Chin up :)

Ellie said...

Aw Kristina, I feel the need to send you love and hugs. Even though I don't actually know you.

VicMorrowsGhost said...

You're going to have enough frequent flyer miles when you get home to do the whole trip again! :)

Gary + Cheeky said...

So great to see you again even if I was dashing around all over the place catchign up with people. I love your new and Emma sound great together..does she have a youtube channel? Hope you like my summer in the city're both in the hug montage x

Maggie said...

Kristina! Oh my, I'm so tickled that I stumbled upon your blog! I love the Parselmouths! (despite being a proud Ravenclaw...)

Have a splendid day and good luck with all your travels! You guys should totally come to Infinitus next July- it's going to be amazing!

Alex said...

Ugh, you get to spend time in Ireland. I'm jealous.

So, I have a random question, what's your favorite color?

kira902k said...

Well, I say just take any chance you can to rest yourself. I'm sure you'll have a great time on your adventures, so just relax as much as possible for the time being. And then try to forget your exhaustion for as long as possible and just have fun, k? :)


aguywholikesanime said...

I am sorry to see you are not going to stay at the Sleeperz Hotel (, it seems to be fun. Their motto should be "tiny, but neat."

Chef Mark video

Oletha said...

The only mayonnaise I like is the stuff in McChicken Sandwiches, McDonalds use their secret recipe for its mayo or something :P

Yeah, I'm healthy. *cough*

clockworkcrimson said...

I was yelling?
I thought it was only the little fan girl inside of me that was screaming :0

Hey, I'm the Israeli girl.
Also known as Sivan :)
(or clockworkcrimson on youtube).

First of all it was really cool meeting you, I knew you were in London but I didn't actually expect to see you.

I was just traveling in London and haven't been on youtube/twitter/your blog for three weeks.
So I really didn't know about the gathering :(
(But it had nothing to do with the fact that I'm Israeli!)
Only the tall skinny guy is my friend and the rest were his sister and her friends, and they were all looking at me like I'm crazy.
I'm probably one of very few people in Israel that know about the whole "youtube community", even though almost everyone owns a computer and uses youtube.

So If you want to add more flights to your schedule, Israel is less then five hours away XD and now you know you have here a free personal guide as well!

And on another note:
At times I found myself spending almost 4 dollars on a can of Dr. Pepper just because it brings me back memories from America.
Also, I have never had poptarts.

globalgamble said...

You don't deserve to win because you have no passion for the prize. Besides, you whine .. a lot! The person that deserves to win is the person that has a passion for the environment, science, and the spirit the explorers that blow in those 120 mph gales. You don't even seem to be a serious adventurer.

Your traveling woes are not unique and your blog is at best a second rate novella.

Fer said...

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